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Folly Time Beach Rentals Changes the Game Using Direct Traveler Communication

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – July 17th 2019 — Anyone who has ever booked a vacation rental with one the “Big Travel Sites” knows that while they may have an abundant of options to choose from – communicating directly with the property manager or homeowner before or after they book is not one of them. What many people don’t realize or even stop to ask, and question is why? It would seem to make a lot more sense for these websites to simply put us in touch directly with the person or company calling the shots and responsible for making our travel experience the best it can be right? Well, the simple answer is that they lock down these vital communication paths in order to protect the commissions they earn for simply hosting a website and taking money through our credit cards.

Unfortunately, the bungling of reservation details stemming from these barriers of communication enforced for profit ultimately lay solely on the backs of travelers and their pocketbooks. In our world of “Book Now” buttons which we think represent a one click solution to fulfill our vacation dreams the reality is, once you click that button – the money is gone, these websites have already made their profit and now you’re stuck calling a customer service agent who has nothing to do with the actual property manager nor the passion that they have for ensuring the quality of your stay. Which is fine until your flight is delayed and the time you were supposed to meet the property manager is pushed two hours up. Sitting there in the airport with family and luggage in tow, not knowing if your family will have access to the beautiful vacation home you booked might tend to put a damper on what could have been an otherwise enjoyable vacation.

However, one innovative company, Folly Time Beach Rentals has solved this problem through their new partnership with veteran travel site, Since 2002, Find Rentals has built a strong network of leading vacation rental management companies that offer some of the trendiest vacation destinations. The staff is committed to making sure all their users’ travel needs are met. More importantly travelers will never be forced to Book Immediately but rather are cordially passed straight along to speak directly with a property’s management representative.

Anthony Vaarwerk, founder of Find Rentals said about their services, "An individual working directly with a Vacation Rental Management Company will be provided with more benefits. These Vacation Rental Managers provide local hospitality and expertise, professionalism, additional services, and the very best in rates and availability while managing properties that are safe for you and your family. We are confident that the Vacation Rental Management Companies we work with provide these benefits and more."

These sentiments are also reflected by the words of Tom Powers, of Folly Time Beach Rentals:

"We simply love the Vacation Rental business and Hosting people coming to the Folly Beach and the Charleston area. It's our goal always to help people find the right vacation home at the best price. Although we are always happy to get new guests from sites like VRBO and Airbnb we nonetheless do struggle sometimes with the restrictive communication policies from these sites when all we want to do is connect with and help travelers. The big travel sites are cool and have a lot of options but it comes at a pretty high price, up to 15% extra on some sites, the extra savings travelers can get by booking their stay directly can really add up. We also find that guests are confused and surprised by the high Booking and Service fees that the larger vacation rental websites charge. A lot of the sites out there tell the vacation rental guest that they are showing them the best price on the beach house they are looking at but often that is not true. The best price on a holiday rental will always be found by contacting the Property Manager or Host directly and using "Book Direct" websites like, or by simply searching the area you are looking to book a rental home in for local Property Management Companies."

So, the next time you think you are getting the best deal ever on a vacation rental – think twice and try Talk directly to a vacation property manager and feel confident, receive more service, and potentially save money by booking direct.


About Folly Time Beach Rentals

Folly Time Beach Rentals was created at the request of a friend with a beach house who was unhappy with the way her property was taken care of by multiple larger property management companies on Folly Beach. We would actually help her get the property ready in May of each year, only to come back in September and find it in less than desirable shape. In addition, the property was mostly vacant throughout the off season. She asked us if we would consider managing her property as she noticed how well we were doing with our own rentals that we self managed.

We are a licensed Property Management company with the State of South Carolina located on Folly Beach, just outside of Charleston. We focus on the management of Vacation Rentals on Folly Beach and the surrounding islands and also provide Long Term Property Management for homes all over the greater Charleston area. Selling Real Estate is not our focus, our daily task is maintaining and maximizing rental properties, trust us, this separates us from the larger companies that sometimes put the quality of their Property Management behind their main goal of selling homes. That being said we can certainly turn you on to some great local Real Estate Agents that are non-biased and highly professional to help you find your next dream home, we have dealt with many over the years, we will point you to the good ones.

- Tom Powers, Owner of Folly Time Beach Rentals.



Founded in 2002, Find Rentals has become a Guide to Vacation Rental Management Companies. Not only can a guest RENT with confidence from these property management companies, but if you are a property owner these professional companies can MANAGE your property. In addition, many of these property managers are licensed brokers and real estate agents to help you BUY and/or SELL a vacation property.

Guests book with confidence from a vacation rental management company while receiving professional services, local expertise, and the best in rates and availability while staying in a vacation rental property that is safe for them and their family.

- Anthony Vaarwerk, Founder of Find Rentals.