5 Amazing Places To Escape The Winter Months And Enjoy The Beach



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Escape The Winter Months And Enjoy The Beach

5 Amazing Destination to Escape the Winter Months

Living in an area where the winter weather is nearly unbearable? If you are not a fan of the cold weather and freezing temperatures, you may long for a warm vacation where you do not have to leave the country just to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches, high temperatures, and a calming ocean breeze. Much like birds choose to fly south for the winter to keep themselves warm, you may be one of the winter snowbirds looking to get away from these cold temperatures, even if it is just for a week or two.

There are some fantastic winter snowbird destinations that are worth visiting if you are ready to stay warm and comfortable while getting away from the rain, snow, and freezing temperatures that you have been dealing with back at home.


Anna Maria Island, Florida


If you want to escape the cold in winter, one place you should try visiting is Anna Maria Island in Florida. Anna Maria Island is one of the most coveted spots in Manatee County because of its beautiful beaches. People from different areas all around the country choose to come to Anna Maria Island to have fun outside in the beautiful weather where the temperatures are high, and the sun is shining brightly most of the time.

One of the most popular spots in Anna Maria Island is Manatee Beach Park. Although the island is relatively small, there are still hundreds of different things to do while you are there for a vacation, such as visiting one of several beaches, including Coquina Beach, Manatee Public Beach, and Bean Point Beach. You can go on boat tours, Segway tours, and even whale watching tours. In addition to the different tours, you can spend a lot of time out on the water while surfing, swimming, or even kayaking.

If you are going to stay in Anna Maria Island, you will need to find the perfect vacation rental to accommodate you during your stay. Because this is a resort town, dozens of different rentals are available, many of which are offering some of the latest and most convenient amenities to guests.

FindRentals.com provides a large selection of different rentals in the area that you should check out before booking your stay. You can rent out homes, condos, and even hotel rooms during your stay.

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Marco Island, Florida


True winter snowbirds love visiting Marco Island, an area in Florida that is right near the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to clean beaches with white sand and easy access to the beautiful see where you can enjoy spending some of your time in the water while making memories during your vacation.

There are more than enough things to do to stay occupied and ensure that you are having a great time while hanging out on Marco Island. Some of the highly-rated hot spots in Marco Island include the Cape Romano, Mackle Park, and Keewaydin Island. You can go on different tours, including a jet ski tour and a dolphin watching tour.

Even after the tour, you can have a lot of fun out on the water, whether you are riding on a boat, moving around in a kayak, or even just getting your feet wet while walking around on the beach. Marco Island is the perfect place to visit if you want to have a relaxing vacation in warm weather with your significant other and even your children.

Before heading out to Marco Island, make sure you know where you are going to stay. FindRentals.com offers a quick list of available vacation rentals in the area. You will get to see how much a stay would cost based on the number of days you are planning to stay on the island.

The site provides pictures of the different places, so have a look around and make sure to choose a place that you are going to love.

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Naples, Florida


Naples, considered one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, is the perfect city to visit when you are looking to escape the cold in winter and have a genuinely great experience. Most people who come to the area cannot get enough of Naples Beach, a seven-mile-long beach with some of the whitest sand you will ever see.

Although hanging out on the beach is something you should make time to do while in Naples, there are plenty of other sources of entertainment to keep you busy throughout your vacation.

If you are coming to Naples as one of the winter snowbirds looking to escape the cold weather, you should make the most of your trip by creating an itinerary of all the neat things you want to do and plan to do. For example, you can stop by the Naples Zoo, take a stroll through the Naples Botanical Garden, and even check out the Tin City Shops.

Naples is home to some of the most beautiful rental properties, many of which are rented out for months at a time.

FindRentals.com will show you a listing of these different properties. While you are on the site, you can have these rentals sorted out by recommendations or by their cost, allowing you to find something that looks good and is affordable, which means you will get to stick with the budget you want to set for your travels.

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Orange Beach, Alabama


Although it is a small city, Orange Beach, Alabama, is one of the best winter snowbird destinations in the country. It is an affordable spot to visit where the weather is warm and there are many things to do to keep you and anyone you have traveled with busy and entertained. The beaches in the area are miles long and are full of some of the softest white sand you can find.

When you are not lingering around on the sand and enjoying the warmer weather, you can participate in plenty of interesting and enjoyable activities. During your trip, you can stop by the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo to check out the animals, hop on a boat to go deep-sea fishing to see what you can catch, and play a bunch of different games while visiting Adventure Island. In fact, Adventure Island is the perfect place to visit with the kids because it is home to several arcade-style games, go-karts, and so much more.

Let FindRentals.com help you find the right place for you to stay while you are in Orange Beach. Numerous affordable properties are available for rent. You can use the site to find properties with plenty of space and the right number of bedrooms you will need based on the number of people you are traveling with to the area.

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Dauphin Island, Alabama


Dauphin Island is an ideal place to go when you want to get away from the cold weather and are traveling with the entire family because it is such a warm and relaxing area with plenty of family-friendly activities available to all.

You can get on a boat and go on assorted fishing adventures, attempting to catch anything and everything you can with your loved ones. If you do not want to go fishing, you can always stop by the Audubon Bird Sanctuary where you can watch for assorted birds, many of which are difficult to find in other parts of the country.

Many visitors like to take a walk right through Shell Mound Park or spend time on the Gulf Beaches where they can sit out in the sun, read a good book, listen to some music, or even just have some great conversations with loved ones. Children can build sandcastles and have all kinds of fun in the water while they are hanging out on the beach.

If Dauphin Island sounds like the ideal place for you to visit when you want to escape the cold in winter as one of the winter snowbirds, use FindRentals.com to search for, find, and book the ideal spot to stay at throughout your vacation.

You can use the search feature on the site to search for rentals based on the location, date you would like to arrive, the date you would like to depart, and the number of people who will come along with you on the trip.

Book your arrangements in advance and get fully prepared for a perfect time outside in the warmer weather.

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These winter snowbirds destinations are all worth considering when you are attempting to escape the winter weather and are looking for a warm, comfortable, and completely relaxing place to visit.

Each of these different places has so much to offer, including beautiful beaches and access to ocean water where you can participate in different types of water-related activities while spending so much of your time out in the sun.

No matter where you choose to go when you want to escape the cold in winter, use FindRentals.com to find the perfect place to stay for your vacation. The site provides a full listing of the different places that are available for rent in the area where you may want to travel to.




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