St. Martin Island: Five Reasons to “Just Say Yes”



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Deadwood Jam
by Anthony Vaarwerk

St. Martin Island: Five Reasons to “Just Say Yes”

The Unique Culture & Cuisine of St. Martin Island

St. Martin Island is located in the Caribbean 300 kilometers east of Puerto Rico and is possibly one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. One the unique aspects of St. Martin is that the Island is half French and half Dutch owned and named as Martin/St. Maarten. St. Martin Island is 40 square miles, with a population of about 80,000 people.

Below are the 7 top reasons to Just Say Yes to Visiting St. Martin:

1. The US Currency and English Speaking

St. Martin and St. Maarten offers a combination of European/Caribbean culture with American comforts. Still foreign enough to be exotic, the most common currency is US which is accepted on both sides of the island. ATM machines can be found everywhere, both on the Dutch and French side. Most ATM card systems common in the US and Europe are accepted, therefore it is not necessary to bring large amounts of cash to your vacation. Confusion created with exchanging monies and overpaying due to not knowing the value of the currency is eliminated. Major credit cards are widely accepted. English is the most common language and the US-Dollar the most usual currency.

2. Best Beaches

With some of the most beautiful and plentiful beaches in the world, you can’t miss St. Martin Island if you are a beach lover. Most marinas offer all duty-free prices, making cruises, Yachting and boating adventures available for those who love to be on the water. Beach options from popular to remote are plentiful for those who love to be near the water.

3. Most International Island on Earth

 This small Caribbean Island is only 37 square miles, but is home to the French Nation of St. Martin and the Dutch Nation of St. Maarten. It is estimated that this island is also second home to over 80 nationalities. This makes for an interesting mix of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

4. Friendly and Safe

This island is to be enjoyed and explored, and it is considered one of the safer islands in the Caribbean. Consider renting a car to fully explore and experience St. Maarten/St. Martin and its friendly people.

5. Best Dining

Known as the Caribbean Gourmet Island, the culinary delights to be tasted on St. Martin Island potentially make St. Maarten/St. Martin a culinary world leader with its wide varieties of restaurant venues. If you love food, try some of the best French gourmet faire, but explore other tastes as well.

 There are many more reasons to make St. Martin Island your next travel destination but if you are looking for safe, beautiful, relaxing, international, unique, exotic, tasty, and drama free, St. Martin is a great choice. And if you need St Martin vacation home accommodations see Find Rentals top selection of vacation homes on St. Martin Island.

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