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Encinitas5A stunning home with Cherry wood cabinets and granite tops in the kitchen and living room -- beautifully adorned with trees, grass, and flowers.
Encinitas4This town home is decorated with amazing artistic pieces that will lend a sense of aura to this place. It is also technology-savvy like no other home.
Encinitas4This town home designed in different hues has swanky and luxurious rooms and provides gorgeous views of the sunset off its large oceanview deck.
Encinitas4This elegant remodeled home townhouse with exquisitely curated rooms has Cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen and soft, fluffy beds in the bedrooom.
Encinitas4This elegantly designed home with purple motifs defines luxury in every sense with its crisp setting, its outstanding decor and its fabulous kitchen.
Encinitas4This three-bedroom/loft 4th bedroom three-bath beauty of a home has wonderful sun-lit rooms and offers amazing views of the ocean.
Encinitas44 bedroom Oceanfront Vacation Home with beautiful ocean views in Encinitas, CA. Sleeps 9 - Amenities include 2 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, and more!
Encinitas4This greenhouse inspired home offers gorgeous sunset views off its large oceanview deck. This quite, secluded home can make any vacation memorable.
Encinitas4A peculiar and artistic gated community town home adorned with marvellous paintings and also comprising a basketball & tennis court and a toddler area
Encinitas4A stylish town home with 2,000 sq.ft of living space and high vaulted ceilings and a large deck coupled with an adjoining tennis court and golf course
Encinitas3This beauty of home with sanguine motifs is spread over a 2,000 square-foot area has a all-equipped kitchen. It is also minutes aways from shopping.
Encinitas3Oak Kitchen cabinets, vaulted ceilings, skylights, new paint & carpet, large front patio & west facing deck & new microwave -- make it the top choice
Encinitas3The split level town home provides unobstructed views of the ocean, spacious new rooms and a state-of-the-art kitchen.
Encinitas3This completely furnished town home is nestled in a gated community and has golf courses on all its sides. Possibly, an ideal place for a vacation.
Encinitas3An elegant-looking three bed/two bath home retooled with new appliances comprising a nice dining room, comfortable living room, a TV and a large deck.
Encinitas3This wonderful 3 bed oceanfront home has the best views of the ocean. Its large deck, BBQ, beach chairs & boogie boards make it the best bet.
Encinitas3A fully furnished tech-savvy all-in-one townhouse which includes amenities like washer & dryer, 2 car garage, coffee maker, toaster, TIVO, flat TV etc
Encinitas3This tastefully decorated home with white water ocean views has a bonus TV room and an outdoor shower. Its wood floors enhance its attractive charm.
Encinitas3This split-level townhome has a homely feel to its bottom story, but its first story has a lavish decor. It also has magnificent bathroom and glorious
Encinitas3This town home with oceanfront deck has contemporary decor and sliding glass doors to increase the visibility of ocean in living area.
Encinitas3To call this remodeled oceanfront unit gorgeous would be an understatement. Its granite tops & Viking stainless appliances make it an obvious choice.
Encinitas3This oceanfront home looks elegant with its pecan wood flooring in living room. This 50-acre property also has a barbeque, pool and a jacuzzi
Encinitas3This totally remodeled home has spacious living and dining room, large deck for meals and oceanviews and wireless internet for access.
Encinitas3A leafy and luxurious oceanfront home with a marvellous velvety bed and an excellent dining table and chairs. It's indeed a complete package.
Encinitas3This homey living space offers a great deal of calm, peace and serenity with its stripped-down decor. It is fully furnished and also has Plasma TV.
Encinitas3This spectacular 3 bedroom oceanfront home is truly the epitome of luxury. It offers a grand view of the north coastline and whitewater from all areas
Encinitas3This remodeled oceanfront treasure of a home offers gorgeous views of the ocean. This home, despite of its quaintness, is close to shopping and parks.
Encinitas3This ultra luxurious and futuristic split level townhome has a clean and decent decor with minimalistic designs and comfy chairs and furniture.
Encinitas3A laid-back style home perfect for haven. It has a small ocean view and its tree-ensconced location makes it ideal as a privacy spot for individuals.
Encinitas3This spacious, split level 3 bed/2 bath town home has 90s old-world charm. Dainty wooden furniture, cozy rooms & a splendid kitchen are its highlights
Encinitas3This simplistic modern-looking home has large, open, high-ceiling living areas, a library shelf and kitchen with made from high-end hardwood.
Encinitas3A confluence of past and present -- this home has modern kitchen & couches, and old-style dining furniture with charming chandeliers.
Encinitas3A relaxed west facing home with ocean breezes, Oak Kitchen cabinets, skylights & a double bed with a bay window overlooking the beautiful green trees.
Encinitas3A futuristic town home nestled in a bosky gated community with 900 trees, having a stunning decor and offering a never before living experience.
Encinitas3A vivid-looking home with refreshing designs, a large open kitchen and a living room with sliding doors to the deck. It also has a jacuzzi & 2 pools.
Encinitas3A nicely cureated home with varied styles for the different rooms. Its great location -- in the center -- provides extraordinary views of green belt.
Encinitas3An at-home style tri-level home with having games, toys & beach necessities. Additionally, it also has beautiful grounds for peaceful relaxation.
Encinitas3This newly remodeled, uber clean home with clear and linear architecture looks bright & pleasant. It also has tile flooring & fireplace in living room
Encinitas3A wooden-style three bedroom/two bath home in an oceanfront complex with resplendent dining & living rooms and wifi & unlimited long distance calling.
Encinitas3This split level three bedroom with majestic furniture and interiors is steeped in serenity. Its off-white motifs lend a royal feel to the place.
Encinitas3A recently updated 3 bedroom 2 bath home furnished with modern furniture; an unlimited domestic national phone service is its highlight
Encinitas3A fine 2 bedroom and bathroom home designed especially for the senile and different abled with a wood burning fire, patio and a two car garage.
Encinitas3A lovely tech-savvy two story town home which includes a patio with BBQ, a kitchen equipped with advanced amenities and a 2-car garage with scooter.
Encinitas3A sophisticated home with opulent sofa and high quality travertine flooring & carpet. It also comes with a sun deck, beach towels, chairs and umbrella
Encinitas2A fully furnished tech-savvy all-in-one townhouse which includes amenities like washer & dryer, 2 car garage, coffee maker, toaster, TIVO, flat TV etc
Encinitas2Designed in shades of brown, red & white, this townhome with ocean views and modern gadgets like TIVO, will make you flush and take your breath away.
Encinitas2A quirky, cozy, bright-colored home with a patio and a front porch to enjoy the afternoon sun. Its bright & unique decor is sure to make you cheerful.
Encinitas2A two story 2 bed/2.5 bath unit with ocean view having darkish furniture and pristine white walls having beach stairs, washer/dryer and a 2 car garage
Encinitas2A spacious and minimalistic town home with vaulted ceilings, large ocean view balcony and an attached garage -- steps away from the ocean.
Encinitas2This airy, simplistic home with stripped down decor instantly gives the feeling of home. It also has a beautiful open deck with chairs for tanning.
Encinitas2A lavish two bedroom, 2 1/2 bath town home with protract rooms and equipped with all modern amenities like computer/printer, wi-fi and boogie boards.
Encinitas2A beautifully remodeled town home with large open spaces, laminated wooden flooring, extravagant bedrooms and crafty use of bulb lights.
EncinitasThis quaint oceanfront treasure provides magnificent views of the ocean. It also has unlimited national long distance and a DSL line with modem.
Leucadia2This luxurious and extravagant beach house with granite tops and laminate wood flooring oozes charm. Its jacuzzi and sauna give it a special feel.