Things To Do in Fort Myers Beach Area Florida



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Things to do in Fort Myers Area Florida

Fort Myers Area Florida

There’s a beautiful town located off Florida’s southwestern coast on Estero Island: Fort Myers Beach. It’s a pretty well-known tourist spot that offers several wonderful sights and fun activities to visitors. Powdery white sand beaches, chic restaurants, well-stocked souvenir shops, fancy art galleries, all of these, and many more can be found in Fort Myers Beach. 

Taking your vacation in this town will surely be memorable. If you’re now eager to visit Fort Myers Beach, know first the top activities to do in this wonderful town. 

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Things To Do in the Fort Myers Beach Area of Florida


Enjoy the Beach

The town of Fort Myers Beach won’t be called its name if not for its lovely 7-mile white sand beach. Locals and visitors flock to this beachfront on Estero Island to relax and have some fun. 

You can enjoy parasailing, kayaking, and fishing here. Dolphins also visit the place, making it a good opportunity for beachgoers to see these adorable sea creatures. Fort Myers Beach is also perfect for picnics, especially for families with kids since the water here is calm and shallow. 


Stroll Around Bowditch Point Regional Park

Located in Estero Island’s northern end, the 17.5-acre Bowditch Point Regional Park is an attraction that tourists shouldn’t miss in Fort Myers Beach. The park is divided into a 10-acre preserve area and a 7-acre recreation area. 

The town of Fort Myers Beach bought Bowditch Point Regional Park in 1987. Its name serves as a tribute to Nathaniel Bowditch, which was known as the founder of modern ocean navigation. 

The public park has a boardwalk, bathhouse, hiking trails, and butterfly gardens. Visitors can have picnics here or watch native birds fly around the wonderful Estero Bay. 


Visit the Mound House

The Mound House is a home built atop an ancient Calusa shell mound in Fort Myers Beach. It’s one of the oldest buildings in the town, and it used to be an estate house, post office, and military resting spot during World War II. 

In 1995, it was turned into an archeological site and history museum that highlights the cultural and natural history of the region. It also has an observation pier where visitors can enjoy fishing. Plus, they can join in kayak tours around the area. 

Map of the Fort Myers Beach Area of Florida


Have Fun at Lovers Key State Park

This state park extends across the Lovers Key, Inner Key, Long Key, and Black Island areas. If you want to experience adrenaline high, Lovers Key State Park offers enjoyable outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, fishing, and shelling. 

It’s also home to over 40 native bird species. Aside from birds, there are also sea creatures like West Indian manatees and bottlenose dolphins that you can see in this protected area. Moreover, there’s a beach that stretches for 2 miles open to the public. 


Explore the Art Scene

If you love art and want to explore the art scene in Fort Myers Beach, you should visit the Fort Myers Beach Art Association and Gallery. This art museum was established in 1951, and since then it became a space for local artists to show their works of art. Today, there are over 130 member artists of the Fort Myers Beach Art Association and Gallery. 

You can purchase art pieces displayed at the gallery. If you want to learn how to create a piece of art, you can also join in workshops under the instruction of the art association's member artists. 



Fort Myers Beach, Florida will give you some good times on your vacation. When you’re here, you can do almost everything to make your vacation fun. You can go to the beach, catch some fish, watch adorable dolphins, visit a history museum, and explore the town’s art scene. 


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