Hiking Trails in the United States


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Frisco Colorado Travel Guide

Frisco Colorado Travel Guide
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Best Hiking Trails in the United States


Many people love hiking because of the benefits it provides. For instance, it improves heart health, reduces stress, and opens up your senses to the beauty of Nature. So, if you’re looking for an activity that helps you to improve yourself, you should go hiking more often.  You don’t need to cross an ocean to experience the best hike of your life because there’s a lot of places in the United States that are known for its beautiful hiking destinations. In addition, Find Rentals offers some of the best vacation rental accommodations for hiking.  So, without further ado, here are some of the best hiking trails in the U.S.


Canyon Overlook Trail (Zion National Park, Utah)

Let’s start with a moderate hiking trail: the Canyon Overlook Trail in Utah. This hiking trail is extremely popular for hikers because it offers breathtaking views of Zion Canyon and the Pine Creek Canyon. The path is generally rocky, but there are spots where it elevates and then levels off. There are also steep drop-offs along the way.  The Canyon Overlook Trail is accessible throughout the year. Make sure to arrive early to get a parking space in case you bring a vehicle. This hiking trail is among the best spots that the
country can offer to hikers.


Mist Trail (Yosemite National Park, California)

Located in Yosemite National Park, the Mist Trail is sure to give you a one-of-a-kind hiking experience. The steep hike courses alongside Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall, covering nearly 7.3 miles round trip and takes between five to six hours to finish.
You’ll follow the tumultuous Merced River to reach your destination. Be extra careful when hiking Mist Trail, though, because some of the stones that you have to climb along the way are slippery due to the moisture of the waterfalls. Make sure to prepare your body days or weeks before the hike so that you have some physical strength to overcome the challenge.


Sunrise Rim Trail (Mount Rainier National Park, Washington)

Hiking through the Sunrise Rim Trail leads you to the jaw-dropping views of Mount Rainier. It seems like a paradise as you go past meadows filled with wildflowers and different types of wildlife.  Don’t forget to witness the spectacular views of the crevasses and ice towers of Emmons Glacier, the surrounding moraine, and the sparkling lakes from the Glacier Overlook. Going high up the Burroughs Mountains is never easy due to the rocky terrain, but it’s a rewarding experience when you see the majestic scenery from the top.


Templeton Trail (Coconino National Forest, Arizona)

For sure, there’s a long list of hiking trails throughout the state of Arizona. But if you want to have a great look at the world-renowned Cathedral Rock and other natural landmarks in Arizona, consider hiking the Templeton Trail. The hike through this trail is about 7 miles, and it winds around the base of the famous Cathedral Rock.  You can also have views of other rock formations, such as the Two Nuns and Courthouse Butte, as you hike along the Templeton Trail.


Crow Pass Trail (Chugach State Park, Alaska)

Fantastic landscapes, streams, waterfalls, snowfields, and beautiful wildlife are the wonders that will greet you when you take the Crow Pass Trail in Chugach State Park, Alaska. The hike takes up two or more days in total, but there are campsites along the way that can help you survive the journey.



Get your adrenaline pumping and let out the adventure-seeker in you by trekking the scenic hiking trails of the United States. Make sure to include Crows Pass Trail in Alaska, Templeton Trail in Arizona, Sunrise Rim Trail in Washington, Canyon Overlook Trail in Utah, and Mist Trail in California in your next hiking adventure.


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