Telluride Balloon Festival



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Telluride Balloon Festival

Soar into the Skies at The Telluride Balloon Festival

May 31, 2024 to June 02, 2024
Venue / Location
Telluride Town Park
500 E Colorado Avenue
Telluride Colorado

The Telluride Balloon Festival is celebrated each year during the first weekend of June, drawing balloon enthusiasts and spectators to this picturesque mountain town. This vibrant event has become a cherished tradition, captivating locals and tourists alike with its awe-inspiring displays of colorful hot air balloons.

For three days, the skies over Telluride are punctuated with the brilliant hues of balloons of all shapes and sizes. This festival not only showcases the technical and artistic mastery of ballooning but also offers a unique way to appreciate Telluride’s stunning natural landscape from a bird’s-eye view.

The Main Events: Dawn and Dusk Spectacles

The festival’s itinerary includes both dawn and dusk events that promise magical experiences:

Morning Mass Ascensions:

Each morning, as the sun begins to rise, dozens of balloons take to the skies in a mass ascension. This early event is perhaps the most spectacular, with the soft morning light illuminating the vibrant colors of the balloons, creating a dreamlike panorama. It's an unforgettable sight to behold, whether you’re watching from the ground or lucky enough to float gently above the mountain tops.


Perhaps the most enchanting part of the festival is the Night Glow event, referred to as the “Glo-Delight.” As dusk falls, balloon pilots ignite their burners, lighting up the balloons from within. This creates a magical display of glowing orbs that dazzle against the darkening sky. Set to a backdrop of live music and festival activities, the Night Glow offers an enchanting end to each day of the festivities.

More Than Just Balloons

The Telluride Balloon Festival isn’t just about breathtaking views. It’s a community event that brings people together for a weekend of fun and entertainment:

Balloon Rides:

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the festival offers opportunities for tethered balloon rides. These rides allow visitors to experience the thrill of ballooning without drifting too far from the ground, making it perfect for families and first-timers.

Educational Programs:

The festival also features educational sessions where visitors can learn about the science and art of ballooning. From the history of hot air balloons to understanding how they operate, these informational events are perfect for curious minds of all ages.

Local Festivities:

The Telluride Balloon Festival seamlessly integrates with the town’s local culture. Visitors can explore food stalls offering delicious local cuisine, enjoy live music performances, and participate in various activities organized throughout the weekend.

Exploring Telluride

The festival provides a perfect opportunity to explore Telluride, one of Colorado’s most charming towns. Nestled in a box canyon, Telluride boasts a mix of historical architecture, quaint shops, and inviting cafes. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the area's hiking trails, river activities, and even explore old mining sites.

Prepare for the Experience

Attending the Telluride Balloon Festival requires some preparation. Given the early starts for the morning ascensions, it’s recommended to dress warmly and bring layers, as temperatures can be quite cool at sunrise. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning visuals!

For the Night Glow event, arriving early is key to securing a good viewing spot. Bringing along blankets or chairs will make your evening even more comfortable as you watch the night skies come alive with glowing balloons.

Join the Festival!

The Telluride Balloon Festival offers an experience like no other—a weekend where the skies are painted with vibrant colors and the spirit of community is celebrated. Whether you’re a ballooning aficionado or simply looking for a magical experience, this festival promises memories that will soar in your heart for years to come.

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