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TRAVEL WORTHY EVENTS--Tuning into Top Michigan Events

Do you love food, festivals, and music? Michigan certainly does--and they make the effort to show off their own festival style. Although the entire state is filled with greater and greater events, certain events stand out more than others. Nevertheless, it is impossible to take away the uniqueness of any Michigan event. To give you a taste of the variety of events Michigan offers, here are three events you should definitely know about.

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan

Do you love the rich, deep, fruity taste of cherries? Then, find your paradise in Michigan in July. Hop on a plane or into your car to Traverse City, Michigan, for The National Cherry Festival. Having attracted fans since 1925, the National Cherry Festival welcomes over 500,000 people for the 90th year. Enjoy cherry pit spitting, pie eating contests, parades, and airshows. Enter to become the new Cherry Queen, build new relationships, and learn to take care of your environment. Every mid-to-late July you are welcome to learn, taste, and have fun at the Cherry Festival. In any event, you surely want to enjoy the place which baked the world’s largest cherry pie. This pie was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Honor the Change of Seasons at the Drummond Island Fall Festival

Perhaps you have not heard of Drummond Island, but it is certainly worth knowing about. Drummond Island hosts one of the largest fall festivals in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As the magical moments of summer come to an end, fallen leaves transform Drummond Island into an island of color. Each second weekend of October, guests are welcome with goods, craft beers, and talented live musicians. From pub crawling to games of scrabble, and golf--with silly contests and competitive runs, Drummond Island’s Fall Festival outputs an abundance of fun from the fall spirit. Ideal for young children, adults will be equally entertained. Embrace the harvest season in October. In Michigan, you are just a ferry ride from Drummond Island's Fall Festival.

Tune to Detroit International Jazz Festival

Detroit, Michigan is famous for numerous things, including the Detroit International Jazz Festival. Hosted every Labor Day Weekend at Hart Plaza and Campus Martius Park, the Detroit Jazz Festival continues for free with more events than just live music. Programs include Jazz Infusion and Jazz Week where the festival invites visitors to participate in quality jazz education. Furthermore, Jazz Week offers local high schools scholarships to further help educate students. Enjoy the live music with plenty of food, fun, and games. Famous past performers include Ron Carter, Take 6, Sonny Rollins, Dave Brubeck, and Manhattan Transfer. However, do not fret if you do not know much about jazz. One of the main goals of the Detroit Jazz Festival is to let visitors learn and appreciate the magical sound of jazz. Certainly, you will want to simply let yourself go and listen to the music.

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