Frequently Asked Questions - Owners

Here are the most common questions most rental owners or managers may have regarding their accounts with FindRentals. Although we strive to make our system as user-friendly as possible, sometimes you may run into problems. Below we have provided a list of the most common questions owners are asking. If you have a question that is not addressed, we encourage you to give us a call. Our tech department will help to answer any questions, comments, or concerns.

Q: I am trying to upload my photos but keep getting an Error Message. What's Wrong?

A1: If this problem persists, try resizing the photo to a smaller size. Although we allow you to upload large photos, sometimes photos are too large for our system. We recommending resizing your photos to under 500 kbs in size with simple editing tools on your computer or try downloading a thumbnail maker to resize photos to a universal size -

A2: Make sure your photos are in .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif format. High quality photos should be in jpeg or jpg

Q: Why can't I view the photo slideshow when I click on my listing?

A1: The photo slideshow acts like a pop-up on your screen. Try disabling the pop-up blocker not only on your browser, but if you have blockers on Google, Yahoo, Alexa, or other toolbars, disable them as well.

A2: Try updating your browser.

Q: Can I change the order of photos on my listing?

A: Yes and here are the steps:

Once you are satisfied with the order, no other work needs to be done. Note: For Featured Properties - The very first photo on your listing becomes the feature photo on your respective city page.

Q: How can I be listed on Activity Pages? (Golf, Ski, Fish)


Q: How do I announce specials/promotions/deals on my listing?


Note: All specials will be colored in red on your listing. All specials will be located on your listing regardless of which page renters find your property on.

Q: Using an availability calendar?

A1: You most certainly can. Here are the steps:

A2: Using the FindRentals Calendar:

Note: You can use the availability calendar if you do not use a universal calendar. You cannot use a Competitor branded calendar.

Q: Can I add my personal website to the listing?

A: Yes, lets you add your personal website.

Note: Link Exchange may be required.

Q: Can I add any virtual tours to my listing?

A: Yes, allows space to add one virtual tour per listing

Note: We work directly w/ a Virtual Tour specialist who can create virtual tours for your business. If interested, be sure to ask us for rates and information.

Q: I forgot my Password. What do I need to do to retrieve it?

A1: Don't worry, go here: Enter in your email address on your account and your password will be immediately forwarded to you

A2: Simply give us a call at 866-218-5743 and ask to speak with your account representative. He or she will ask you a few qualifying questions first and then provide you with your username and password.

Q: What if I want to change the location of my listing?

A: Every listing can be fully edited. Here are the steps in changing the location of your property.

Note: You can be listed in 2 areas on if your property is in between 2 cities, regions, or locations. However, they must be in the same state otherwise the function will not work.

Q: My Rental is a Luxury rental and I would like to be listed in the Luxury Rentals Page on

A: Give a call at (866)218-5743 and ask to speak with a representative in your area. For an extra fee, your listing will be added to the luxury rentals page, available for renters to see when looking for high end, luxury, or executive lodging.

Note: All Luxury Listings include: inclusion into the country/state/province pages as either a featured or standard listing.

Q: How many photos can I upload to my listing?

A: Unlimited. With any listing option, you are able to upload as many photos as you'd like. We know that the more information and pictures renters can see, the better able they are to make a quick decision on booking or inquiring about your rental.

Q: How much text can I place on my listing?

A: Unlimited. For the same reasons above, we allow you to place as much textual information as you want. We believe the more information the better.

Q: How do I enter in rate information?

A1: You can fill out the rate form on your listing

A2: You can manually type in the rates on the form labeled: OTHER RATES INFO

Q: How do I check my inquiries?

A: All inquiries are logged in your account

Note: You can organize the inquiries by date and also view in detail what the renter sent

Q: I would like to exchange or swap my rental with other owners. How can I make my property available for other owners to see?

A: has just added an exchange page. To activate your listing on this page, here are the steps:

Once finished, your listing will be added to our Vacation Rental Swapping Page located here: /Exchanging-Vacation-Rentals/

Q: My place accepts pets, how do I let renters know this?

A: has a pet-friendly Page. To be included just follow these steps.

Once finished, your listing will be located on our pet friendly page located here: Note: Renters will know your place is pet-friendly even without going to our specified pet-friendly page

Q: How can I add other properties to

A: Give our service department a call at (866)218-5743 and ask to speak with a representative in your area. He or she will inform you on specified rates and/or discounts for adding multiple listings.

Q: How can I add multiple email addresses to my account?

A: Its simple, just follow these steps: