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Things to do in Seaside Oregon

Seaside Oregon

Seaside Oregon is one of the most photographed and beautiful scenic places in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and rightfully so.  Seaside, Oregon, a quaint town itself has some of the most scenic beaches in all of Oregon.  When someone thinks of Oregon, they are probably looking at and most definitely admiring the Seaside, Oregon sunset. Get there early as aspiring photographers line up about 1 hour early for sunset. 

Seaside has many attractions to offer that are always sure to please everyone. The oceanfront promenade, the largest arcade around, the famous carousel, three shopping districts, and the Seaside Aquarium are only a few of the many Seaside, Oregon Attractions that keep visitors coming back each and every year. 

Stroll the popular Promenade, a two-mile paved pathway bordering the beach with stunning views of the vast Pacific Ocean. Feed the seals at the local Aquarium or visit the Historic Museum filled with interesting fun facts about the history of Seaside and Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition ending right here in Seaside. As you walk along Broadway you will pass by many tastefully decorated candy shops. Known for their mouthwatering saltwater taffy, Seaside will also cater to the tastes of everyone with a sweet tooth.  

The list of vacation rental accommodations is never-ending with beautiful Seaside Oregon Rental Properties in the area. Seaside will always have a variety of welcoming and affordable options for everyone.

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History of Seaside Oregon 

As the monumental end of the Lewis and Clark trail and journey, Seaside is a national landmark. This event is commemorated by a reconstructed salt makers’ campsite and a majestic statue of Lewis and Clark, the two men that symbolize adventure, courage, and exploration across America.  Seaside has been called a famous tourist destination long into its historic years of existence.  The city has been the Northwest’s "beach playground" for over 150 years.

The history of Seaside is directly connected with the discovery and development of the Columbia River. The river was first sited in 1775 by the Spanish navigator Bruno de Heceta, who mistook the estuary for an inland bay, although its seething currents indicated to him that his discovery may have been the mouth of some great river or simply just a passage to another unknown sea.  He did not attempt to enter into the uncharted and unknown waters.

On May 11, 1792, a captain by the name of Robert Gray who was from Boston, while seeking to expand his fur trade business, courageously and unknowingly navigated the bar and discovered the great river he named for his ship, the Columbia Rediviva. He first anchored near the site of today's Astoria, and then sailed some 15 miles further upstream, returning to his initial anchorage to spend five days among the hospitable native people who he had stumbled upon prior.

On October 16, 1805, Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery reached Columbia and viewed the Pacific Ocean on November 7 finally bringing their excruciatingly long journey to a half-way point.  They still had to make it home. Their winter campsite was named Fort Clatsop and was constructed on the bank of the Lewis & Clark River. Supplies were either extremely low or completely gone by the time they reached the Columbia and several months would be needed to prepare for the return trip. Desperately in need of salt in order to cure and preserve a meat supply and for their personal use as well, the expedition sent five of its men to find a beach site for salt making. The camp was established only 15 miles south of Fort Clatsop near the mouth of the Necanicum River, the present-day city of Seaside. The camp was comfortable and welcoming to the two travelers; deer and elk were plentiful for meat, and some 2 to 3 gallons of salt a day could be extracted when the kettles were boiled constantly.   Seaside is a monumental and historical land site for all of the United States’ history. 

Map of Seaside Oregon

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