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Hiking Guide for Beginners
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Types of Scuba Diving Holidays

By Deborah Nelson, VRTG Travel Writer/Publisher

Scuba Divers Near Over a Colorful Tropical Coral Reef.

Has the sport of scuba diving ever captured your interest and attention? Have you thought of taking scuba diving holidays? Scuba diving is one of the most popular water activities for both vacationers and sports enthusiasts. However, note that the sport of scuba diving is unlike free diving or snorkeling. Why? Because while scuba diving, you will carry a compressed container or air, which allows you to venture into the mysterious depths of the ocean. surprisingly, many forms of scuba diving are in play. Whether you scuba dive or not, you might find it interesting to know the various types of scuba diving holidays. Perhaps you will find a new one to try, and then base your vacation destination around that.

Fresh Water vs Salt Water Scub

Two forms of scuba diving exist—freshwater diving and saltwater diving. Generally, fresh water is colder than salt water and presents worse visibility due to the mud. However, salt water has a stronger current as well as a bit unpredictable. An instructor would know when the water is unsafe for diving, of course. Another distinction between salt water and fresh water diving is how you dive. In fresh water, you will take your dive from the shore wearing water booties; whereas in salt water a boat drives you to a diving spot.

The marine life also varies. Freshwater usually includes less marine life and they are usually shy once you spot them. However, saltwater animals tend to be less afraid, even curious, and make for an entertaining dive. Naturally, you will want to steer clear of the venomous marine animals. Thankfully, the fresh water is mostly clear of venomous animals. However, saltwater includes a few such stinging creatures, such as sea snakes and sea urchins.

Specific Types of Scuba Diving

In addition to freshwater and saltwater diving, you might try some other creative options for scuba diving holidays. For example, night diving is done at night and at a depth of more than 18 meters. Cave and wreck diving is for exploring different caves and shipwrecks just as their names suggest. On the other hand, open water diving often includes a lot of coral and colorful fish sightings. A unique form of diving--drift diving--uses the power of currents to drift the diver across the water with minimal energy. Clearly, this is a more artful form of diving. Finally, ice diving is, as the name implies, diving under the ice. This type of diving is not for the faint of heart--or those who dislike cold.

What form of diving appeals you the most? Are you ready for some underwater fun? Then, why not search for a Find Rentals vacation rental according to your preferred scuba diving option near appealing vacation homes. Ready. Set. Dive!

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