ORLANDO, FL #1 Top Family Focused Vacation Rental Destinations



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ORLANDO, FL #1 Top Family Focused Vacation Rental Destinations

Downtown Orlando, Florida: More than Just for Family Vacations

My first impression of Orlando had always been that it was a city primarily for family vacations. However, when I recently visited Orlando, FL for a speaking engagement, I formed a new impression. It is true that Orlando is geared to accommodate family fun and family vacations to the fullest extent. Yet, while there, I found that the business facilities, services, and venues were world-class. I truly felt like a queen during my short business stay in Orlando!

When most people hear of Orlando, theme parks immediately come to mind. Since Orlando is the Theme Park Capital of the World, the city is an obvious choice and destination for fun family vacations. At first, you will be impressed with the big brands in family vacations including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World while vacationing in Orlando, Florida. However, while the city is famous for theme parks, there is more to Orlando’s tourism than all those wild rides.

With rich history dating back to the early 1800s, Orlando is has many facets. The city is brimming with charming natural beauty with its botanical gardens, parks, and spectacular lakefronts. The most compelling evidence of the city’s reputation as a famed family vacation spot is the millions who come to enjoy pleasant weather and attractions. All in all, a visit to Orlando Florida promises to leave you entertained and fascinated!

Getting Around & Best Season to Visit

There is no real off-season in Orlando. Notably, summer months are the busiest times. Getting around is quite easy and stress free. All the major parks and hotels run shuttles. These rides are usually free of charge, but can get crowded. In order to enjoy convenience and privacy at its very best, taxis or rental cars are other options, although taxis can get expensive. While beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage, downtown Orlando is a popular spot for diners and revelers. Restaurants, bars, and elegant entertainment venues ooze with taste and style. Regardless of the season, Orlando guarantees fun, distraction, and great entertainment, especially for family vacations.

Mixing it up: Fun and Learning

Piccadilly Circus Fountain near Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios

The major attractions to Orlando is without doubt, the big names in family fun–Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom Park just to name a few. Legoland and the Wizard World of Harry Potter are the latest additions to family attractions in Orlando. The top of the top for most visitors to Orlando is the Universal Studios. This theme park is fully packed to deliver pure fun and unbridled excitement. Provided that you enjoy the adrenalin rush of adventures and park rides, you are sure to find Universal Studios a highlight of your visit to Orlando.

Another key attraction worth visiting is the Orlando Science Center. This popular family attraction encourages learning in a fun and interactive way. Featuring four floors of interactive exhibits, the Orlando Science Center keeps families entertained by presenting interesting films and shows. Other great Orlando attractions include Gatorland (the alligator capital of the world) and Holy Land (inspired by biblical Jerusalem). Orlando also has something for culture lovers and history enthusiasts. The city’s unique museums—International Trolley and Train Museum, Charles Hosmer Morse Museum, and the more obscure Ripley's Believe It or Not!—displays extensive collections of exhibits and art works. With this in mind, it is obvious that Orlando’s attractions are not only limited to theme parks.

Choosing Accommodations in Orlando

Orlando hotels, resorts, and vacation rental properties are plentiful. Vacation rentals are great options for families with kids, fully equipped with all the amenities to make for a homely feel. Vacation rentals include complete kitchens, yards, pools, gyms, washer/dryers, common areas with privacy and amenities–for significantly less than the equally sized hotel or resort. With the emergence vacation rental booking sites, selecting a comfortable home away from home is easy and affordable. Choose a vacation rental for your family vacation at the heart of the action!

Orlando is a destination where luxury awaits you in abundance. If going for a business convention, consider staying an extra day or two. I wish I had thought of that--next time I will make arrangements to enjoy Orlando a bit. Lastly, booking a vacation rental with a top vacation rental property management company offering great services and amenities, will guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


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