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This month, we are deviating a little to feature a destination many have heard of, but may know little about. And we feel this unique accommodation deserves its own showcase to clear up misconceptions or doubts about the area and traveling to it. So without further ado, we introduce you to the friendly island of Bermuda.

The Bermuda Triangle has been made infamous by pop culture with exaggerated stories of mysterious activities including: ship and aircraft disappearances, extraterrestrial beings and other mysterious phenomena. We think the lost city of Atlantis has made its presence in Bermuda myths and urban legends.

In actuality, the waters and surrounding airspace of the Bermuda Triangle are safe for most recreational and commercial travel. In addition, the area that encompasses Bermuda is located at the northernmost apex of the Bermuda Triangle; which by the way, is undefined and unrecognized by the US Board of Geographic Names. The unofficial boundaries extend from Bermuda to Miami and extending to San Juan, Puerto Rico and back to Bermuda. So why does Bermuda get attached to this triangle from which it is named after?

Perhaps it’s from reefs, strong gulf stream currents, and the islands position along the hurricane belt. But lets not instill fear. Rarely does a hurricane make direct landfall over the islands pink sandy beaches and other catastrophes have been a result of poor mechanics and human error. From the islands early discovery, little was known about the territory, resulting in run-ins with Bermuda’s shallow reefs. Today, tourism embraces these sunken marvels as the crystal-clear, blue-green waters offer excellent clarity for snorkel and scuba diving adventures.

Bermuda, otherwise known as the Bermudas, is actually an overseas territory of Great Britain, heavily influenced by the English. And contrary to belief, it’s 180+ islands and inlets have been mistakenly associated with the Caribbean despite being roughly one-thousand miles away. In 2003, Bermuda joined the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) more so for the cultural significance than for the political and trade links it shares with the US and Canada.

Bermuda’s position in the North Atlantic places it closer to Cape Hatteras, NC and Nova Scotia, than it does Miami and the Bahamas. However, warm-currents from the Gulf Stream bless the island with a pleasant sub-tropical climate and shield it from extreme highs or lows.

The islands boast an incredible 75 miles of coastline offering all the outdoor recreational activities you’d come to expect from an island paradise. From swimming and diving to nautical adventures and world-class fishing, the opportunities are nearly endless. Not all beaches are safe for swimming, however  craggy coastlines and limestone cliffs offer some of the most visually stunning views your eyes have ever gazed upon.

Bermuda’s pink-coral sands and clear waters have long been a draw for traveler’s, however the island boasts additional site seeing and recreational attractions that will fill your vacation itinerary. For starters, Bermuda offers 9 golf courses, the highest concentration per square mile than any place on earth! Other attractions include: the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo, a number of museums, an underwater exploration institute, botanical gardens, crystal caves and more.

So how can you experience this little slice of paradise in the Northern Atlantic? For as little as $85 a night, Bermuda Accommodations Inc can place you in a private villa, cottage, apartment or small hotel room on your stay. With no taxes or extra charges on most private home rentals, it’s a fantastic bargain. Fully equipped and furnished, your stay with Bermuda Accommodations Inc will include pretty gardens, pools, ocean views or waterside locations. Since 1991, Bermuda Accommodations Inc has been a trusted leader so check out their inventory today!

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