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I have had virtually 100 per cent occupancy using

Jamie is a true pro at networking for superior results in assisting clients with their property for the real estate rental market on the internet.

I have had virtually 100 per cent occupancy using and her accessibility for questions, advice and strategy in the ever evolving market place has been invaluable to me personally over the years. I have reduced my marketing costs to next to nothing and now have 24/7 coverage nationwide and have accomplished higher rental rates due to expanded global coverage and strong focusin this niche market place.

Jamie is very thorough, personable, reliable, innovative and most knowledgeable in this market place and knows how to assist client to not only achieve your goals but exceed them.

I would highly recommend this very reputable person to work with you on your real estate needs.

Rob Santa Maria
"Client of 10 years"

[ Lakefront House on Lake Erie ]

I am pleased to continue advertising with you...

I want to thank you and your staff for always making it a pleasure to deal with you. I have used to advertise my home in the Poconos for the last 8 years, when it was built for me.

I not only was satisfied with your website, but also your customer service. I think the best thing I could say about is that although I was listed on many other vacation rental sites, this has by far been the one that brought me the most renters.

I feel that I no longer need the other sites since I have taken a total of all the renters from each site and none came close to I am pleased to continue advertising with you and look forward to many more rentals thanks to you!

Poconos, Pennsylvania

[ Towamensing Trails House ]

A great investment for our company...

Hi David, has been a great investment for our company.David is wonderful!

LaJuan Kennedy
Folly Beach, SC

[ ]

Best investment we have made...

This is the best investment we have made. You're doing a great job.

Pat, Brenda, and Mike

[ The Savannah House Inn on Seneca lake ]

Looking forward to continuing my relationship...

I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to Jamie for her courtesy, consideration and handling of my listing with FindRentals as if it were her own. She understands my issues and recommends solutions as a true professional. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with Jamie and my success with your service. From my perspective, she is a tremendous asset to your service, and extremely valuable to achieving your overall business goals.

Bill Seno

[ Luxury Vacation Rental in Scottsdale, Arizona ]

I am speechless...

Dear David, I am speechless. Thank you SO VERY much for the time and effort in making this beautiful listing for me. I feel very lucky to have met you. I L O V E everything you've done and it's much more than I ever expected. I would love to return the favor one day. Maybe you could go and visit the property you are advertising and I can return the awesome deal to you? You are always invited.

There are no words to express my gratitude for you David. I am truly the most grateful customer you'll ever have. I am so excited.....


[ Vacation Condo Rental in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii ]

Find Rentals is a wonderful company...

Thank you, Beverly. I explained this situation to Jaime yesterday by phone and she was very helpful. Find Rentals is a wonderful company - you take very good care of your clients and you feel like family! Thank you!!!

Warm Regards,
Winton Wood

This is superb...

Chris and Ray, This is superb! No joke, you guys did a fabulous job.
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[ The Vacation Company ]

Long and productive relationship...

Dear Ryan,
I wanted to thank you personally for the work you've done on my behalf to make my property rentals as successful as they have been. Not only have you made the sites incredibly easy for me to manage but I have received numerous inquiries and multiple listings have resulted on each of the properties that I have on the Find Rental website. The website that you orchestrated for me has been fantastic. It also is very intuitive and easy to be used as well as easy for clients to understand and move around. This also has increased my bookings.

Without your help I I would continue to b struggle to rent my properties. Your nearly instant accessibility along with your insights to both the market and my needs have sold me on Find Rentals. Thank you for all you've done for me. I look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Sincerely yours,
Bob Griffin

Success of any company...

Hi Tony,

Had the opportunity to work with Jamie today and it is only fair that I let you know what a pleasure she is to deal with. "Tings" happen, bugs appear out of nowhere...that's life. In this case, nothing serious....a photo wouldn't display and a couple of other tiny wrinkles presented themselves. Called the 800# (BTW, thankyouthankyouthankyou for having a contact # AND live peeps answering). Jamie answered promptly and pleasantly, listened to the issue, clicked her way through it, reconfirmed what was needed (um, what I wanted), then resolved it all very promptly. In a competitive service business, having helpful, knowledgeable, confident, accountable, pleasant folks on the front line is critical and absolutely key to me. A little of my background so you understand why I recognize and appreciate Jamie's abilities..... I spent 30 years with a large well known communications firm. Started as a service rep, moved on to training service reps, then into systems development, new product development, and finally ended my career as the product manager for the largest revenue stream and most profitable product line. All along the journey and up the old ladder, I never forgot my service rep experience and just how vital a role the front line, folks like Jamie, are to the success of any company. Jamie is a stand out, a valuable member of your firms team. I know you'll want to add your voice to mine in thanking her for a job well done, very well done!

Sunny Regards,

Very helpful and very efficient...

Hi Dave,

Out of the 88 inquires, 11 booked. Thanks for everything.

To date I have enjoyed our working relationship and feel I have definitely gotten value for my money. All the staff have been very helpful and very efficient.

Thank you,
Tremblant VIP Lodging

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I recommend Findrentals as the best site to advertise vacation rentals...

We have been in the Beach Vacation Rental Business for the last three years. We are on several sites however FindRentals is my favorite place to advertise our homes. I link all my inquiries from other sites to my Findrentals listings because of it's ease of use for vacation hunters. There are so many areas of their site that are great.  I like it that I can add my information and load my photos without waiting a week for approval before my listing becomes active. I also am able to change my information and it is instantly  available to vacation searchers.  The easy link to the unlimited photo slide show, the location maps and  viewing my other properties has increased my bookings. I love the whole set up, the people at FindRentals seem to continually meet my needs before I even ask. The customer service is amazing!  My emails are answered right away and there are real people to help you on the telephone, which has not been my experience with the other website advertisers. I recommend Findrentals as the best site to advertise vacation rentals. Thank you to Tony, Fred, Nikki, Jamie and everyone at FindRentals for the fabulous job you do.

Ted and Margaret O'Neill
O'Neill Homes Beach Rentals
Port Aransas, Texas

This has been fun working with you...

Gary, I am loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are really are prompt, positve and doing wonders.The calendar is perfect!. This has been fun working with you and thank you for your patience.


[ #47013 ]

I am extremly grateful...

Jamie, Thanks so much for taking the time to help me with our Find Rentals site on your day off.  I am extremely grateful for your expert assistance.You are a treasure.  Thanks for all your help.


[ #12132 ]

You do a great job...

Hi Jamie, thanks so much. You do a great job!!! I have used VRBO and some other rental sites but Findrentals always produces more renters for us. Thanks for your quick response. You have a good customer here!

Robert Stark
General Manager

We love the site...

We love the site, I loved working with Nikki, she was great! Thank you!

Melise Harris
Gulf Shores, AL

[ Harris Properties ]

You are a treasure...

You are a treasure. Thanks for the speedy reply. Hope all is well with you. You are continuing to do well with your great website.

Warm regards,
Amelia Island

[ #12132 ]

You personally rock...

I know that you guys are smaller than VRBO, HOMEAWAY and some of the other vacation rental sites, but you personally rock! Thanks a lot for the initiative.


Thank you...

Good Morning Ray,
I hope all is well with you and the folks at  I recently received a flood of guest inquiries which is great!  Thank you.


You are always accommodating...

I am not complaining – I love your site!!  And you are always accommodating Beverly!  Thank you!  I get the great majority of my rentals from FindRentals and VRBO....strong sites!!


Thank you for a great site...

OK.  Thank you for getting back to me.  I did not read that new bill carefully when I received it.
Thank you for a great site!  Two great sites now!!!


[ #12716 ]

Thank you so much...

Thank you so much! I had many hits this weekend and got two bookings, we still have quite a bit of availability in Tranquility , The Haven is closing in , 4th of July still available for both. I let the owner know how much this site helped in our advertising. Thanks again, keep in touch, when I get to over flow I will take names and forward them to you.


40 new leads...

I had my property with the pool listed with Findrentals the past 2 years and it has brought me in about 10 rentals which equates to $25K. I was also able to give my neighbor my over bookings which totaled 6 renters. I was also able to get at least 40 new leads that are valid.

David Esposito

[ #8682 ]

Keep up the good work...

I have been a licensed REALTOR at Siebert Realty in Virginia Beach, VA since 1986. Being in this business for 23 years, I've had the opportunity to deal with many advertisers along the way. I am writing today to let you know how pleased I have been with We first signed up with your company back in its "infancy" and, over the years, have been pleased to see how you've grown and evolved into one of the top travel sites on the Internet. You've continued to enhance your site, as well as broaden your advertising options to managers, giving us an array of marketing tools and campaigns from which to choose to best target our services. The ongoing improvements to your site have resulted in better leads and increased traffic to our site at

Facts and figures aside, I can't say enough good things about how your organization is run and how easy you are to dealt with. Customer Service is paramount in the vacation rental industry, and the same rule applies when dealing with a good reputable Internet business. It's been a joy working with you, and I appreciate how you stay in touch with me through a personal phone call, and not a generic renewal email like most other businesses. I also appreciate how you keep me abreast of any new advertising opportunities that come along. Thank you again for everything and keep up the good work. I look forward to dealing with your company for many years to come!

Kathy Frierson
Siebert Realty Marketing Director
Virginia Beach, VA

[ ]

Has increased our volume of summer & winter rentals substantially...

Find Rentals listings has increased our volume of summer & winter rentals substantially! The position of our listed properties immediately grabs the prospective vacationer(s) from all over the world; this gives us the first opportunity to discuss their vacation needs and work at making their vacation perfect. The ability to keep our listed properties up to date through owner log-on and the immediate showing of changes made keeps us in the flow with the surrounding market. The availability of our summary reports through Find Rentals website keeps us up to date on the amount of "hits" each of our properties has received. Thanks to Find Rentals we look forward to increasing our rentals again in 2009!

Roberta "Bert" Volkmer
Booking Agent
Wynnhaven Properties, Inc.

I have booked $6,800 worth of rents...

I just started working with a new on-line rental company that handles several markets including Ellicottville and Chautauqua. They charge one fee to be on thier site and you get the inquiries direct. In 30 days, I have booked $6,800 worth of rents for my one property. I perdict that we will double that figure by the end of March.

You might want to talk to him about your place on Lake Chautauqua if you want to rent it out.

Drew Cerza

Keep them coming...

I’m glad to inform you that we booked and close this lead , they took 5 studio apartments ID 1038 for 1 week for next June! We still working with other clients I’ll let you know as we close more deals. Keep them coming, we’ll take good care of them, thanks,


[ #31296 ]

Thank you...

Thank you, Jamie.  By the way, we have already received a few inquiries for our rentals.


[ #32916 ]

Our satisfaction with

A good time to express our satisfaction with and moreso with you, Anthony and Eric. All of you have gone above and beyond for

Happy Holidays,
Tony Kin

[ Book The Jersey Shore ]

We have been pleasantly surprised...

Since we listed on Find Rentals, we have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly we began getting leads. In the first week we received several leads, and this is while our listings were still under construction! We look forward to a promising relationship with Find Keep those leads coming, guys!

Stephanie V.

[ Eden Crest Vacation Rentals, Inc. ]

You guys and gals are great...

Thanks for letting me know but Steve sold the property last month. I hate it because I really got results from your website. Thank you. You guys and gals are great! I appreciate it!

Thanks for everything,

You guys are awesome...

Thank you. You guys are awesome with customer service! East Stroudsburg or Mount Pocono are the next biggest cities. Thanks again.

David J. Henon

[ #27943 ]

Good character and integrity...

Dear Findrentals,
During my first year of membership I received several inquiries along with the largest booking for the last 7 years of my rental service. The booking was for a family of 4 for 6 weeks from out of State and accounted for over $10K in gross rental revenue. I find most of the inquiries from Find Rentals are from people with good character and integrity.

Thank you.
Minnesota, USA

You really have the best customer service...

Aloha Adam,
Just a note to thank you and the Find Rentals staff for all the help in putting together my Find Rentals listing. It's a pleasure being able to call your office and speak with a real person and right away. You really have the best customer service in the vacation rentals listing business.

Thanks again
A. J. Di Mauro

[ #20400 ]

Nice addition to my internet listings...

Thank you SO much, Jamie! I just did a little text editing to my listing - changes not mentioned on your source material - and found it so easy to do, thanks to your wonderful directions. The site is classy and easy to navigate - I'm glad I took a 'chance' on the phone call I received from you. I had second thoughts after I hung up, but they're all gone now! I think will be a nice addition to my internet listings and look forward to my first 'hit'.

Pinecrest Cottage and Gardens

Thank you for your honesty, hard work and excellent customer service...

We at "By The Sea Vacation Homes" would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Find Rentals Sales Representative and Technicians for the very nice work you so promptly conducted for our company upon us signing up with you. We were much impressed with the professionalism of the Content Manager John Paul who we worked with us on our advertisement and we were never at anytime pressured to make a quick decision. Once our decision was made we were amazed that within 24 hours our company logo was on the site and following came our vacation properties posted also. We want to encourage other companies to partake in this wonderful service and it certainly has created a swirl of activity for our business. We will be with you for years to come. Once again we thank you for your honesty, hard work and excellent customer service!

All the Staff
Seaside, Oregon

[ By The Sea Vacation Homes ]

Such excellent employees...

Hi Adam, just wanted to thank you for your help. I am looking forward to seeing what my website is going to look like. Please make sure that you mention to Eric - that I truly thank him for all his help and doing business with Findrentals. Findrentals is very lucky to have such excellent employees working for them. Enjoy your holiday weekend and hope to hear from you soon.

Mary Colon-Nolasco
Pocono Vacation Rentals


Hi Anthony, Look at this, the second Findrental request, first Findrentals booking!!!!!!!!!!!! Jahoo!!!

You are doing well...

Hi Anthony, Findrentals membership has been paid of. You are doing well. The application is getting on well. Still thinking of how we should work together, but if you come up with a nice idea, please don’t hold back. Did you receive the logo’s?

Speak to you soon,

[ ]

A great asset to our company... has been a great asset to our company!
The staff is very helpful and responsive. The results have been great and I really like how they are innovative with their marketing. We definately get our name out there and are much more visible by using

Jonna Kandolin

[ Deadwood Connections ]

I wish you much success & growth this year...

Hi Tony,
I just booked 5 consecutive weeks in "high season" for Summer 2007 from mylisting on your site! Yeah! Since I have been known to call you all with "Why hasn't this been done?" and "Why can't I find this on the site?" questions, I thought you might like some good news! I certainly have no excuse not to renew for another year & I will do so! I am getting a ton of hits from the new "HomeAway" program that Great Rentals has started BUT I haven't rented 5 weeks from it! Additionally, I think that your site is easier and faster to use & update and I really appreciate that you easily & openly allow (and encourage!) the option to add our own Virtual Tour Links which we HAVE created and added to our listings (#12225 & #11519). Thank you very much! I wish you much success & growth this year!

Lorie Wiebrecht

Thank you for all your help...

Hello Eric,
Thank you for all your help. We will continue to do business for a long time.


[ ]

I was very impressed with your professionalism...

Hi Anthony, Brent here my wifes friend has rented a place in Mt. Tremblant Quebec and asked if we would join them. I was very impressed with your professionalism with your rental. Sorry we could not make it happen this year! I will keep your # for the future.


Greater results than we ever anticipated...

Our rental agency has seen much greater results than we ever anticipated. We were a hard sell, but Fred actually came to our office and we’re very thankful we partnered with The number of hits keeps increasing and we’re very excited to see them increase even more. We get calls all the time from competitors wanting us to “subscribe,” but I always immediately say “Nope, sorry…we’re very satisfied with…no need for another.” It’s been 10 months and we’ve had over 20,000 hits (on about 30 properties).

Amanda L. Grover
Diversified Rental & Property Management

Great addition to our marketing mix...

Findrentals has been a great addition to our marketing mix. Their flexibility and constant innovation of their product helps keep us on the leading edge of vacation rental marketing. I would highly recommend to be included in any vacation rental marketing program whether you have 1 property or 200.

Mathew Conn
Low Country Realty & Rentals
Hilton Head Island Realty & Rentals

[ ]

You are wonderfu...

Thanks for the months and for taking my call a few weeks ago and helping me update my site.

You are wonderful,
Margo Vincent

Thanks again for your excellent service...

Thanks for your continuing excellent offering at We are pleased with your site (we are listing #11613) and have been listed with you for several years. Thanks again for your excellent service...


I attribute his $10K booking to Findrentals...

I own and occupy an upper scale home in Northern Minnesota. Through Findrentals I have recieved several qualified leads. The renters contacting me were fewer than other listing services but far better quality. Even though a renter that contacted me last Winter had been to my neighborhood before, I attribute his $10K booking to Findrentals! The listing service provides a user friendly interface for dealing with copy and photos that allows property owners to quickly update their sites.

Best Regards,
Jeff Gearhart

It's all working out...

Let me tell you that I have received tremendous business from your site and I am glad it's all working out.

Cheers from NYC,

Long and prosperous business relationship...

I took the opportunity yesterday to modify my listing, and I just wanted to tell you that I think your system is easier to use than all the other vacation home web portals I advertise on. The system is very intuitive, and I like that I was able to easily make all my changes in the same web browser, as opposed to having to keep clicking on several different tabs, etc. The fact that you don't place any limits on the amount of text for the ad is also especially useful. Additionally, I like that my ad can have a section for specials that appears at the top of the ad in red lettering. That's really neat. Considering the ad also contains a link to my website and another to my virtual tour, along with unlimited photos, I truly believe is superior to the other top vacation home web portals I advertise on. I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with your company.

Thank you.
Lynne Bever
Smoky Mountain Adventure Cabins, Inc.

[ ]

Nothing but pleasant...

I have been a member on the yahoo group for quite sometime and have serveral properteis from Gulf Shores to North Carolina. I have to say that i have very positive experience with them - to my surprise. I was apporach initally by some tough high pressure sales person to sign on with them. I did not. However, the owners oof the site contacted me about lisitng int he site. no free trial and by far, the most expensive site for me to list on as I am on the feature property. Every time I list with another sites, I will always go for the premium listing. I was a little apprehensive.

I have to say that it generated a lot of traffic, enquiries and enquiries that translate to booking - as good as the bigger establish site if not better. I have been with them for a year. Just renewed my lisitng today. The enquiries got more this year than last year . It has been well worth my money and the returns have been good for me.

I know that they have been given a lot of bad rep. My experience have been nothing but pleasant ( except for the time when they contract out their marketing to another company). service have been very prompt.

Veronica Muehring

[ #11130 ]

Most effective for marketing...

The Vacation Rental Property Network ( has done an outstanding job for us. We found Tony, VP of Business Development to be most cooperative in getting out our ad in a manner that was most effective for marketing. We highly recommend his services and do so without qualification.

Ronald Scheidelman
Old Forge
607-843-2110 is the best value and service... is the best value and service going for the money if you have a vacation rental property. I got over 8,000 hits in six months and with the flexibility of 24/7 to update your site yourself you were constantly able up date or customize your messages to the prospective renters and with the calendar feature they knew exactly what was available at any given time. I booked our property very conveniently via the internet and got extra off season rentals I never would have gotten. I could not have afforded to pay the local newspaper over 60 dollars a week to advertise with 4 lines twice a week versus a site that runs all year long.

It truly worked for me and I highly recommend it.

Robert R. Santa Maria
Angola and Ellicottville New York

I want to write to you to express my appreciation...

I want to write to you to express my appreciation for the excellent/outstanding service that I received from your employee. She was professional, made suggestions on how to improve the appearance of my listings,she added and arranged my pictures to make my listing more visually appealing. She answered all may questions and was very pleasant and courteous. I am very impressed with the service I received from her and you so much for dong such a great job.

Best Regards,
Paulette McGrath

Your site is one ofthe best...

After several years of "working with the web", your site is one of the best. I get E-mails regular. One thing special from your site, the e-mails are from serious travelers. They are not just searching for a rental, most are ready to book. Sure is wonderful to deal with someone who's word on the phone is as good as a handshake from the old school.

thanks for you excellent service,
J.R. Ashley
Downtown Lake o'the Pines East Texas

[ ]

You are so Awesome...

“Thank you so much! You are so Awesome!! Looks great!"

Office: 503-232-5984”

[ A-1 Beach Rentals ] has done it... has done it! The most easy to use, reasonably priced way to market rental properties on the internet I have ever seen. They have perfected the way for the public to search and find rental properties easily, combined with an advertisers do-it-yourself solution to getting the property listed fast with all the right information and pictures.

Bob MacKinnon

[ ]

Very professional...

Thank you for setting this up on an automatic payment basis. Very kewl and "very professional". You guyz got my attention! Feel free to use us as a reference in other transactions that you need references for. While the Internet is a very BIG place, it is still a very small arena when it comes to doing business with people with integrity!
Please feel free to call me at any time for any questions or requests you may have.

Virtually yours,
Diana House
Internet Strategist

I appreciate it...

I appreciate it. good site. good concept.

Debra Freyer
Gilgo Beach

I appreciate it all...

Thank you Tony, I have found this process very easy to work through. It is especially nice to have a human to be able to communicate with. Thanks for the tips on # of photos and additional listing. I appreciate it all.


[ ]

Increased my rentals from 10 to 20+... has increased my rentals from 10 to 20+ weeks per year per unit. Plus, we are completely rented for the summer season by March 31. Thank You.

Alex Messick

Thank you for your diligent efforts...

Dear Tony: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your diligent efforts in marketing our properties. You have had a great hand in helping to make our rentals successful. You have always been polite, concerned, professional, and quick to take action. Your personal involvement is what sets you apart from others. Thank you so much for all you have done. Tootie.

Caroline Bair

[ ]

I already got a rental from you guys...

Looks great for now. I will get a picture of the log home as soon as it is completed. Thank you so much. By the way, I already got a rental from you guys! Thanks so much!

Lee Ann
Rapid City, SD

[ ]

Thank you for the ease of being able to rent out our place...

Tony, I just want to say thank you for the ease of being able to rent out our place, we first posted on a Tuesday and it was rented 3 days later!!! Thanks again!


I have been pleasantly surprised...

As a new advertiser on Findrentals, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality, reach and effectiveness of the website. Within days of my three rental properties being added to the FindRentals site I had received 5 quality rental inquiries, one of which proceeded to a booking. For the last three years I have advertised on four of the oldest Vacation Rental Websites (site like VRBO). In order to reach even more potential renters I just recently decided to add 4 more newer Vacation Rental Websites. My criteria in picking among the newer sites was who would reach my target renter population (Findrentals comes up on the first page of many Google and Yahoo searches for 'vacation rentals'). I also looked at which of the new sites were likely to flourish and grow, not just perish in a year. Of the 4 new vacation rental websites that I recently added, FindRentals, has without a doubt generated the greatest quantity and quality of new rental leads. Tony at FindRentals has been extremely responsive--both by email and telephone (which is rare combination among Vacation Rental Websites). With his assistance the three properties that I listed with FindRentals were online and fine-tuned more quickly than the other 3 new vacation rental websites that I joined at the same time."

Joseph Rohn

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

Sincere praise for

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sincere praise for As a vacation rental agency, our clients maintain listings on a number of different vacation rental and other travel related directories. After having displayed several of the properties that we represent on for a little over a year now, your service has provided more leads than just about any other directory to which our clients have subscribed. In addition, given the cost of a listing on, there is no question that dollar for dollar, is about the best source of on-line advertising that we have found! We plan to continue our profitable relationship with for many years to come, and highly recommend it to others! Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Dan Graham, President Mt. Baker Lodging, Inc.
Mt.Baker / Glacier, Washington
1-800-709-SNOW (7669) 9am 5pm PST

[ ]

We are off to a good start...

I just rented a week in March this evening prior to getting your email! Total of 1 email resulting in this rental and two calls for time the condo was already booked. That's in just a couple of weeks during which I did not yet have photos of the condos! Thank you! We are off to a good start. Thank the other folks at Findrentals for me.

Pete Sindelar

Thank you so much ...

Thank you so much for the referrals. What a great service you offer. I must report that we are fully booked for the summer season. Hope we can do business with you next year.

Thank you.
Diane P. Griffith

Your staff has gone above and beyond...

Dear John Paul & staff, Mike and I would like to say as new vacation home owners and new to list with your site, how thankful we are that a satisfied client of yours told us about your website. Our home has only been on the site for a short time and is reserved for months to come. We appreciate the professionalism and quality of service received from you and your company.We will continue to renew our listing. Your staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us make our listing attractive for future renters. It will be a pleasure to refer others to list their properties with you for your help making our dream a reality.

Mike & Debbie Gleason -
Listing #11298

I highly recommend

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience using has been. I was given a free trial for 30 days and had such a good response I decided to become a client. The customer service at is wonderful. My computer skills are limited so I have needed much help and support and the staff has been patient, generous and kind. The site is very easy to navigate and produces great results. I highly recommend and want to thank you for a great service.

Terri Cole Juhasz

I am delighted...

Dear Tony, You are the best advertisment for Each contact we have had has been a pleasure for me. It is rare to find someone as personable, knowledgeable, available and helpful as you are, doing business today. I hired findrentals April 1, 05 and have my Maine property rented two out of three months by May 19th, 05. I have not advertised anywhere else. I choose you because you came up first on my google search and I am delighted. Thank you!
I look forward to many years of partnership with findrentals. With very best wishes,

# 11771

Love the site...

Love the site!! Getting many hits and phone calls, appreciate your work here. Can you raise my price to xxxx per week on web site? Yes, going that well!!

Maj Tim Abbott

[ ]

Wonderful customer service...

Thank you so much! You guys have wonderful customer service!!! :) You have a great weekend too!!

Shyloah Childs
Phone: 661-257-2700

I love findrentals ...

Jason, thanks for the directions and they sound so simple, but I am so dumb when it comes to the computer. I worked for Delta 27 years and retired in 94. I cannot do anything but travel on the computer. I always get Jennifer to add subtract, etc. to my website. I love findrentals and have got LOTS of rentals from this.

Carolyn Carter

[ ]
[ ]


I have been a customer of yours for about one week. My wife and I have 3 cabins located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina in the Great Smoky Mountains. We did feature listing with all 3 cabins. During the first week I had 1 inquiry. I guess I had better tell you now that from the 1 inquiry I got a 5 day rental. Not bad at all. Thanks and Chrissy, my sales contact for getting us on your website

Tom & Sue Knapko
Creek 'n Woods Vacation Rentals
#20389; #20390; #20391

Knowledgeable and respective to our marketing needs...

The staff is knowledgeable and respective to our marketing needs. They have supplied us with leads on a regular basis which is important to a firm our size

Zoe A. Reynolds
Rental Manager
Pawleys Island Realty

I will certainly use your services again...

I want to let you know I will not be renewing my contract in June. I have rented my condo for the year. However I would highly recommend your site. All my rentals I received this past year were thru your site. I received none thru a management company I had contracted with. If I start renting by the night or weekly I will certainly use your services again. Thanks so much!

Best Regards
Sharon Love
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

I am very happy with the service...

My name is Bob Sequeira and I currently advertise with your company. I have the sole Meadview, Arizona listing on First let me say that I am very happy with the service your company provides. The web site has been very beneficial to me.

Bob Sequeira
Meadview, Arizona

[ #17460 ]

We have been very happy...

Tony, we have a listing with findrentals. Just wanted to let you know that we have been very happy with the response that we have gotten from your web site Thank You.

Sondra Lewis
Roan Mountain, Tennessee

[ #16079 ]
[ #16080 ]

Thank you for keeping people informed...

I would like to thank you for your web page about fraud / scams involving vacation rental properties. I was approached using one of the exact emails listed on your web page, so I was able to avoid the scam. I’m forwarding the correspondence from the scammer, and the email I sent to homeaway to warn them. Thank you for keeping people informed so they don’t fall victim to this type of fraud.

Shannon Dawson

Thank you...

Jamie, Thank you for your great weekend/holiday service. Please pass along my note of appreciation to you, to your VP of sales for your excellent work/customer service

All my best,
Roland A. Ellingsen

[ #21639 ]

Good luck to you...

Tony- I wanted you to know what a terrific customer service rep you have in Jamie...she handled our renewal (#16577) for our Florida condo extremely well
Thanks Tony and good luck to you.

Bob Battaglia
R J Battaglia Agency


Hi Adam,
WOW, I can't believe that is has only been 1 day and when I opened my e-mail today I already received a rental request from your website!!!Thank you so much for all your hard work and fast response to all of my questions. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with in the months ahead!!

...Second Testimonial I sent you the Remaining 11 listings yesterday...You can pick out which ever ones to feature depending on how many more spots I have. The Response from our owners has been overwhelming and everyone loves the site!! Also, the Logo looks really good! Thanks for all your help.

Trish Pepper
Sea Isle Realty

Looks great...

Thanks so much Jamie, looks great!! You guys have a great website.

Kind Regards,
Dean A. Kantis

[ #22450 ]


Do you work 24 hours a day? Thanx,


Find rentals is a terrific site...

Find rentals is a terrific site! I have met many wonderful people through this site from all over the country. The Find Rentals website is recommended to anyone interested in meeting people from all over the country, who are interested in staying in their condo/home down the shore for a vacation. The website is truly user friendly! The technicians are very helpful when you need technical support. They make contact with you as quickly as possible and always keep you, the owner up to date with new things or changes for their site!

Thank you,
Christine Saputo
Wildwood Crest, NJ

I'm looking forward to even more rental success...

Dear John Paul,
Thank you so much for the invoice and your time yesterday. I'm looking forward to even more rental success this coming 2007 - 2008 calendar year. I'll contact you tomorrow regarding extending my photo gallery. A "cyberspace" friend is coming for lunch in exchange for his setting me up nicely on my findrentals site. Thank you again and good luck with your great company!

Gloria Kelso

Extremely helpful...

I have worked with Find Rentals for several years now and have found them extremely helpful, professional and very responsive to my needs. Their rental service has provided me with tens of thousands of dollars of rental income and many new clients.

Ralph Picard
Resort Pointe
Bethany Beach, DE

Thank you for all your help...

Hi, Beverly,
Thank you. Also, thank you for all your help in the past years. In the event I start to pursuit business again, I will contact you.

Jackie Fletcher

Another terrific bonus...

Our Rental division has been working with Tony and his staff at since their beginning! The volume of referrals and bookings we receive DAILY are terrific. We choose because they continue to be a major advertising outlet our services on the internet for a very reasonable cost. This is important because we represent 100's of rental properties in two counties! Another terrific bonus is the personal service we have always enjoyed.

Joanna Dahlbeck
Director of Owner and Guest Services
Vacation Properties Group
Chautauqua, NY / Ellicottville, NY

Thanks for the great service...

John Paul,
Thanks for the great service. If someone wants to know about your service, have them call me. I currently have 6 featured property listings, and will add more before the year ends.

Warren Gilbert

Paid for itself seven times over...

I was skeptical at first, but the money I paid for my listing on paid for itself seven times over in the first two weeks.

David M.

I will happily renew my account...

I have been a member of since December 2004. Initially I was skeptical about advertising my new condo online, but after receiving steady traffic and business throughout my first year with, renewing my account with their service has become a worthwhile, annual expense. My average return on investment over the 2 1/2 years has been at least 10 fold for each year. Regarding customer service, whether it's been setting up my listing initially, helping me to maintain my listing, or any little detail I needed to understand, John Paul has been there for me since Day 1. It's refreshing to be able to speak with a human when you need to. Bottom-line, I will happily renew my account for a 4th year in December. In fact, just yesterday I took in a $4,000 booking for the month in February 2008. Keep doing what your doing!

Faithfully Yours,
Dr.Scott Croce
Sarasota Florida

[ #10324 ]

A world of difference...

Ray and findrentals,
I want to thank you not only for having a great website but having such good customer service. It makes a world of difference to be able to talk to a person to help with areas you need help. I sincerely thank you for always being there for your customers.

Donna Bradbury
Browns Creek Retreat
Burnsville, NC

[ #9102 ]


Thanks-- got a great booking the other day!

Crescent Lake, Oregon

[ #23782 ]

You do a great job...

Hi Adam,
I just wanted to send of a note to thank you for your your site, I have been renting over the internet for the last 5 years and have become a quick study of sites. There are so many out there it is often hard to decide which ones to invest my advertising dollar. I have had so many responses from findrentals that it paid for itself in the first week. I did have a problem for a while with requests for dates already booked. I called you and asked to if we could write a request for people to view the availability calendar before emailing and it has resolved the problem. I have found the staff helpful, friendly, accessible and very interested in the industry, not just the job. The key to having a successful rental is exposure and you do a great job. Thank you very much.

A loyal customer,
Laura Williams
Historic La Jolla Cove Cottage
La Jolla California

We definitely plan to stay with

Pocono Resorts Realty, the largest vacation rental agency in the Poconos has used the services of FindRentals for a year. From the start, the quality and quantity of the leads has been very satisfactory and has increased the bookings of our 600+ homes. We definitely plan to stay with for a long time.

Pocono Resorts Realty

You guys are great...

Hi Jamie,
Our time with you is up and this rental is no longer available. Please remove the listing. You guys are great if I ever rent again I would certainly want your site.

Thanks for your help,
Sharon Love

So nice to find someone on your side...

Hi Bev:
Thank you so much for your involvement and encouragement in this. So nice to find someone on your side. I would recommend your service to any one I can and will use it again.

With much appreciation,
Helen Terrell

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