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Bermuda Vacation Rentals
Rent privately owned villas, cottages and apartments or rooms in small hotels anywhere on the island. Fully equipped and furnished, all units have pretty gardens. Some are on the water; others have pools or ocean views. From $55US for single occupancy to $200US double-occupancy, with no taxes charged on privately owned property.

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Waterfront cottage vacation rental in Hamilton Bermuda
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1-Studio 1 BA
Vacation Rental Studio Apartment in New Warwick Bermuda
New Warwick
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1-Studio 1 BA
Vacation Rental Cottage in West Whale Bay Bermuda
West Whale Bay
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1&2 BR 1 BA
Vacation Rental House in Hamilton, Bermuda
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4-5 BR 6.5 BA
Somerset Bermuda Villa Vacation Rental on Cambridge Beach Bay
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5 BR 4 BA
Sandy's Parish Bermuda Estate Rental with 3 Private villas
Sandy's Parish
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12 BR 10 BA
Southampton Bermuda Apartment Rental
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1 BR 1 BA
Waterfront Apartment Rental in Sandys Parish Bermuda
Sandy's Parish
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2 BR 1 BA
St. Georges Bermuda Vacation House Rental
St. George's Town
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3 Bedrooms
St. Georges Bermuda Vacation House Rental
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2 BR 1 BA
St. Georges Bermuda Vacation House Rental
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2 BR 1 BA
Vacation Rental Cottage in Bermuda
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Studio BR 1 BA
Destination Information:
Bermuda – Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic

Regardless of what you've heard, Bermuda is nothing but sun, sea, pink coral sand, and of course Fun! The mystery surrounding Bermuda and its past is intriguing but visitors will surely love the array of activities, formal atmosphere, blue-green waters, and sub-tropical climate. Find a place along the shores of the Atlantic and book your very own Bermuda vacation rental home, cottage, condo, villa or apartment.


Somewhere from 1503-1505, a Spanish sailor by the name of Juan de Bermudez discovered the islands of Bermuda. It would appear on maps as La Bermuda as early as 1511, but had a frightening nickname, "The Isle of Devils." Spanish fleets seeking routes to the west brought back tales of terror, strange sightings, and mysterious storms, after being tossed, turned, and shipwrecked along the Bermudian reefs.

Bermuda would remain unclaimed until 1609 when Admiral Sir George Somers of England became shipwrecked on his quest for Jamestown, Virginia and claimed the islands in the name of England. He along with his shipwrecked crew explored the greater parts of the island which consists of 180 coral islands and islets, each with coral pink sandy beaches. This exploration led to the eventual colonization of Bermuda in 1612 and the Island was then named, Somers Island after Admiral George Somers. Today, Bermuda is still a territory of Great Britain and is heavily dominated by a British and Bermudian cultural mix.

Location & Climate

Many confuse Bermuda as part of the Caribbean, but the islands of Bermuda are actually quite isolated from the rest of the world. A 2 hour flight from New York will take you to your Bermuda vacation rental approximately 650 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Bermuda is barely a blip on the map being 15 miles long, less than 1.5 miles wide and covering 20.59 sq miles, but is packed with activities which will last you more than just a weekend.

There is much to be said about Bermuda with its beautiful and colorful vegetation, wondrous array of fauna, limestone caves, and incredibly consistent climate resulting from the warm Gulf Stream weather patterns. Those staying in Bermuda vacation rentals and vacation cottages will enjoy a sub-tropical climate year round with temperatures from 67°F in February to 87°F in August. Mild winters make ideal conditions for golfing, tennis and beach activities. The best weather for water sports is between the months of April and October. With no real rainy season and rarely a threat from hurricanes, Bermuda makes a perfect vacation rental destination.

Activities & Things to Do

Prepare yourself for excellent fishing opportunities with Bermuda fishing vacation rentals. World records have been broken off the coasts of Bermuda and avid fishermen can spend their days reeling in Blue Marlin, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonita, Rainbow Runner and Amberjack. There's excellent water clarity of up to 100 feet giving clear views of the sandy sea bottom and ancient shipwrecks which are usually within 80 feet of the surface. Dive and snorkel amongst shipwrecks, some dating back to the 15th century, and numbering close to 400. The average water temperature is 73°F/23° C, ideal for diving and snorkeling amongst the 650 varieties of fish.

Over 200 square miles of reefs surround Bermuda and those taking sailboat charters, snorkeling dives, eco-tours, and glass bottom boat tours, will love the array of colors and coral formations. Guests of Bermuda vacation rentals can get a taste of the Bermudian plant and animal life by visiting the Bermuda Aquarium, and National History Museum & Zoo. Walk from tank to tank and learn about the hundreds of species of fish and 4,500 different marine organisms.

Take a bus ride from Hamilton to Flatts Village near the opening to Harrington Sound and tour the North Rock Exhibit, an underwater museum with one of the largest exhibits for coral reef in the world. Bermuda also contains some of the highest concentration of limestone caves in the world as well. On boat, get awe-inspiring views by exploring the Crystal Caves or the Leamington Caves near Harrington Sound. Swim with the dolphins at the Bermuda Maritime Museum or walk on the scenic trails and footpaths of Spittal Pond Nature Reserve and observe up to 500 species of birds on 60 acres.

Those staying in Bermuda vacation rental homes may love the Botanical Gardens, open year round and home to over 1,000 varieties of plant life, spread out amongst 36 acres of gardens, cedar and banyan trees, fruit groves, hibiscus and a marvelous orchid house. For those who want to be hypnotized by a flowery aroma, check out the Aromatic Garden for the blind. There are no rental cars on the Island of Bermuda, just rental scooters, busses, ferry tours, and friendly and informative taxi drivers. Who needs a car anyway when there's romantic horse drawn carriages and horseback tours along the coast.

Bermuda is a fabulous mixture of modern activities among ancient relics and historical buildings. Bermuda was once home to ancient forts and homes built by the British and today 785 of those homes still stand. The area of St. George has been dubbed a "World Heritage Site" for its historic significance and authenticity. Other popular historic landmarks are the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton or the St. David's lighthouse which has been lighting the way since 1879.

Booking a Bermuda vacation rental means you have to visit the Royal Naval Dockyard, a once active base built in 1809 and used to fortify Bermuda during the War of 1812. Today it stands as a center for tourism and has been restored for entertainment and shopping purposes, complete with gourmet and ethnic cuisines, live entertainment, music, crafts, markets, cinema and a shopping mall. Other great shopping opportunities (which are tax-free) are to be had by those staying in Hamilton, capital of Bermuda and located smack dab in the center of the island near Hamilton Harbor. Look forward to events such as the International Film Festival (April) and Bermuda Festival (Jan/Feb), or sit down for a show at the local cinema. There are art galleries, craft studios, and 24 museums for the history buffs.

When you want to get away from it all, check out one of the many Bermudian beaches, some complete with lifeguards and restrooms. The best ones located on the south shore are more scenic than the northern counterparts. There are beaches for everyone and most are safe, unspoiled, and of course pink. Body surf, swim, snorkel, kayak or just sunbath with vacation rentals on Horseshoe Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, John Smiths Bay, Warwick Long Bay, Somerset Long Bay, and Elbow Beach.

Bermuda has the highest concentration of golf courses per square mile than anyplace in the world which makes the island an ideal place for booking a Bermuda golfing vacation rental. With 8 courses designed by world famous golfing architects, and golfing year round, you'll never want to leave.

Immerse yourself in history and activities and book a Bermuda vacation rental today!

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