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Junkanoo Festival In The Bahamas

Junkanoo Festival In The Bahamas
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Company Values

Company Values
by Cindy Dahlen

Bed and Breakfast or Hotel?

By Deborah Nelson, VRTG Travel Writer/Publisher

What Makes a Bed and Breakfast Special?

​​​​Want to avoid costly hotels? Have you ever noticed at hotel checkout, the bill is almost 20% more than originally expected? Vacation rentals are just one option to avoid costly hotels. Another option for cutting travel costs is a bed and breakfast. How would you like to stay in a room of a large home, surrounded by a friendly staff who knows the area better than anyone? That is just the beginning, of course. In this article, you will learn how a B & B might serve you better than a hotel. Hint: expect personalized attention and spectacular breakfasts!

Price and Value

For anyone interested in hard facts, the number one perk of a bed and breakfast is the price. B & Bs in major cities such as New York City, Miami, and Honolulu are often $50 less a night compared with hotels. However, bed and breakfasts offer no less value despite the lower price. In fact, B & Bs frequently include more free amenities than hotels Similar to vacation rentals. B and B's generally provide complimentary concierge services as well as parking, WiFi, food, and drinks. Furthermore, the quality of service is outstanding at a bed and breakfast. The staff is expert in the local area—you are bound to experience the best local attractions with B & Bs.

Breakfast and Attention

Obviously, a B & B serves breakfast. But, not just any type of breakfast. B & Bs are famous for delicious, homemade breakfasts. Can you imagine eating warm, fresh croissants, vegetable frittatas, pies, and sweet puddings--and even freshly made cappuccino? Bed and breakfast meals cannot be compared to plain hotel breakfasts. Plus, if you have special requests, B & Bs host trained chefs ready to personalize anything for you.

Finally, B & Bs certainly offer the attention you deserve. Besides valuable lodging, a bed and breakfast will go the extra mile to make you comfortable and happy. This might include pet-friendly services, activity guides, or even picking your own pillows. Each bed and breakfast offers a unique twist to your regular vacation with more options than a regular hotel. Are you ready to try your bed and breakfast vacation? Browse Find Rentals to find your ideal holiday home.

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