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Things to do in Town of Nantucket Massachusetts

Town of Nantucket Massachusetts

About 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts near Martha's Vineyard, sits a small island named Nantucket Island. Meaning "faraway land," this island is so alluring it seems to be right out of a picture storybook. Nantucket possesses a tantalizing allure, such as told in the legends of mermaids and sirens.

Surprisingly, this beloved island more than quadruples in population during summer--up to 50,000 residents and visitors. Interestingly, the value of homes here rivals or beats average property values in The Hampton's. Would you like to know what makes Nantucket so appealing? Here is the answer. This romantic island getaway draws visitors to its charming beaches, rich art scene, and dramatic history. If you are specifically interested in marine wildlife and old island legends, Nantucket Island is an ideal vacation spot for you.


Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse Massachusetts.


Century-Old History

Known all over the United States, Nantucket’s beaches are beyond gorgeous. Adored mainly for the beach’s fine sand and varying waves, children are perfectly safe in these gentle waters. The waters are quietly dotted with boats and yachts for sailing and fishing--some host tours, classes, and expeditions. Be sure to check the wind reports before heading out into the waters.

One of the most interesting sights of Nantucket Island starts on the beaches. Ancient lighthouses decorate seascapes--each filled with more history than the other. Built-in the 1800's, these lighthouses protected sea-goers in the dangerous waters. Sankaty Head Light is one of the most popular lighthouses. Other well-known monuments on land include Oldest House--literally the oldest home on the Island. The Old Mill, however, is a smock mill from the 1700s--listed on the historic self-guided tour. Another stop is the Old Gaol, one of the oldest jails in America.


Marine Central

As mentioned, marine enthusiasts will have a blast at local museums. Nantucket is home to the Nantucket Whaling Museum. Originally, the Museum was a candle-making factory before whaling was outlawed in the 1860s. Local exhibitions portray the evolution of the whaling industry along with the legend of Moby Dick. Another family-friendly, yet incredible educational spot is the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum. This museum is dedicated to the Marines who died in nearby shipwrecks. Wander the halls, and explore the remains and legends of the sea. On the other hand, the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge is home to 16 miles of trails inhabited by different species of wildlife. Similarly, the Nantucket Aquarium is home to many aquatic species.


Nantucket Island Vacation Rental Homes Massachusetts.


Blossoming Culture

Nantucket is famous for its rich art culture. The Nantucket’s Dreamland Film and Performing Arts Center is one of the many local arts centers active since the 1800s. Watch invaluable films, opera, ballet, and partake in community activities. Take in a play at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket where shows play year-round. Be sure to visit Cisco Brewers for a nightcap to enjoy sparkling wines and beers. Then, wander the streets looking at the many paintings of local artists. Or, just relax listening to street music on the tantalizing little island of Nantucket.


Map of Town of Nantucket Massachusetts

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