Life Lessons Learned from Traveling Around the World


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Annual Chatham Harbor Run
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Nights Of A Thousand Candles
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Life Lessons Learned from Traveling Around the World

Things I Learned From Traveling Around the World

There is no better and more refreshing feeling than traveling to different places around the world. Staying at a single place throughout your life can be exhausting and may even lead to depression. The daily routine becomes the grind after a certain period. Doing something over and over again can destroy your motivation. That is where the need to travel comes in. But how can traveling change your life? Here are a few lessons that you learn when you decide to start traveling.

#1 The art of appreciation

Traveling makes you a better person. It brings out your real self, and you understand who you actually are and where you belong. During the journeys, you meet different people. Going around the world helps you realize how beautiful this world is. Even if it is for a short duration, traveling can strengthen your faith in humanity.

Moreover, once you visit developing countries like India, you are more likely to start appreciating the things you have and the way your life is. Seeing how many live will help you to take a new look at your life.

#2 Most places are safer than home

One might think that traveling to a new place is scary or insecure. However, it is the complete opposite. Travelers are barely knocked off in a foreign land. But, of course, if you do something stupid, there is nothing to back up this point.

#3 Treat your curious self

Living your life and carrying out the daily chores can become monotonous and tiring. You have a lot of things to worry about, which are surely crucial but don’t lead to the self-growth. You can learn a lot on the voyages. Being a tourist, you can explore new things and most importantly your own self. Curiosity is something that gets lost in adulthood and reawakens while being on a trip.

#4 There is no one to judge you

On your travels, you are with people who know nothing about you. There is no one to judge or point at you when you do something wrong. Roads and unknown territories are the places where you can be yourself without thinking about anyone else. You can dance in the rain or sing songs sitting in a park, gain new experiences that will make you feel happy when recalling them.

#5 Cherish the small moments

One might be rushing to meet deadlines, another might be planning strategies or trying to make someone happy. While doing all the daily chores, a person might forget what it is like to live every moment and cherish it. Things take time, and it is important to take a breath and stop for a minute. It is essential for one to live and enjoy the present and not to cry about the past or worry about the future. More often than not, you don’t see things clearly, but when you do, it is worth the wait.

#6 The beauty of diversity

The world of technology has made advancements to everything. People can now get information about every corner in the world without actually visiting it. However, the news, movies and social media don't really show how people from different countries are like. You don’t get to know about the places and races until and unless you get to see the whole truth. Explore various countries, different people, races, history and traditions. Traveling can show you how beautiful life is.

#7 Traveling isn’t expensive

Before you actually step foot outside, you might think that this trip is going to cost you a fortune. However, the amount you spend on a fancy lunch in your country is sufficient to live the whole day in a different country. If you are careful with your expenses, traveling around the globe can be cheap enough.

#8 Carry light

When you are on your journeys, be prepared to put on a single pair of jeans for at least 6-7 times. There is no reason to carry heavy luggage on your trips. Take a backpack with you and try to fit in all your clothes and necessities. Try to make your trip long and more pleasant with less luggage.

#9 There is nothing better than traveling alone

You might think that traveling alone can bring in a lot of safety issues. However, it is the complete opposite. By traveling in your own, you open a lot of opportunities for yourself. You can meet new people and travel to whichever place you want. You can eat any cuisine and sit by the beach or stargaze for as long as you want. There is no one to poke you or force you back to the hotel room. Travel alone, meet new people and see the world from different perspectives.

#10 Find out who you really are

Travel lifts you up from the daily alarms and reminders. You can ignore the daily emails and reminders on your travels to open up to the world. Start listening to your thoughts and do what your inner voice says. After all, it is your life that you are living in.

We all live in a time when travel has become easier and all the more necessary. Find out what really amazes you and the things that ignite your fuel. Take a break from the routine and give a whole new meaning to your life.

Bio My name is Alexia Wolker, I am a blogger and work as an editor. I have a Master's Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. I also help students with their literary assignments - articles, essays and summmaries of books

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