Golf Courses in Massachusetts



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Sailing Vacations 101
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Golf Courses in Massachusetts


Anywhere in the United States, you can find a golf course or two (or more) in every state and city. Massachusetts is a prime example of being one of the top destinations for golfers. This northeastern U.S. state has many golf courses where you can enjoy playing your favorite sport. 

Many of the golf courses in Massachusetts have interesting designs, spectacular scenery, and rich history that will make you want to play on them. So, if you love the sports of golf, it’s time to visit these golf courses in Massachusetts. 


Boston Golf Club, Hingham

If you’re looking for a more traditional course to test your skills, the Boston Golf Club should be on top of your list. The peaceful vibe of the place is sure to contribute to your good plays. There’s also a clubhouse where you can relax and rub elbows with your fellow golfers outside the field. 


The Ranch, Southwick

The Ranch golf course in Southwick is a challenging playing field with its crucial elevation changes, deep roughs, recurring obstacles, and narrow fairways. But the overall view of The Ranch is something like a paradise, boasting attractive lush greens and refreshing atmosphere. 

You can also find fancy restaurants and first-rate accommodations near the golf links if you want to try local delicacies or look for a place to stay the night. 


Taconic Golf Club, Williamstown

Golf Magazine ranked the Taconic Golf Club as one of the best public golf courses in the United States. So, if you happen to be in Williamstown, this golf course is worth a visit. 

The Taconic Golf Club is owned by Williams College. It’s a 109-acre rolling field with breathtaking scenery and lush fairways. Many players consider this golf course challenging. If you want to compete with someone, the Taconic Golf Club should be on your list. 


Templewood Golf Course, Templeton

The town of Templeton in Worcester Country has several golf courses to offer for any avid fan of golf. But the one that stands out among the rest is the Templewood Golf Course. 

You won’t only be delighted playing a round of golf, but you’ll also connect with Nature when you’re in Templewood. The beautiful trees and plants, as well as the wildlife that you’ll see in this golf course, are sure to give you a fantastic experience. 


Miacomet, Nantucket

Miacomet is the ideal golf course for golfers with different playing abilities. This golf course features 18 holes, and it’s the only course in Nantucket that’s available to the public. After playing, you can spend some great time on the dune-backed beaches in this secluded island off Cape Cod. 


The Captains Golf Course, Brewster

Pleasant atmosphere and a picturesque view are what awaits you at The Captains Golf Course. This amazing place for golfers is open through summer and fall seasons. But, since there are many golfers during this time, it’s advisable to make an advanced reservation. 

There are two golf courses in The Captains: The Starboard Course and The Port Course. For beginners, the Starboard Course is the perfect playing field. The Port Course, on the other hand, is most preferred by advanced players. 


Granite Links, Quincy

Just a two-hour drive from Boston, you can reach one of the most sought-after golf courses in the city of Quincy: the Granite Links. This golf course offers stunning views of the Blue Hills Reservation, the Harbor Islands, and the Boston skyline. 



If you love playing golf, you must try testing your golf skills on the best golf courses in the state of Massachusetts. Make sure to consider Granite Links, The Captains, Miacomet, Templewood, Taconic, The Ranch, and Boston Golf Club for a nice round of golf. 

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