Hwy 127 Corridor Sale - World's Longest Yard Sale



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Visitors come from all over the country to take part in the worlds longest yard sale along Route 127.

Next date of this event TBD.
Venue / Location
Covington, KY to Gadsen, AL
Gadsden Alabama

Folks come from all across the country car, truck, motor home or plane to view this spectacular event. The original intent of the sale was to prove the back roads have something to offer, and that the interstate system was not the only mode for travel.  Whether it be majestic hills, beautiful scenery, river boats, railroads, toe tapping music, arts, crafts, horses, fishing, hiking, bits of Civil War or Indian history, there are many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and culture of the land along the 450 miles from Kentucky to Alabama known as Route 127.

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