TRAVEL WORTHY EVENTS: Soulful Days, Ellicottville, New York



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Chatham Town Band Concerts

Chatham Town Band Concerts
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Spohr Gardens Daffodil Days

Spohr Gardens Daffodil Days
by Anthony Vaarwerk

TRAVEL WORTHY EVENTS: Soulful Days, Ellicottville, New York

Discovering Colorful, Eclectic Ellicottville, New York

Even the best travel writers struggle to select the most appealing options from fabulous travel worthy events in Ellicottville, New York. These, without a doubt, include the annual Summer Music Festival, Rock n’ Roll Weekend, and the Christmas Stroll. Nevertheless, these are only three of the magical celebrations that occur each year. Ellicottville brings beauty through its natural gifts as well as through the smiles of visitor’s faces after even a day’s trip. So who stole the spotlight this time?  

Come visit the charming little town with 2 world-class ski resorts - Holiday Valley and Holimont Ski Resorts. Now a year-round destination featuring skiing, hiking, mountain biking, mountain roller coaster, adventure park, and brewery!  Short Term Rentals for vacation, business trips, and family reunions. The alternative and creative stay to a hotel - experience the uniqueness of the property whether home, condo, villa, lodge, chalet, cabin, or cottage ... enjoy the whole home with a kitchen, living area, and individual bedrooms!


The Ellicottville Gazebo Series

Music Festivals with A Hippie Flair in Ellicottville, New York

Bring on the summer spirit on the weekends while enjoying world-famous singers at a quaint New Yorkian village. Ellicottville, New York attracts music legends at July's end and beginning of August you will not want to miss. The Ellicottville Gazebo Series returns each year, free at the Monroe Street Gazebo. Notably, Thursday nights have opened with rock, pop, and an assortment of oldies featured by Carolyn Lamson. Also, Gloria Gaynor, Bruno Mars, White Stripes, and Etta James, have topped off live music entertainment. The next Thursday evening brings southern sounds, while the third features the blues. Lose yourself to funky, classic rock bands with Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaught, and B.B. King, to name a few!

Furthermore, listeners will feel nostalgic with old hippies, blasting the golden tones from many generations ago. Even Black Rock Zydeco made an appearance one year to share the eccentric sounds of Cajon and Creole. Naturally, the Gazebo Series must include some soul. Catch Lady Rush & the Vinyl or another fantastic rhythmic band. However, they are not the final night. The Ellicottville Gazebo Series closes with an epic theater performance. Notably, for example, with William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as sponsored by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council.  You get culture, emotional growth, and relaxation all in one.


Ellicottville Vacation Rental Accommodations

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Ellicottville’s Fall Festival

Fall Festival in Ellicottville, New York

Fall is a super special time in Ellicottville. As the leaves turn to vibrant hues and air begins to cool, the village's oldest and largest festival heats up. Early October, Ellicottville's Fall Festival vibrates with cheer year after year. Join thousands of families, couples, and children awaiting the mouthwatering food, carnival rides, and craft shows. You will enjoy art, live music, and an abundance of vendors to make for fun shopping.

Join the Mountain Bike Race at the HV Training Center for some thrill or watch the stunning Birds of Prey Show. Western New York's Fall Festival is also the ideal place if you want a tour around the village. Hop on Holimont's Exhibition Express through the valley, or hop on the chairlift rides up Mardi Gras to Spruce Lake. The Fall Festival spreads all across the land from Holiday Valley. Essentially, you cannot miss the Mountain Top Cookout. If there is a will, there is away.


EVL Half Marathon

Colorful Powder Blasted in Air at Marathon, Ellicottville, New York

Another event in October? Yes! Ready? Set? Run--at the EVL Half Marathon near the end of October. As the spooks begin to crawl up your spine, pick your favorite costumes and join the parade with friends. The Half starts on Monroe Street, near the Gazebo and ends at the Village of Ellicottville. This marathon is a chance to make new friends, flash your costume, and even exercise before Trick or Treat starts. Perhaps you do not like to run? Come anyway, because the Half Marathon includes numerous Halloween activities for all ages.

Perhaps you do not like to run? Come anyway, the EVL Half Marathon includes numerous Halloween-themed activities for all ages. Plus, you can support the Ellicottville Sports Boosters charity—a group specializing in helping children get involved with athletics. Also, the trail takes you through 13.1 miles of New York's breathtaking countryside. Enjoy the scenic, rural roads, and fresh air. In addition, local Police from the county sheriff's department monitors traffic at each intersection. Indeed, the entire festival is maintained, clean, and safe for everyone. Lastly, be sure to stick around for the costume contests! Just, maybe, you will be a special prize.

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