Bragging Rights and Luxury Vacation Rentals


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Boulder Colorado Travel Guide

Boulder Colorado Travel Guide
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Bragging Rights and Luxury Vacation Rentals

Looking for Luxury in all the Right Places

For some, vacations are all about bragging rights. Their goal is to see and do as many activities and see as many attractions as is humanly possible. For others, vacation means to do nothing. Do nothing, that is, except to soak up the warm sun on the beach sipping cocktails. Indeed, for others, vacation is all about social media--posting photos and journaling everywhere you go. And, for others, vacation is about location, location, location! Nothing short of Paris, Machu Picchu, or New York City will do. And finally, there are those who only want luxury, luxury, luxury. This article will answer many questions about luxury vacation rentals.

Luxury Vacation Rentals in NYC

One of the top locations for luxury vacation rentals is undoubtedly in New York City.  Since New York City is considered by many the financial and creative center of the world, you are likely to find some of the world’s top luxury vacation rentals in NYC. Notably, you will also find luxury dining in Manhattan, luxury boutiques on Madison Avenue, and luxury spas, golfing, and entertainment all over the city. One well-known luxury vacation rental specialist is the Lauren Berger Collection, who represents high end properties in Manhattan, The Hamptons, and even luxury vacation rentals in Europe. Her properties exude her distinctive clean, white, minimalistic luxurious style. Lauren Berger has hosted royalty and billionaires too high-profile to mention their names. Take our word for it, she welcomes anyone who values the ultra-luxurious above all else; and expects the services to match.

The Lauren Berger Collection (LBC) provides luxury residences for short or long term rentals in New York City, Connecticut, the Hamptons and over 200 luxury properties worldwide. Lauren Berger has been in the luxury hospitality business for over 20 years. The service at each property in the collection reflects Lauren Berger’s core philosophy: that is, meeting the unique needs of each guest with warmth and efficiency.

Luxury Vacation Rentals for Large Groups

However, not all luxury rentals are for billionaires. If traveling to a family reunion, the cost per person for a luxury vacation rental can be surprisingly affordable. Large groups could be part of a wedding party, church retreat, or corporate training event. With cost of ballrooms, meals, and rooms, a luxury vacation rental for large groups could offer significant savings over hotels. Most likely larger luxury vacation rentals can host up to 50 persons, and includes presentation equipment, gourmet kitchens, and dining areas.  For these events, you may expect to find luxury vacation rentals with chef, luxury vacation rentals with staff, and even luxury vacation rentals with a private pool. As you shop, be specific in all your needs to get exactly what you want and need.

Search for Luxury near Attractions

If your vacation is geared towards attractions, you might search for luxury vacation rentals near Disney, for example. Feel free to use our search engine to type in such search terms as “Luxury vacation rentals near Orlando,” or “luxury vacation rentals for cheap” or even “luxury vacation rentals for large groups” to find what will best suit your needs. Or, maybe browse through the Find Rentals Ultra Luxurious Section to serendipitously stumble on the perfect place.

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