CAPITOLA, CA - #10 Top Beach Area Vacation Rental Destination



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CAPITOLA, CA #10 Top Beach Area Vacation Rental Destination

Capitola, A Great Little Historic Sleepy Seaside Resort Town

If planning the ideal beach vacation, we invite you to explore the idea of Capitola, CA. Situated on the Pacific Coast of Northern California, this lovely town is one of the finest resorts in the area. And, voted as one of the happiest seaside towns in the USA by Coastal Living Magazine, this sleepy little beach town is up and coming. Primarily, you’ll find all you need here for a dream vacation. Expect natural beauty, friendly locals, ideal weather--endowed with a charming hippie spirit.

Capitola features a rich, unique California history. As a matter of fact, since Capitola is in Santa Cruz County--the capital of weird, it is extra charming to explore. Established in 1869, once known as Camp Capitol, it is the oldest seaside resort on the Pacific Coast. Consequently, the eclectic mix of natural beauty and unique ambiance make Capitola a special beach town in Northern California.

Best Things to Do

Are you looking for a place to spend on a weekend getaway or retire for decades? Following, are some of the best things to do in the area while visiting or even retiring.

Capitola Beach

The home to many multi-colored cottages and great weather, this quaint beach town gives off a Mediterranean feel. Strategically in the heart of the town, Capitola Beach is one of California's best-kept beach secrets. Unlike like Carmel, Capitola is relatively unknown among international tourists. Therefore, for a peaceful and low-key vacation that you will cherish for a long time to come, plan your next beach vacation here. Wander around the beach, marvel at its pristine waters, and visit the nearby small art galleries, coffee shops, and restaurants. Capitola Beach attracts just a few visitors all year round. Fortunately, you can find families playing on the beach sand or couples taking a romantic stroll along the beach. Surfing is a favorite activity here.

Capitola Wharf

You will find Capitol Wharf on the northern part of Capitola Beach. Built-in 1857, the wharf stretches over 855 feet. Indeed, this is a perfect place for a walk while enjoying amazing beach view--especially at sunset. The wharf is home to the Wharf House Restaurant which offers great tasting fresh seafood dishes.  

Choosing Accommodations in Capitola, California

Are you looking to rent a vacation home in Capitola? Due to the stress of travel, many families are now choosing to rent vacation homes while on vacation. Homes are fully equipped with the amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Extras include complete kitchens, yards, pools, gyms, common areas with privacy–for significantly less cost than the equivalent hotel or resort. However, booking a vacation rental is easy and affordable. BEACH HOUSE RENTALS, a professionally managed vacation rental company, is the leading vacation rental property management agency in the area.

The Shops

Capitola is home to many local craft galleries, restaurants, and unique shops. Take time out to visit these spots. Also, about eight blocks inland, be sure to visit Gayle’s Bakery. The bakery enjoys a great reputation as one of the finest bakeries in town. Gayle's serves over 1500 customers daily! In addition, Shadowbrook Restaurant is one place you must dine--if only for the experience in getting there! Located on a very steep terrace, access to the restaurant is via a small quaint cable car.

Events in the Area

For festival-goers and event-goers, this little town offers more excitement than you might expect for a town of this size. Top events include Begonia Festival, Art & Wine Festival, Kite Classic, Surfin' Santa, and the annual Vintage Motorcycles Show. However, the town’s main event is the Begonia Festival which takes place each September. During this time, participants grow begonias before the main event. Even boats decorated with begonias to add to the wonderful theme. Lastly, other activities include races, relays, games, sandcastle contests--as well as live music and other entertainment.

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