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Find Rentals has Increased our Direct Bookings and Website Traffic ...

For the past 16 years Pocono Mountain Rentals has worked with Find Rentals to increase our direct bookings and qualified website traffic for our Poconos vacation homes. The homes that we list on Find Rentals are uniquely SEO’d and it brings us a whole new market of travelers that always Book Direct with our website and team. Find Rentals and it’s team are a very reliable resource in an ever changing industry.

Greg Petrillo
Owner, Pocono Mountain Rentals

[ Pocono Mountain Rentals ]

A Book Direct Website that Produces Great Results ...

Finally, a #BookDirect vacation rental website that actually produces great results without costing an arm and a leg. We have been very pleased with the results and service Find Rentals has provided for our company and look forward to working together for many years to come. Their attention to detail and SEO efforts have given our properties a lot more exposure throughout the search engines, bringing more travelers back to our website and team increasing our direct bookings.

Casey Ellison
General Manager & Broker, Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals

[ Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals ]

5 Stars out of 5 ...

5 Stars out of 5! I am very pleased to be part of the Find Rentals Family. It is a great source of marketing and delivers results. Shout out to David for being so professional and compassionate. I would highly recommend them, as it is a great tool for bookings. Give them a try, they will not disappoint!

Fran Parker
Broker/Owner, Phase III Real Estate

[ Phase III Real Estate Services ]

They Educate the Traveler on the Benefits of Booking Direct ...

Island Vacation Properties has worked with Find Rentals since 2007. We have been very satisfied with the results. We really appreciate their 1 on 1 approach when working with us to ensure a successful year.  Find Rentals has always supports us and the vacation rental industry as a whole, they only work with professional Vacation Rental Managers and Educate the traveler on all the benefits of being able to #BookDirect with Island Vacation Properties. 

Sara Annis
Owner, Island Vacation Properties

[ Island Vacation Properties ]

Much More Traffic to our Website and More Direct Bookings ...

We started with Find Rentals in May of 2019 with a limited budget and by the end of the summer, we were happy to add all our properties. Over the past 12 months, we have seen really nice results coming from their marketing and SEO efforts, resulting in much more traffic to our website and more direct bookings.

William Greenwood
Owner, SPI Rentals

[ SPI Rentals ]

Our Book Direct Results Continue to Improve and the ROI is Outstanding ...

Finally, a vacation rental listing site that exceeds expectations. Our results have been continuing to improve every year with Find Rentals and because they are Book Direct the ROI is outstanding. Every vacation rental managers Book Direct strategy should include working with Find Rentals

Ed DeLosh Sr
Owner, BeachRentals.mobi

[ BeachRentals.mobi ]

Find Rentals was able to help us Generate Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Direct Bookings ...

It was a great decision to work with Find Rental as a way to increase our direct bookings. The SEO work they put into every property page allowed them to consistently increase our results every year. With a company of over 475+ vacation rentals across multiple destinations in Florida, Find Rentals was able to help us generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in Direct Bookings.

You can’t rely on 1 OTA, being listed on all sites, including FindRentals.com, increased our visibility across all markets.  I would recommend working with David at Find Rentals to companies large and small as part of your Book Direct strategy.”

Jeff Paglialonga
Owner, TeemingVR

A Hands-On Group Offering Something More to Book Direct ...

We signed on with Find Rentals when they first came about and it has been a pleasure working with them ever since. They are a hands-on group, totally involved in making their site competitive, and moreover, they offer something more than their competitors - book direct - no booking fees, neither to guests nor to property managers. We look forward to our continued relationship with Find Rentals. 

Beth Godwin
Manager, Dune Allen Realty

[ Dune Allen Realty Vacation Rentals ]

Book Direct Approach that Allows Us to Control our Business ...

Find Rentals has been a great investment for my company here in Siesta and Lido Key. They provide us with a consistent flow of travelers back to our website and reservations team. We really appreciate their Book Direct approach which allows us to control every aspect of our businesses. I look forward to working with Find Rentals for many years to come.


Adam Mott
Owner, Vunique Vacations

[ Vunique Vacations ]

Book Direct Approach that Adds Exposure to our Website ...

Williamson Realty Vacations has worked with Find Rentals since 2010 and are very pleased with the added exposure they bring to our website, brand, and vacation rental properties. Their book direct approach allows us to control all aspects of our business and provide travelers with the best price, service, and selection for their next vacation.

Marie Hill
Williamson Realty Vacations
Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Marie Hill
General Manager, Williamson Realty Vacations

[ Williamson Realty Vacations ]

A Great Avenue for Diversifying Rental Distribution ...

We have worked with David and the team from Find Rentals for several years now. They've been extremely helpful and a great avenue for diversifying rental distribution. We appreciate their personal attention and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Richard D. Olivarez
Director of Marketing, Ocean Reef Resorts

[ Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals & Real Estate ]

Direct Bookings and Overall Website Traffic Increased ...

Find Rentals has helped us immensely with increasing our direct bookings and overall web traffic.  The SEO work they do for our property pages has proven to be invaluable and we’re thankful for all the work and effort they put into our listings.  Customer service is excellent and they’re always there to answer questions and help out where they can. Looking forward to our continued partnership.

Stephanie McCracken
Marketing Director, Benchmark Management

[ Benchmark Management ]

Find Rentals is a Great Business Partner ...

Rent Cottage started working with Find Rentals in early 2020 (yes right before the pandemic) and we were excited to begin working with them however, we were a little concerned as they had no other clients in Ontario. Their VP David explained all the SEO work that goes into the account and with our 200+ properties he assured me this would work very well.

AND IT DID, despite the closed boarders, lock downs and so on Find Rentals did exactly what they said AND what we were most impressed with is their willingness to work with us financially so we could keep advertising while things were shut down. 

Find Rentals is a great business partner that bring us a lot of travelers that book direct. 

Dave Craig
President, RentCottage.com

Find Rentals has been a Great Resource ...

Find Rentals has been a great resource for us to increase the amount of travelers that book direct with Beach Realty every year. The unique SEO process they used allowed our property pages on Find Rentals to get indexed all across the search engines bringing more travelers back to our website and team. David has been a great to work with and I would recommend other vacation rental managers work with him to increase your Direct Bookings.

Beach Realty
Sandwich, MA - Cape Cod

Beach Realty

Direct Bookings, Owner Revenue, and Company Growth ...

We didn't even know we needed to Find Rentals when we were approached to be one of the first property management companies in our area to be onboarded! We are frequently met with information about how Find Rentals is growing as a whole which ultimately ensures our growth overall, exceeding the expectations we didn't know we had! Since going live with Find Rentals we have seen a tremendous amount of traffic, which has led to an increase in direct bookings, owner revenue plus company growth! "The proof of the pudding is in the eating"...you will not go wrong with joining the Find Rentals family!

Haleigh Shelly
Manager, Platinum Experience

[ REBL Rentals ]

Pleased with the Volume of Inquiries and Bookings to our Website ...

We have used Find rentals.com for years and have been thoroughly pleased with the volume of inquiries/bookings generated for our Seabrook Island rentals! Unlike other 3rd party companies, we receive all the contact information of potential guests right away. I would highly recommend Findrentals.com!

Nancy Buck
Owner, Coastal Getaways of South Carolina

[ Monarch / Coastal Getaways of South Carolina ]

Find Rentals is Consistently One of our TOP 3 Providers ...

We have been with Find Rentals since 2018 and are very pleased with the results they generate for our company. Their Book Direct approach allows us to increase the number of qualified travelers coming back to our website to book directly with our team. Find Rentals is consistently one of our TOP 3 providers.

Adrian Johnson
Owner, SeaBreeze Vacation

[ SeaBreeze Vacation ]

Thank You for Many Years of Great Marketing ...

I have enjoyed working with Find Rentals for years now and am looking forward to your connection with Nextpax. Thank you for many years of great marketing through your site findrentals.com

Kathy Nixon
Owner, Norris Lake Cabin Rentals

[ Norris Lake Cabin Rentals ]

I Recommend Find Rentals ...

They are easy to work with, very professional, their website is easy to use. If you have a question, they are very reliable and get back to you and give you suggestions to market your homes. I would recommend Find Rentals.

Kathy Baker
Rental Manager, Kennebunk Beach Realty

[ Kennebunk Beach Realty ]

Great Exposure and Diversification ...

Our Company has advertised with Find Rentals for many years. It has always been a pleasure to work with David Stansberry. He always showed the highest level of professionalism, and dedication to our company. We have been very happy as well as our home owners with the revenue generated from Find Rentals.

Our company has developed many lasting relationships with our guests and the exposure nation wide through this web-site has developed a clientele from regions we were not able to reach with other advertising and websites. The customer service Center Hill Chalets has received has exceeded our expectations and we are 100% satisfied and look forward to continuous years advertising our properties on Findrentals.com.

Sherry Ann Hattaway
Property Manager, Center Hill Chalets

[ Center Hill Chalets Inc. ]

Find Rentals has Increased our Rental Reservations ...

Advertising on FindRentals.com has been a great investment for our company. It has increased our online exposure as well as our rental reservations. Thank you FindRentals.com for providing such a great online service!

Jill Reed Manning
Owner, Reed Real Estate

[ Reed Real Estate ]

Thank You for Continuing to Support Us and Providing such Excellent Service ...

David Thank you for your call and all the new information regarding Find Rentals. We are happy to renew with you for another year. Thank you for updating our ads and property photos, too. We were already following you on FB and now we are on IG, too.

In our conversation today I mentioned the continuing issues we have had with other advertising providers. I am so happy to know that FindRentals.com is not behaving and transacting the way the other (well known) providers are. For many years we have advertised with "the others" only to find out that our guests were being given wrong rental rate and fee information, late or lagging calendars, and other misleading information.

A locally owned company like Solterra depends on having a good reputation in the industry. When the larger companies give poor, or just plain bad, information to potential guests it reflects on us in a negative way. These larger companies have overcharged us for their product and at times I have felt that we are paying to be tortured by their rules and over-controlling policies. We love your new website design!

Kimber S. Leefers
Designated Broker, Solterra Realty

[ Solterra Vacation Rentals ]

A Great Asset to Our Company ...

Findrentals.com has been a great asset to our company! The staff is very helpful and responsive. The results have been great and I really like how they are innovative with their marketing. We definitely get our name out there and are much more visible by using findrentals.com.

Jonna Kandolin
Owner and Property Manager, Deadwood Connections

[ Deadwood Connections ]

Easy to Work with ...

It has been a pleasure working with FindRentals.com over the many years.  You guys have been easy to work with and tried different approaches each year to help us get new prospects.  Thank you.

Gretta Maddox
Owner, Seaside Getaways

[ Natural Retreats Sea Islands ]

I Appreciate your Help. You have been Great ...

I renewed again.  I appreciate your help. You have been great. I do need a few of the listings Updated on your site.  Some houses are no longer a rental, and I do have new ones that you do not show. How will I go about getting you that info?

thanks again

Linda McKeehan
Broker/Owner, Seas The Day Realty

[ Plum Island Beach Rentals ]

Please Convey my Extreme Satisfaction with your Guidance ...

You have been so incredibly helpful! THANK YOU. David, you guided me, a novice to websites, with the how-to to develop this website listing. You are a true asset to FINDRENTALS.com! Please convey my extreme satisfaction with your guidance and help creating this listing. Wonderful, courteous, helpful, extra advice, technical adjustments...and did I say: HELPFUL? YES! Thanks again David.

Lynn Underwood
BLU White Haven

One of the Better Advertising Decisions I have Made ...

We list over 30 properties with Find Rentals, 1 of our mid-level properties grossed over 25k on a $24 advertising investment. Listing on the Find Rentals website is one of the better decisions I have made and I am more than happy to email you this testimonial. Thank you Find Rentals!

Real Estate and Rental Agent, Saperston Real Estate

[ Saperston Real Estate and Rentals ]

It's a Win All the Way Around ...

Our company has partnered with FindRentals.com for the last few years now.  It is always a pleasure to work with our sales rep who you speak with directly.  What I like most about this company is that they are always striving to keep up with the latest trends on how to capture more business like continuously updating their site and adapting with social media.  Our return on investment is good, but the credibility our website gains in return is even more helpful.  It’s a win all the way around.

Alyson Gerlach
Owner, Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals

[ Pristine Properties ]

Always very Responsive and Professional ...

Thank you, Find Rentals, for the excellent customer service and for the exposure you have provided for our beach condos and homes. David has been a pleasure to work with; always very responsive and professional. We are looking forward to an even greater number of inquiries as your travel accommodation company continues to grow.

Marketing Director, Great Ocean Condos

A Great Investment for Our Company ...

FindRentals.com has been a great investment for our company. David is wonderful!

LaJuan Kennedy
Broker/Owner, Fred Holland Realty

[ Fred Holland Realty ]

I Can't Thank Find Rentals Enough ...

I have had the pleasure of working with Find Rentals for multiple years as a owner and as a property manager. I started out using FindRentals as an owner and proceeded to become a property manager over the years, this year I have doubled the properties I manage along with sales. I have also seen an increase in renters using Find Rentals as a tool for purchasing homes. My business has grown every year since dealing with FindRentals. I can not say enough about the online help I have received and the personal attention our company has been given. I have seen an increase in sign ups with our company for rentals and sales, I owe this increase to their website and marketing initiatives. When a lot is riding on making your clients happy, you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can't thank FindRentals enough for assisting us in getting our business where it is today.

Agent, Ellicottville Real Estate

[ Saperston Real Estate and Rentals ]

A Great Working Relationship ...

I wanted to enthusiastically endorse Find Rentals and the Find Rentals team! We have had a great working relationship with Find Rentals for the past 9 years. The two things that are the most important to me, they really do well; they generate great leads, so we get lots of email inquiries, and they are a great support to us as we ad and remove listings from our site. We can count on them in every situation, which is exactly what we need with this sort of partnership. Thank you for all you do

John Natsis
Owner, Bluefish Vacation Rentals & Sales

Sincere Praise for FindRentals.com ...

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sincere praise for FindRentals.com. As a vacation rental agency, our clients maintain listings on a number of different vacation rental and other travel related directories. After having displayed several of the properties that we represent on FindRentals.com for a little over a year now, your service has provided more leads than just about any other directory to which our clients have subscribed. In addition, given the cost of a listing on FindRentals.com, there is no question that dollar for dollar, FindRentals.com is about the best source of on-line advertising that we have found! We plan to continue our profitable relationship with FindRentals.com for many years to come, and highly recommend it to others! Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Dan Graham
President, Mt. Baker Lodging, Inc.

[ Mt. Baker Lodging ]

Very Helpful and Very Efficient ...

Out of the 88 inquires, 11 booked. Thanks for everything. To date I have enjoyed our working relationship and feel I have definitely gotten value for my money. All the staff have been very helpful and very efficient.

Babbling Brook Cottages

[ Babbling Brook Cottages ]

Keep Up the Good Work ...

I have been a licensed REALTOR at Siebert Realty in Virginia Beach, VA since 1986. Being in this business for 23 years, I've had the opportunity to deal with many advertisers along the way. I am writing today to let you know how pleased I have been with www.findrentals.com. We first signed up with your company back in its "infancy" and, over the years, have been pleased to see how you've grown and evolved into one of the top travel sites on the Internet. You've continued to enhance your site, as well as broaden your advertising options to managers, giving us an array of marketing tools and campaigns from which to choose to best target our services. The ongoing improvements to your site have resulted in better leads and increased traffic to our site at www.siebert-realty.com.

Facts and figures aside, I can't say enough good things about how your organization is run and how easy you are to dealt with. Customer Service is paramount in the vacation rental industry, and the same rule applies when dealing with a good reputable Internet business. It's been a joy working with you, and I appreciate how you stay in touch with me through a personal phone call, and not a generic renewal email like most other businesses. I also appreciate how you keep me abreast of any new advertising opportunities that come along. Thank you again for everything and keep up the good work. I look forward to dealing with your company for many years to come!

Kathy Frierson
Marketing Director, Siebert Realty

I had Great Occupancy Using FindRentals.com ...

Anthony is a true pro at networking for superior results in assisting clients with their property for the real estate rental market on the internet.

I have had virtually 100 percent occupancy using findrentals.com and her accessibility for questions, advice and strategy in the ever evolving market place has been invaluable to me personally over the years. I have reduced my marketing costs to next to nothing and now have 24/7 coverage nationwide and have accomplished higher rental rates due to expanded global coverage and findrentals.com strong focus in this niche market place.

Anthony is very thorough, personable, reliable, innovative and most knowledgeable in this market place and knows how to assist client to not only achieve your goals but exceed them.  I would highly recommend this very reputable person to work with you on your real estate needs.

Rob Santa Maria
Client of 10 Years, Angola Vacation Rentals

Good Character and Integrity ...

During my first year of membership I received several inquiries along with the largest booking for the last 7 years of my rental service. The booking was for a family of 4 for 6 weeks from out of State and accounted for over $10K in gross rental revenue. I find most of the inquiries from Find Rentals are from people with good character and integrity.

Stacy Broad - Minnesota
Realtor, Ely Minnesota, Realtor

I Will Use Your Services Again ...

I want to let you know I will not be renewing my contract in June. I have rented my condo for the year. However I would highly recommend your site. All my rentals I received this past year were thru your site. I received none thru a management company I had contracted with. If I start renting by the night or weekly I will certainly use your services again. Thanks so much!

Sharon Love - Missouri
Realtor, Lake of the Ozarks, Realtor

We Definitely Plan to Stay with FindRentals.com ...

Pocono Resorts Realty, the largest vacation rental agency in the Poconos has used the services of FindRentals for a year. From the start, the quality and quantity of the leads has been very satisfactory and has increased the bookings of our 600+ homes. We definitely plan to stay with FindRentals.com for a long time.

Manager, Pocono Resorts Realty

I Love Findrentals.com ...

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your website. I send people there instead of to our own website because it’s much, much easier to navigate. We just had our first inquiry. Yay!  And you have been responsive to my every need. Thanks so much, David. Really appreciate you and FindRentals.com.

Michele Damato
Rental Program Manager, Island Winds Condominium

[ Island Winds Condominiums ]

Receiving Many New Requests thru Find Rentals this Year ...

I am doing great with Find Rentals.  Your value keeps increasing.  And Thank You very much!

Linda McKeehan
Owner, Plum Island Beach Rentals by Seas the Day Realty

[ Plum Island Beach Rentals ]

Professional Service and High Standard of Operations ...

I have worked with Find Rentals for a year and i am happy with their professional service and high standard of operations.  They provide me with a constant supply of travelers looking for a vacation rental accommodation.  Find Rentals sets a high standard of service to make both the traveler and the rental owner/manager satisfied.  I will continue to work with Find Rentals for as long as I remain in the industry and for as long as they continue to meet my high standards of service.

Joseph Deni
Owner, Luxury Angola Rental

Find Rentals is Our Second Referring Source ...

Good News to Report Find Rentals is our second referring source and we have gotten $XXXXX in bookings.
Thank you

Erika Schwankl
Director of Sales and Marketing, StayWinterPark

[ StayWinterPark ]

Promotes Vacation Rental Managers and Helps Them Succeed ...

VR's have changed drastically in the last several years due to OTA's and their massive influx of money and exposure thus making a smaller family owned business having to come up with creative ways to promote their business. Although this is a challenge, the success that the small business sees is based on not only the team they have, but also with the support from boutique and niche style businesses such as FindRentals.com, that are looking to promote these vacation rental managers which in turn helps them succeed as well. 

Catherine Clausen-Neff
General Manager, Clausen Properties

[ Clausen Properties ]

Find Rentals is Constantly Improving ...

We have been working with FindRentals for many years. They continue to improve their site making working with them very easy and are very quick to fix any issues that arise.



Karen Haley
Marketing Supervisor, Southern Shores Realty

[ Southern Shores Realty ]

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