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Exploring The Beauty Of Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, North Carolina

For those wishing to simply unwind from the stresses of modern life, the 'Moses H. Cone Memorial Park' which can be found on the 'Blue Ridge Parkway' in North Carolina (close to the town of Blowing Rock). The Park offers the perfect haven to simply unwind in magnificent natural surroundings. The Park had its genesis in the country estate which was established by Cone - a wealthy businessman whose fortune was based on the textile business. The magnate built the magnificent Flat Top Manor in 1901 on the grounds of what was to become his namesake Park. However, it was Cone's devotion to the causes of conservation and interest in the natural environment that resulted in the creation of one of the most attractive Parks in the region. Under his watchful eye, the 3,500-acre estate was planted with extensive stands of White Pine, as well as Hemlock hedges. Artificial lakes were built, stocked with trout and bass. An apple orchard with 10,000 trees was established. Accessing this wonderful beauty was made possible via a 25- mile network carriage trails. Today, the 'Craftsman's Trail (which the Cone's were said to have favored for morning walks) remains popular with those visiting the Park. 

The Park Today.

Today, the volumes of people visiting the Manor and the Estate has firmly cemented it as one of the most popular urban escapes on the Parkway. Those carriage roads established by Moses Cone today see more traffic than was ever the case during its long history. The extensive grounds have led to the recognition that the Park is the largest destination available to members of the public in search of rest and recreation in the Blue Ridge Parkway area.

The trails are now used for those who wish to enjoy the unspoiled natural surroundings of the Park while hiking or simply strolling and communing with nature. Horseback riding on the trails is also tremendously popular. During the winter months, cross-country skiing is tremendously popular. Although the majority of the visitors to the Park are residents of the area it also attracts tourists from across America - and even further afield.

The Southern Highland Craft Guild

The Manor house on the estate also is now also the headquarters of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Here visitors can browse handmade arts and crafts produced by local artists and artisans. Goods such as pottery items, jewelry, art glass, ceramics houseware, handmade clothing and much more are available for purchase. The seasonal craftwork demonstrations have also proven incredibly popular. The craft shop operates from April to November and features goods produced through a network of around 900 artisans.

Accommodation Options.

The choice of accommodations in and near Blowing Rock (which offers easy access to the Moses H. Cone Memorial Park) offers a variety of options to visitors. One of the most popular options is vacation rental. Visitors can choose from log cabins, bungalows, lodges, or enjoy the hospitality of private homes for rent. For those wishing to explore the area while enjoying the luxury and freedom of rental, a visit to is highly recommended. 

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