Tips for Writing a Vacation Rental Listing Description


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Tips for Writing a Vacation Rental Listing Description


Essential Tips for Writing an Engaging Vacation Rental Listing Description for Travelers

Much is said about how to have pictures of amazing properties in vacation rental ads to generate more bookings from travelers. After all, images can make the difference between desire or disinterest in accommodations in a matter of seconds. Parallel to this, the property description also needs to be strategically thought out by hosts, owners or administrators of the short-term lease. The way a listing is written is directly related to the performance of the house or vacation property in question. Ideally, the rental listing description should be complementary to the photos, in addition to being assertive, persuasive and informative. In order to help you creating or editing the listing description of a rental property for travelers, we highlight 7 essential tips below:

1. Start a Draft

The best property listing description will not come out at first. It isn’t simple to summarize so much information and still make it available in an attractive way to the traveler. So, open a notepad and draft until you get the final version, which you can then transfer to the ad editing platform you’ll be using.
Start by listing in the topic the main data you want to be present in the listing: location, property size, etc. Then, just let the ideas flow. Remember that writing is a trial and error process, in which you can always improve the final product.

2. Write the Listing Description for a Target Audience

A listing that delights families with children is different from one that catches the attention of business travelers. A very common mistake that administrators usually make at this stage is to write the description generically or highlight information that sounds good to them alone, but they do not keep in mind the future traveler staying at the property. Take into consideration what your target audience wants to know. Review the questions you have already received in private about the property and include the answers to the main questions in the text.

3.  Go Easy on the Adjectives 

Don’t exaggerate the adjectives when writing the listing description for a seasonal rental. Focus on the information, especially the information that the photographs cannot communicate. Let the images do the compliments.
Remember that not everyone shares the same aesthetic sense as you, in addition to the fact that the notions of “spacious” can be relative depending on the culture of each visitor.

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4. Be Specific, Objective and Reliable

Consider describing the reasons why the space you’re renting is so incredible. 
In addition to being specific, you also need to be objective, because not everyone reads the listing description until the end. So, the more concise the text is, the better.
Another key tip is related to reliability. It is useless to point out that the apartment has a sea view if the view that can be seen from the balcony is tiny. Don't risk contradicting yourself in relation to the photos, or even having a negative review due to the disappointment of the visitors.

5. Use “Active” Language

Write the listing description as though you were talking to future guests. An active voice has the power to speak directly to people, in addition to being more attractive and persuasive. 

6. Pay Special Attention to the Title 

One of the most important parts of the listing is the title, which is where the property description begins. Try to summarize as much as possible the idea you want to convey, combining both the property, the experience provided and the destination.
Don't forget to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to the headline to ensure that your listing is well ranked on Google. To do this, think about how your target audience would search for a property like yours. Highlight the keywords, especially those related to the type of property and location.

7. Ask Colleagues to Review the Listing Before Posting

When you think you've finally come up with a good listing description, ask someone to double-check it. After a while writing a text, it is natural that we stop seeing errors. In this sense, another look can be essential to ensure that your listing is complete and, indeed, appealing to travelers.

Once this is done, transfer the draft text to your own vacation rental website and offer an additional unique description for other websites you work with to advertise your property!

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