Things To Do in the Charleston Area of South Carolina



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Things to do in Charleston Area South Carolina

Charleston Area South Carolina

Charleston has every right to be on the list of favorite cities for travelers. The city has a colorful history, interesting centuries-old architecture, thriving business establishments, a vibrant art scene, and lovely beaches. Everywhere you look there's that distinctive southern charm that will captivate your eyes.

Charleston, South Carolina is a city that will surely enchant your senses. It has a rich history and culture as well as beautiful places that you can enjoy and experience. If you need a one-of-a-kind vacation, you should visit Charleston. 

For people who want to have a city vacation, Charleston is the place to be. Here’s a list of the best places to go and see in the Charleston area. 

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The Battery and Whitepoint Gardens

The boulevard in Charleston Harbor was turned into a public garden in 1837. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, it was fortified as Battery Ramsey. The remnants of the war - cannons and mortars and a Confederate monument - are still standing in this park. 

Plus, there are the gorgeous mansions and homes of the city that add up to the appeal of the place. You can also stroll along the promenade and see the beauty of Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter. 


Old City Market

The Old City Market was built in 1841 and is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Charleston. Its architectural style was inspired by the Greek Revival movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The green ironwork trim and the red sandstone facade resemble that of a Greek temple. 

If you want to absorb the vibrant atmosphere of the city and shop for traditional food products and locally-made handicrafts, the Old City Market is the go-to place. 


Historic Churches

Charleston has several centuries-old churches that will surely take your interest. There’s the Cathedral of St John the Baptist with its neo-Gothic architectural style. It’s notable because of its majestic white marble altars, pews carved from Flemish oak, and attractive stained glass windows. 

Other churches that give you a glimpse of the city’s past are the St. Michael Episcopal Church, the French Huguenot Church, and the Circular Congregational Church. 


The Charleston Museum

The Charleston Library Society established the Charleston Museum in 1773 as a repository of the city’s rich history. You can see wide-ranging exhibits here, such as weaponry and tools used by Native Americans. There’s also a vast collection of items that trace back to the American Revolution and Civil War. 

You can also find Roman and Greek antiquities displayed in the museum. Plus, there’s Victorian-era silverware made by Southerners during the time, as well as historic textiles and needlework. 


South Carolina Aquarium

If you’re vacationing with your family, make sure to visit the South Carolina Aquarium. You won’t only find marine life here but also land-dwelling mammals, birds, reptiles, and plants. Day by day, the establishment puts on interactive shows that make it possible for visitors to see and touch rays and sharks. 


Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall is known as among the oldest plantations in Southern Carolina. It’s lined with moss-draped oaks that were planted in the 1740s. Today, Boone Hall still produces crops that you can purchase at its Farms Market. 


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens offered access to the public in 1870, making it one of the oldest public gardens in America. Its extensive Romantic-style gardens are sure to take your fancy and make you fall in love. 

There are guided tours and exhibits that you can participate in to fully appreciate the history and beauty of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. It’s perfect for family and friends. 


Map of the Charleston Area of South Carolina

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