Deep Cleaning Your Vacation Rental Property


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Our Vision Statement
by Anthony Vaarwerk

Deep Cleaning Your Vacation Rental Property

With the coronavirus pandemic quickly reaching its peak, you may be experiencing an understandable lull in guests at your vacation rental home. As with any crisis, this too shall pass, and you will again see an influx of visitors and rental income to your home. In the meantime, now is the perfect opportunity to do a deep clean and refresh of your home or even consider some small renovations. 

The vacation rental experts at Find Rentals want to share with you ways to deep clean and sanitize your vacation rental property. A deep clean should be performed every six months on a busy vacation rental even without the current virus panic. Deep cleaning is also seen as preventative maintenance by seasoned vacation rental managers. 

Here are a few steps to take now to make sure your vacation rental property is spotlessly clean, sanitized, and ready for your next guests.

Clean the Air

An in-home air purification system can work wonders for cleaning and sanitizing your home. These systems can help reduce the number of dust mites, viruses, and pollen in the air, and help keep other surfaces clean. Make sure the seals around your windows and doors are airtight— which will help with energy efficiency too. Make any repairs to window or door seals that are allowing air into the home.


Allergy-Proof the Bedding

Hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers can keep dust and debris out. Now is the ideal time to rotate mattresses, sanitize existing mattresses and pillow covers or buy new ones, or even invest in all new mattresses and pillows.


Steam Clean your Carpets

Carpets in vacation rental homes see a lot more wear and tear than your average home carpet. Homes in vacation rental destinations take more of a beating from sand, mud, and salt. Professional carpet cleaning lifts not only stains and odors but also eliminates germs and contaminates too.


Wash your Window Treatments

Dust and germs collect on your window treatments year-round. Window treatments are often given a cursory cleaning— a good shaking or a spray with Febreeze— and benefit the most from a deep cleaning. Remove all of the curtains and have them dry cleaned or throw them in the washing machine if possible. Hang them to dry in the sun if possible. 

Remove plastic blinds too. Take them outside and spray them down with water and sanitizer, allow them to dry in the sun, and re-install them. Simply wiping your plastic blinds with a cloth will not disinfect or properly clean them.


Clean the Light Fixtures and Air Vents

No matter how clean your home is, if a guest turns on a light and sees dirt and dead bugs collected inside of it, they will have the impression that your home is unclean. Remove all globe light fixtures regularly and wash them with soap and water. Dust the tops of all the lightbulbs on table lamps too— after the light has been turned off and allowed to cool. 

Remove all the HVAC covers from your home and the exhaust fans from the bathrooms. Soak them in warm soapy water and scrub them clean. Make sure they are completely dry before re-installing. A clean vent isn’t something a guest would notice or mention in a review— but a dirty vent will stand out and be remembered. 


Clean Behind Major Appliances

Pull out the range, refrigerator, dryer, and washing machine from the wall and clean behind and underneath them— you’ll be shocked at what you find! Remove all the shelving and crisper drawers from your refrigerator and wash them with warm, soapy water. Also, remove the ice bin, throw away the old ice, and clean the bin. Remove the warming drawer on your oven and make sure it’s spic and span. Run a cleaning cycle on both the washing machine and the oven. 


Clean the Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

Open all the cabinets and all the drawers in the kitchen. Remove everything from inside and give the insides a thorough cleaning and wipe down. Crumbs, dust, and hair have an annoying way of collecting in the dark corners of kitchen cabinets and drawers. Now is a good time to do a thorough inventory of your kitchen items too— make sure all glasses, mugs, silverware, and small appliances are sparkling clean and in good working order.


Be Proactive

It’s an unprecedented time of fear and uncertainty right now. Sometimes the best way to soothe frazzled nerves and calm anxieties is to take some positive and constructive action. Once this crisis has passed, your vacation rental home will once again be a buzzing hive of happy guests. Hang in there. And take action now to ensure the future enjoyment of your guests— you’ll be so glad that you did.


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