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Astoria Music Festival
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Chocolate Classic
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How to Plan Your Canoe Vacations

By Deborah Nelson, VRTG Travel Writer/Publisher


Canoe vacations and vacation rental homes

Connect with Nature on Canoe Vacations

Canoe vacations can be some of the most romantic and adventurous activities. Allowing yourself to unwind from your daily life in nature is truly magical. Plus, canoeing is great for both beginner and advanced paddlers. With Find Rentals, you may find a vacation rental management company that offers tours and canoes. But if not, you can easily find canoeing resources or on your own. To begin planning your canoe vacation, you might want to consider some of the following questions and suggestions.


Where to Go and What to Plan

Decide whether or not you want a short trip or a long trip. Start with smaller bodies of water if you are inexperienced. For example, the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri is a great place to start. Lake Tahoe in California, Juniper Run in Florida, and several rivers in the Huron-Manistee National Forest of Michigan are also great options. Once you found your location, gather maps, guides, and online information about the rules and trails.

Be careful not to get lost in an unknown terrain. Thankfully, you can hire a tour guide if this is a real concern! Furthermore, educate yourself on the surrounding flora and fauna both on land and in the water. You will also to consider who is going on this trip. Are you going alone or with a group? Rank the experience levels of each participant and prepare accordingly.


Gear and Expectations

As with any outdoor adventure, check the weather. Wear comfortable and safe gear. Consult an expert is a great idea. Additionally, understand what to bring in your backpack. You will need extra food and water, dry clothes, preferably a headlamp, raincoat, first aid kit, and a camping pack if you are going on a long trip. Wrap your pack in waterproof gear for safety. Prepare for everything, but do not let the circumstances cause you stress. The moment you glide across the water, your worries will disappear. You will be one with nature. Relax and breath it all in!


Places to Stay on Your Next Canoeing Adventure

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Home in Santa Barbara California
4 Beds • 3 Full Baths • Sleeps 9
Deluxuri Vacation Rentals
Balcony with ocean view off main room.
Condo in La Jolla California
• 1 Full Bath • Sleeps 4
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