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How to Find Last-Minute Vacation Rentals

Learning the Art of Landing Last-Minute Vacation Rentals Steals & Deals

Are you searching for miraculously low-priced last-minute vacation rentals? Travelers search for last-minute vacation rentals because they expect a substantial discount. This is a good approach when negotiating price with vacation rental managers--as opposed to hotel reservationists who have no authority to discount. If you catch the right person at the right time, you may manage up to 50% off! Keep in mind that vacation rentals, whether last-minute or not, in general, are usually the best overall values for vacation stays, anyway, To learn the best strategies and ideas for landing those last-minute vacation rentals, keep reading.

What is Last-Minute, Exactly?

Try any where from one day to one week to one month out. Of course, the biggest discounts will be negotiated for the soonest times. Professional vacation rental property managers understand that a vacancy is a potential loss of income. They know that "something" is better than "nothing."

Vacation Rentals Versus Hotels

As the hospitality industry grows, key differences between hotel rooms and vacation rentals emerge. Depending on budget, preferences, size, and time--it is crucial to choose the best option. We compiled some factors to help select your vacation rental--whether last-minute vacation rentals or not.

Two Secrets to Landing Last-Minute Vacation Rentals

You may not like this first idea, but it does work. Get yourself registered on as many travel sites as possible, because they will send out last-minute travel deals. Start with our Travel Club Subscription. However, if receiving travel emails does not appeal to you, the next best thing is to search online for vacation rentals in your preferred area. The most important trick you need to use is to speak with the management company (or owner) directly. Also, we highly recommend renting from property management companies for a number of reasons (see Why Professionally Managed Vacation Rentals?).

First find your list of locations. Then search availability in those locations. If possible, be flexible with your vacation times. Now here's the difficult part. You' will need to call the vacation rental property manager to speak with them directly. Forget, email, texting, inquiries through third-part sites. Remember, this is last-minute! Contact them in person, directly! Once you get in touch with the property manager directly, use open ended questions. Give them a chance to make you an offer. Let them do the math.

Ask what they might have available as a last minute special? Ask them what is the best rock-bottom price they could extend ... if you booked today, or even, within 24 hours! This is highly motivating for management companies with vacancies. The hard part is that most of the vacation rental sites block the property manager information. However www.Findrentals.com does allow you to contact the VACATION RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGERS directly. To start searching for your last-minute vacation rental go to FIND RENTALS SEARCH now. Or, keep reading to learn more about getting the most value for your money on your next vacation .

Two Casitas, Santa Fe Vacation Rentals

Welcome to Two Casitas Santa Fe Vacation Rentals, Owner Wendy Kapp has been in business for over 15 years, our 50 unique vacation homes are located in Santa Fe's finest neighborhoods, only blocks away from The Plaza, our town’s historic center. Nearby are Canyon Road’s world-class galleries and restaurants; a short walk takes you to the newly modernized Rail Yard historic district. Only Two Casitas offers such a selection of exquisite Santa Fe lodging possibilities.

Travel Cost and Time

Travel expenses pile up fast. Yet, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars--even thousands. How? Choose either last-minute vacation rentals or simply select vacation rentals over hotels. By comparison, the average nightly rate for a vacation rental in New York City is $219.28 while a hotel in averages on a whopping $350.00. That is roughly $1000 extra for a week's vacation in a hotel. Similarly in Italy, an average vacation rental in Rome is about $180.51. However these prices can peak to $222.64 for a hotel room. Vacation rentals allow flexibility, whereas hotels generally charge you per night without question. A longer stay in a vacation rental property could very well include discounts and last-minute deals.

Also, consider the hidden costs of hotels. When renting directly from property owners, extra fees and tips for housekeeping, pool towels, internet, parking, are usually all-inclusive. Whereas, when checking out in a hotel, you may be hit with hospitality tax, room tax, phone call charges, room services, and other ghastly fees. Furthermore, factor in the price of eating out several times a day whether at the hotel’s restaurant, room service, or local diner. A vacation home generally includes a fully-equipped kitchen to help you save at least half on food. Therefore, staying in a vacation rental is a bargain over the same number of beds of a hotel, whether or not you book last-minute vacation rentals.

Beachside Getaway

Beachside Getaway offers the finest collection of vacation rentals on Hilton Head Island. You’ll feel right at home in one of our condo, villa, or vacation home rentals. All of our vacation properties offer the very best amenities ranging from private balconies, beach views, cozy fireplaces, hot tubs, heated pools, and more. Beachside Getaway has vacation rentals for all family members including our 4 legged friends.

Space and Location

The question of space is particularly an issue for large groups and families. Why spend on separate rooms and lack of proper amenities with multi-bedroom homes and villas available as vacation rentals? Although hotels offer suites, splitting the cost on a family-size vacation rental could average less expensive by 25-50%. Plus, savor the conveniences. Most likely, the home is built with several bathrooms, a large living space, and plenty of extra luxuries such as private game rooms and indoor gyms if you wish. On the other hand, remember vacation homes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether traveling with a spouse or alone, the options are endless. In the end, a hotel room will grant you about 325 square feet of space while a vacation home is over 1,300 square feet.

Location is another important characteristic. Here, hotels could offer a slight advantage through their closeness to certain attractions whereas a vacation rental, especially last-minute vacation rentals, might require a car. However, with proper planning, beachfront vacation rentals or vacation rentals near tourist spots are also easy to find. Furthermore, the quality of the experience could also increase since you control your time.

Life in Paradise

Providing Quality Vacation Rental Property Management in Port Aransas, Port Aransas is a seaside village that is small enough to be charming but big enough to be one of the 3 major beach getaways on the actual Gulf of Mexico Texas Coast. You can still drive/park on our beach, with a Parking Permit. We are the perfect vacation spot for families and singles young and old.

Vacation Rental Amenities

Undoubtedly, another perk of staying in a vacation home is convenience. When traveling with a large group or family, the costs of meals and activities could easily skyrocket while in a hotel. Nevertheless, vacation rentals offer the convenience of laundry facilities, furnishings, games, linens, and modern appliances. However, hotels often provide robes, slippers, sheets, and towels. Remember to check with your rental manager what is provided. Although, vacation rentals do a good job at providing high-speed WiFi, parking, movies, and other free entertainment.

Traveling with children and pets is also significantly easier when staying in a vacation rental--whether last minute or just a good a deal. Let kids and furry friends run free without stressing over disturbing neighbors. Avoid hotels, who restrict who you can bring. Vacation rentals often make sure all guests have plenty of space. Many will also provide children activities, pet-sitting services, and more.

Edisto Sales & Rentals Realty

Edisto Realty is a modern, full service realty company specializing in beach rentals and the sale of real estate for vacation, investment, recreation and retirement living. We can help you find a beach house escape where you can take your time and create family memories. We like to say that Edisto is where families come to play! Enjoy the Edisto Beach lifestyle, relax and renew your spirit on one of the best beaches in South Carolina.

Vacation Rental Variety

Your vacation is important. If you want to truly experience a getaway, live where you want to go. Stay in a lakeside cottage, a snowy mountain cabin, or an antique villa. Instead of worrying about the costs, make your vacation affordable and experience everything you have been dreaming about. In conclusion, while you are looking for last-minute vacation rentals, consider the value of vacation rentals, whether they are last-minute or not! If you want to search for discount vacation rentals go to our page of activities and interests, and do a specific search on out discount vacaation rental category.

Lakeside Rentals

Lakeside Rentals on Lake Gaston is a professional property management company offering you the best vacation home rental accomodations and quality service on Lake Gaston. Our Lakeside Rentals Vacation Rental Properties are located on both the Virginia and North Carolina sides of Lake Gaston shores. Our friendly and knowledgeable property management staff strive to make sure your vacation on Lake Gaston is enjoyable and memorable.

Coastal Condos

Welcome to Coastal Condos. Since 1991, Coastal Condos has served thousands of happy vacationers providing excellence in service, dedication and personal attention to each and every client. We have successfully created vacations memories and great times for families and friends, and we would like to serve you. Coastal Condos is home to some of the most luxurious oceanfront properties.

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