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Destination Weddings: Which Venue to Choose

By Deborah Nelson, VRTG Travel Writer/Publisher


Family vacations and vacation rental homes

If you ever dreamed of getting married in an exotic land or simply going a little bit further locally Find Rentals is here to help you. With our expansive list of vacation rental companies associated with a variety of wedding planners and locations, you are bound to fall in love with at least one option.


Why Destination Weddings?

Have you ever wondered why destination weddings are so popular? Whether you are going across the ocean or to a nearby vacation venue, destination weddings create lasting holiday memories. Your friends and family will likely be flying into a place they do not know, thus ensuring surprise and excitement. Plus, destination weddings might even be easier to plan. Why? Because most Find Rentals’ vacation homes work with wedding coordinators to make your planning process as relaxing as possible. And, before you say destination weddings are too expensive—experiences show no proof of this. Some destination weddings might even come out cheaper because you have more choices and your guest list is generally smaller.


Practicalities and Planning

Are destination weddings beginning to sound so inviting? Start your planning early. Step one is deciding which wedding venue to choose from. What type of wedding do you want? Do you want it to be warm or cold? Perhaps a Caribbean beachside wedding or a magical forest getaway sound more inviting? How many guests are you bringing? Are the decorations and such available locally? Nevertheless, stick to your budget. Thankfully, vacation rentals are easily accommodating—more so than hotels. With Find Rentals your exact wedding dreams can come true.


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Coldwell Banker Resort Realty

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Beach Realty Cape Cod

Beach Realty Cape Cod

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Taking Care of the Guests

With destination weddings the options for activities are endless. Be aware of the age groups you invite and plan accordingly. Your vacation rental venue can most likely help plan exciting trips for your guests as well. Which wedding venue you choose will help determine what you can do locally as well. Thought of windsurfing, kayaking, sightseeing, or hiking as a part of the getaway? If anything, does your vacation rental management agencies offer babysitting or disability services? We want everyone to have an amazing time. So, are you ready to start your wedding adventure?


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