Things to Do Dominican Republic's North Coast



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Taos Shortz Film Fest

Taos Shortz Film Fest
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Things to do in North Coast Dominican Republic

North Coast Dominican Republic

You can’t deny that the Dominican Republic’s North Coast is endowed with natural attractions. Both locals and tourists have countless things to appreciate and enjoy in this part of the world. The mountains, caves, beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, and rivers will surely make your stay in this place unforgettable. 

This part of the Caribbean nation introduces visitors to countless natural attractions that will make your stay memorable. Make sure to include the Dominican Republic’s North Coast in your travel plans and create lasting memories in this piece of paradise. 

Now, I made a list that can make your visit to the Dominican Republic’s North Coast more fun. These are activities that are suitable for solo travelers or visitors who are vacationing with family and friends. 

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Horseback Riding

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic provides ample opportunities for horseback riding. Whether you’re in the mountains or on the beach, you have the chance to ride a horse as several equestrian facilities allow you to rent one. 

The idea of horseback riding as the sun rises in the morning or the sun sets before dusk can be very picture-perfect or romantic. And, of course, horseback riding is a fun activity that everyone should experience. 


Visit the Waterfalls of the Damajagua River

The natural beauty of the North Coast can’t be overstated. The Damajagua River with its pools, labyrinths, and waterfalls is enough to make your jaw drop. You can find 27 waterfalls in the Damajagua River which invite visitors to swim, jump, and take pictures of this magnificent gift of nature. 

You can access this tourist attraction of the province from the main highway. You can join a guided tour in which you’ll be taken to the Damajagua River’s complex system of waterfalls. If you don’t have much time to visit the 27 charcos, there are guided tours that do half of them. You can also do horseback riding or ziplining in the area to make the most of your visit. 


Experience Dudu Lagoon & Cave

The Dudu Lagoon & Cave is a stunning tourist attraction in the town of Cabrera. This place has a small lagoon with clear greenish-blue water enveloped by cliffs. You can also find a cave with stalagmites and stalactites that add to the beauty of the place. For an adrenaline-filled visit, you can jump with a rope from a 10-meter cliff. 

It’s also advisable to visit the El Saltadero waterfall which is not far from Dudu Lagoon. You can safely swim in the pool under the cascades, and observe the lush forest surrounding you. 


Surf the Waves at Cabarete Beach

One of the beaches that locals on the North Coast take pride in is Cabarete Beach. Since the 80s, the waves here have attracted surfers in the Dominican Republic and from all over the world. You can do surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing in this part of the Caribbean nation. 

Surfing in Cabarete should be top of your to-do list when visiting the North Coast. If it’s your first time surfing, there are several surfing schools in the town like the Cabarete Surfcamp and Pauhana Surf School that will give you surfing lessons. 

I also recommend that you visit Playa Encuentro Beach for surfing. You can also do other water activities in this beach area. 


Hike Isabel de Torres Mountain

Mt. Isabel de Torres is an iconic mountain in the province of Puerto Plata. It stands at 2,600 feet overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding verdant hills, and beaches. On top of the mountain is a gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

There are hiking trails that lead to the top of Mt. Isabel. Hiking the famous mountain takes nearly 3 to 4 hours, but the views from the top are extremely rewarding. Along the way, there are various plant and animal species that you can find. 

If you don’t want to hike to the top, you can hop on the cable car. This is an option for the elderly and kids who want to see the wonderful views above Mt. Isabel de Torres. 

Map of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

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