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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Apartments and Villas in Dubai for Rent or Purchase


Villa or apartment? What property is the most suitable for rental in Dubai?

The villa segment has gained traction in Dubai of late. Foreigners are eagerly buying this property for investment and living in the Emirates. On the other hand, there are apartments in Dubai Hills that have been proven over the years. The source, Ax Capital, will tell you how to choose the proper housing in Dubai.


Important Considerations of Choice 

Before making a choice in favor of certain option, it is necessary to compare their features. 

1. Rent Price 

Estimate the acceptable rental charges you can deposit regularly. Budget is the most critical value in choice and decision making. As a rule, villas are more expensive than apartments. For example, a 3-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina costs from AED 75,000 on average annually. Rent of a 3-bedroom villa costs from AED 89,000 annually at least. The value may vary depending on the district and the specific building.

2. Place 

The place of property is one more thing to refer to when renting apartments or villas in Dubai. The choice of properties may be reduced in some districts of Dubai. As, for example, in the Bur Dubai district. Apartments are mainly sold here, a villa is almost impossible to find for rent here. 

Though, other communities such as:
●    Palm Jumeirah;
●    Jumeirah Village Circle;
●    Dubai Silicon Oasis.
- provide an extensive list of both apartments and villas.


Housing Service Charges 

What is more preferable for rental in Dubai - a villa or an apartment? Consider the supplemental charges for the property upkeep in the decision-making process.

You will have to pay not only the rent yearly, but also supplemental charges. The expenses on villa maintenance is higher priced than an apartment, and the higher the cost of a property, the more expensive it is to maintain. In particular, it depends on the area. Tenants of a large housing space pay more for the indoor and the outdoor cleaning. Apartment tenants do not incur such expenses. 

Consider as well that DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) or utility bills will also be higher for villas, especially during the summer season when a lot of water is necessary to irrigate the lawn and fill the pool. Villas may have heavy charges for various benefits as well; for example, the DEWA linking-up security deposit for a villa is AED 4,000 and for apartments is AED 2,000.



If you are considering a villa and an apartment in terms of which one is the best for living in Dubai, you need to look at your lifestyle. When considering these types of properties, it is necessary to decide if your preference is the privacy of the territory and freedom of movement or access to the city center. Dwelling towers are usually built in central districts and closer to entertainment and commercial centers.

Villas are mainly placed in dwelling districts or cluster home communities, distantly from shopping malls. On the other hand, villas are perfect choice for families with children, as they provide a quiet environment for the upbringing of the younger generation. 


Buying property in Dubai 

Start looking for a dream property today at Ax Capital! The skilled professionals in the Dubai property market will assort some variants by reference to your considerations and facilitate safe purchase and sale.


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