Vacation Towns of Los Cabos Mexico



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Vacation Towns of Los Cabos Mexico - San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas Los Cabos Mexico


Which Los Cabos Destination Is The Best To Stay For Vacation?  For the most part, many people think that Los Cabos is a particular city in Mexico. However, the truth is that it is a municipality with lots of towns and cities. And the most popular cities in Los Cabos are San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.  Both cities offer a good deal of luxurious accommodations. Thus, it can be stressful and perplexing to pick which one of the Los Cabos cities is best for you to stay in. The good news is that we’re here to help. Find out if San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination for your next vacation. 


San Jose del Cabo: Things Not To Miss

The following are things not to miss in the city:

●    Snorkeling
●    Whale-watching tours
●    Walking along the main square
●    Strolling the Art District

The best time to go to San Jose del Cabo is during the peak season (Christmas to Easter). Even if you do not like huge crowds, peak season is undoubtedly worthy if you’d love to watch migrating whales. 


Cabo San Lucas: Things Not To Miss

The following are things not to miss in the city:

●    Golfing
●    Whale-watching tours
●    Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park
●    Wild Canyon Adventure

The best time to visit the city is from May to June. During this period, the other tourists have already gone home. 



When you think of a beach destination, what is the one thing that comes to your mind? Well, the first thing that people think of is the beach itself. And when you compare the beaches or resorts in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, the beaches are undoubtedly different in almost all aspects. 

People go to the beach to relax, unwind, and be free from stress. So, if you are looking for a resort wherein you can chill and relax, then the beaches in San Jose del Cabo are perfect for you. 

On the opposite, you can head to Cabo San Lucas if you are looking for busy beaches. By that, we mean night parties and exciting water sports. 



According to some locals and tourists, San Jose del Cabo is ideal for couples and families. On the other hand, Cabo San Lucas is perfect for single travelers. And even though most people don’t agree with this, the truth is that there is no place in San Jose del Cabo for partying. 

But there are plenty of places for partying in Cabo San Lucas. So, if you are looking to hype your night while on vacation, take note that some of the best parties can be found in Cabo San Lucas. 



Surprisingly, locals or Mexicans love to visit or travel to San Jose del Cabo. On the other hand, international tourists prefer to go to Cabo San Lucas. In some way, Mexicans are reminded of Puerto Vallarta when they are in San Jose del Cabo. 

The service providers and staff of both Los Cabos cities are bilingual, and the food in both cities is more of traditional Mexican street food. 




Los Cabos is one of the popular beach destinations in Mexico and is best known for its amazing coastal resort area. It is made up of the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, including the twenty-mile stretch between them, usually dubbed as the Golden or Tourist Corridor. The cities are the perfect destinations for people who love peaceful waters, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful sceneries. 

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