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Opera Season In Verona

Opera Season In Verona
by Anthony Vaarwerk

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Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market
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Advantages of Driving to Your Vacation Destination

Advantages of Driving to Your Vacation Destination

Once in a while, going on a vacation is an excellent way to get rid of stress. Whether you’re working from home or you’re in the office, stress is a thing that affects everyone. Too much stress can get the best of us and can lead to a lot of unwanted changes. For example, too much pressure can result in burnout.

Burnout is a real thing, recognized by companies and health professionals alike. When a person is burned out, they become unproductive, lose interest, and develop health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other stress-related illnesses. To avoid being burned out, companies would instead allow a worker a week or even month-long vacation than to lose them to burnout. 

These vacations can be an excellent way to vent out stress. These vacations are well-earned breaks that can help a person be free from stress. A burned-out person can book a ticket to faraway beaches, new countries, and new areas to explore. 

However, some people like to keep it simple. If others want a vacation to a country like Thailand or the Philippines, some prefer to be closer to home. Some people just like driving nearby to vacation and spend their time there. With that said, here are some advantages if you decide to drive to your destination.


The View

Once you’re driving somewhere near or within the country, you get to see amazing views. With these road trips, you can get to see the changing landscapes. From an urban setting to a lush rural town, it’s an experience to behold. Getting a better view of your surroundings is one of the best advantages that driving to a spot has over flying commercial to another country.



Aside from the views, you also get to stop over certain places that get your attention. You have total control over your destination. Want to stop over and chat with the locals? Pullover and have fun! Want to take a selfie with a marvelous background? Stop and say cheese! Your hands are at the wheel. Ultimately, it’s you who decides when to stop and when to go.


Pack What You Want

If you’ve traveled abroad or even fly commercial, you’ll agree that baggage is a significant issue. For one, every passenger has a limit on what they can bring. You can’t bring certain items like perfumes, lotions, umbrellas, etc. When you drive, what you have and your trunk space are the only things that limit you from what you want to bring along your trip. Just put that portable stove in the back trunk, and you’re going to be cooking your meals on the road. 

If you want to bring in a lot of clothes, go ahead by all means. Compared to weight and size limits in the airport, there’s no stopping you if you want to bring your whole wardrobe with you during your travels. Just remember that the more stuff you bring, the more inconvenience you’ll have when you move around. If that’s not a problem with you, go ahead, bring your stuff and have fun!


Way More Affordable

Compared to a trip to another country, driving to a nearby tourist spot can save a lot of money, way more money. With vacations abroad, you have to pay for accommodation, food, activities, etc. You can even get conned if you’re not careful!

When driving, you can save up on a lot of things. First off, accommodation. If you’re more of an on-the-go person, you probably won’t like staying in inns or motels. All you need is a legit stopover area for travelers. When you find one, just park your car, and you’re good. 

Another thing you can save on is your meals. Remember the portable stove earlier? You can warm water and cook meals on that while you’re on the go. If cooking isn’t for you, you can stopover at a diner or buy some food from a local store. 


The Journey

Ultimately, the best advantage you get when driving to a destination is the journey itself. Most of the time, people consider the trip to somewhere as the destination itself. With driving, you can bet that the journey will be a pleasant experience. 




Stress is a real thing, and if you’re not careful, you can get burned out. One way to relieve stress is by taking a break and going on a trip. If you don’t have the funds or simply just want to go somewhere nearby, you can drive to your destination. With the advantages mentioned above, you can see that a nearby trip is just as exciting as an overseas vacation.


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