5 Key Tips to Get the Best St. Barts Rental



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5 Key Tips to Get the Best St. Barts Rental


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Holidaying in St Barthelemy is fun, but you may not enjoy your stay if you don’t have a good rental property. St. Barts Island is renowned for its white sandy beaches and elegant ambiance. The outdoor activities in St. Barts may make you feel like you dont need a roof over your head during a visit. The real estate industry on this island is competitive and highly lucrative. Therefore, before you visit St. Barts, you should consider the type of rental property you want. 

To search for the right rental property that suits you, you may need the services of a realtor or real estate company. However, there are certain things you should consider before renting a property in St. Barts.

Location and View 

Aside from other factors, the location and view of the property should be among your topmost considerations. Although each part of the island offers a unique view, you can capture captivating activities in St. Barts if you want to rent a property. Some properties offer views of the lively beaches or activities happening in the city. Since you are in St. Barts for a vacation, renting a property that offers amazing oceanic views will be proper.

Size and Amenities

Ensure that the size of the rental property in St. Barts matches your needs. The size of the rental property will be important if you are traveling as a group or family. Choose a rental property in St. Barts with more bedrooms if you travel as a group. Also, ensure that the rooms are equipped with basic amenities. You can carry out a physical inspection of the St. Barts rental property before you pay for it.

Comfort and Luxury

The whole idea of a holiday is to enjoy comfort and some luxury. Holidaying in St. Barts is incomplete if you do not enjoy comfort, luxury, and elegance. Ensure that the St. Barts villas rentals you choose offers a well-designed interior, lavish bathrooms, and modern amenities. Furthermore, you can communicate your preferred design or preference to the real estate company.

Premium Services

One of the pros of renting a property in St. Barts is the premium services. Most St. Barts rental properties offer premium services such as a dedicated concierge service, private chef, security personnel, cleaning services, etc. These services make your vacation in St. Barts hassle-free and memorable. You will find these premium services in most luxury rental properties. 

Availability and Flexibility

If the St.Barts rental property doesn't align with your travel plans, you may want to search for another one. Also, ensure the rental property terms and conditions are flexible to allow last-minute changes. For instance, there could be delays in your flight, which may affect your travel plans. 


To enjoy the best rental property in St. Barts, you may want to contact a real estate company. A good real estate company in St. Barts will help you carry out a comprehensive search and find the best property for your holiday. St. Barts is a good place to visit for holidays, but ensure your rental property is booked before arrival.

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