Kalispell Montana: The Gateway to Glacier National Park!



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Port Aransas Annual Sandfest
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Things to do in Kalispell Montana

Kalispell Montana

Kalispell is the heart of Montana's winter wonderland. Surrounded by majestic snow-kissed peaks and icy tranquil lakes, this gem offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration that make winter truly unforgettable. From the rush of downhill skiing to the peaceful solitude of ice fishing, Kalispell has an array of activities that will surely satisfy your thirst for excitement.

Kalispell in Montana is truly a winter paradise, offering an array of exciting activities for outdoor enthusiasts. While indulging in the splendor of the season, it’s essential to remember the importance of safety during your winter escapades. Always ensure you have the appropriate gear, check local weather conditions, and exercise caution to enjoy the magic of Kalispell’s winter wonderland fully. Let’s delve into some of the top winter activities. as well as, year-round things to do in and near Kalispell.


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Switchback Suites

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Things To Do in Kalispell Montana in the Winter


Kalispell is home to some of the most thrilling snowmobiling destinations in Montana. One of the notable locations is Blacktail Mountain. It has over 100 miles of well-groomed trails and breathtaking panoramic views.  

Flathead National Forest also boasts a vast network of trails amidst serene, snow-laden trees. Its lake, the  Flathead Lake, is also a must-see. It’s the largest natural freshwater lake in the country. Another option is the Stillwater State Forest. It’s known for its beautiful frozen waterfalls and scenic overlooks. 

For more experienced riders seeking a challenging adventure, Desert Mountain is an excellent choice. It boasts intricate trails and spectacular wildlife sightings. However, if you want a place offering a different experience for every level of rider, the Swan Lake Area has a mix of groomed and ungroomed trails.

Cross-Country Skiing

Immerse yourself in the stunning natural scenery surrounding Kalispell as you glide through its pristine snow-covered trails. Besides its serene beauty of winter landscapes, it also boasts an abundance of snowfall each winter, ensuring consistently excellent conditions for skiing. 

Moreover, Kalispell has a diverse terrain. From gentle slopes suitable for beginners to challenging backcountry routes for seasoned skiers, it has numerous cross-country skiing trails suitable for all skill levels. 

For example, Glacier Nordic Club is a popular destination at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course. It offers groomed tree-lined trails with varying degrees of difficulty, suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers.

For those who are up for a challenge, Izaak Walton Inn in Essex offers over 33 kilometers of groomed trails that are sure to test your skills. For a secluded skiing experience, Foy’s to Blacktail Trails, located in a beautiful wilderness area, is a good choice.


Snowshoeing is a type of hiking involving walking over snow with footwear that disperses the wearer’s weight over a larger area. This activity has roots in ancient practices. It was initially a means of survival for ancient tribes who needed to navigate through deep snow-covered terrains in search of food and shelter during harsh winters.

Now, snowshoeing has evolved from a necessary mode of winter transport into a popular recreational activity, appreciated for its simplicity, accessibility, and intimate connection with nature's quiet beauty during the winter months.

  • Kalispell is a good spot for snowshoeing. As mentioned, it has an abundance of snowfall, which is perfect for snowshoeing. It also offers picturesque, snow-covered forests and open fields that don’t only attract nature lovers but also other wildlife like deer and elk.  
  • One recommended spot is Lone Pine State Park, offering several miles of snowshoeing trails with breathtaking views of the Flathead Valley. The park provides the opportunity to explore dense forests and open meadows, making it great for all skill levels.
  • Herron Park is another fantastic destination for snowshoeing. This park features various trails suitable for beginners to advanced snowshoers. The trails are well-marked and offer awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains. 

Winter Kayaking

Kalispell provides breathtaking locations for winter kayaking. Its breathtaking natural beauty, characterized by snow-draped mountains, dense forests, and frozen bodies of water, offers an unrivaled backdrop for this winter activity.  

Besides its natural allure, Kalispell also boasts a welcoming community. Many local outfitters can provide proper equipment, including a kayak suitable for icy conditions and appropriate cold-weather gear, ensuring that even if you’re a first-timer, you can safely enjoy this exciting activity.

  • One recommended kayaking place in Kalispell is Swan River. Frozen over in the winter months, this river offers a magical journey through a winter wonderland of snow-laden trees and frosty banks. It’s a fantastic choice for a quieter, more intimate experience
  • Flathead Lake is also good. As mentioned, it’s a very big natural freshwater lake, so it can offer vast icy waters to explore. However, if you’re hesitant to explore a large area, try Echo Lake.  It’s a smaller lake located near the village of Bigfork. It’s also an excellent spot for bird-watching.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a great choice for animal lovers who enjoy winter activities. It’s also less invasive and more environmentally friendly than other motorized winter sports, making it a great choice for those who care about wildlife and nature conservation. 

Kalispell offers several dog sledding locations. Blacktail Mountain and Flathead National Forest are good places to go not only for snowmobiling but also for dog sledding. Both offer a unique opportunity to combine dog sledding adventure with some wildlife viewing. They’re also less crowded, perfect for a more secluded and intimate experience. 

Another great location is Whitefish Mountain Resort. The resort boasts well-groomed trails for dog sledding, and the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks are truly awe-inspiring. The resort also offers a luxurious experience with top-quality amenities and services.


Things To Do in Kalipell for All Seasons

Glacier National Park

The town of Kalispell is the gateway to Glacier National Park! Traverse the intertwining trails hand in hand, such as those leading to Hidden Lake or Avalanche Lake, both offering picnic spots with unforgettable vistas.

With its dramatic mountain backdrops and pristine lakes, Glacier National Park is full of scenic spots that create memories that last a lifetime. Stop by the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road or Bowman Lake for snapshots of Glacier's most impressive landscapes.

Flathead Lake

Less than a 15 minute drive from Kalispell and nestled in the heart of Montana lies a hidden gem called Flathead Lake. This enchanting lake boasts sparkling waters that mirror awe-inspiring landscapes. The beauty of this lake is unparalleled as lush pine forests and majestic snow capped mountains surround it. 

Map of Kalispell Montana

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