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Christmas In Corolla

Christmas In Corolla
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Flea Fogger and Flea Bomb Reviews and Buyer Guide

Fleas are an issue that every pet owner wants to avoid or to get rid of as quickly and safely as possible. That is where flea foggers come in since they can get rid of the pests that run around your household as well as your pets’ skin. There is a market full of options to choose from that it can be daunting to narrow it down to the one that will do the best and safest job for your house and pets. We have narrowed it down to three that would be able to do wonders for your flea problem. 

But First... Buyer’s Guide

One of the first things you should do is research. Since there are so many flea foggers or flea bombs out there it is a good idea to make sure that the one you buy will do the job. You not only want something that is easy to use and kills the fleas but also something that kills their eggs too. 

The other thing to research is how the fogger interacts with the room that you plan to use it in. The fogger is a can that lets off a spray that can cover the area of the room. However, some foggers can give off chemicals that could end up contaminating areas of the room. This means that those parts cannot be touched or that you could end up killing your plants while targeting the fleas. One of the best types of foggers would be an unscented and dry one that will kill fleas while still making the room liveable. 

While looking for a fogger you may want to consider going for one that not only kills fleas but can also kill other pests that are loose at home. These can include spiders, moths, ticks, ants, or even mosquitoes to name a few. Why not kill two bugs with one can?
The size of the house, room, or garden should also be taking into consideration when looking at foggers. They can come in different sizes with different radiuses. Therefore, if you buy one that is too small for your area that you are targeting then it will not work as well. But if you buy a fogger that is meant for a big area and places it in a small room then you could end up creating more damage. 
One more aspect to keep in mind is if the fogger will have a re-infestation effect. This means that the fogger will stop insects from becoming adults for about seven months after being applied, depending on the brand/type you end up using. 


3 Best Flea Fogger Reviews

Hot Shot 20177 - 1 No Mess

Can get to most areas           
Kills other insects not only fleas
Creates a dry fog that can stay airborne to kill future fleas

Some types of insects can escape it
Can damage curtains and upholstery if instructions are not followed well

Hot Shot 95911 - Bedbug 

Re-infestation period of 7 months
It can get to a lot of areas such as bedding, carpets, upholstery, etc. 

Does not work well in large areas 

SC Johnson Wax 41654 Raid

Can kill eggs up to 4 months after use
Does not leave behind stains
Kills fleas quickly

Have to spray 3 times a day for 5 days
The can may become sticky if left open for a long time


Final Thoughts

Every situation is different and every house has its set-up. Therefore, you should research what would work the best for you and even speak to an expert to help you out. The best three that are on this list could do the job well. However, to be sure you may want to use them as a starting point to find the best of the best for your home. Pet-Friendly vacation homes have to be free and clear of fleas and please have your pets taken care of with flea and tick medicine or collars before you take your furry friend on vacation.

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