7 Winter Destinations for American Students


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7 Winter Destinations for American Students

With December around the corner, time is running out on getting a breakaway holioday booked.  This is one of the best times for students to get away and brace for the new year's studies.  Luckily, there are so many places to choose from in the States that it becomes almost difficult to single out one place that you want to go visit.

The best places to visit in December in USA are not necessarily the places where the masses flock to, but if that is your thing, then you will have no shortage of places where you could go and make epic memories.

Here is a list of 7 of the best winter destinations for American students.



If you want to get away from the cold for a bit, then you should consider booking a plane ticket to Nevada.  From nearly anywhere in the States, you could get a round trip ticket from around $200.

Choose anything from casino hopping to hiking and skiing to fill your time. This is one of the places to visit in December in the USA.

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Asheville, North Carolina

This is not only one of the best places to visit in December in USA, but also one of the cheapest. If you love art and craft beer, then this might just become your favorite home away from home. 

Visit the downtown Art Deco area and enjoy countless hours on the rooftop bars with your friends. The views are amazing and the beer even more so. With 33 breweries to choose from, you’ll have more than enough to keep you going during your stay.


Atlanta, Georgia

Here is another city where you can escape the harsh temperatures of winter – one of the best places to visit in winter in USA. The weather is perfect for outdoor park strolls and relaxing in the city. When it comes to winter destinations USA, then Atlanta should be near the top of a student’s list. 

If you prefer going a bit further, then why not consider student tours in Europe? They’re definitely not as cheap as US tours, but well worth every dollar. Nevertheless, Atlanta has plenty to offer at student’s budget.


Seattle, Washington

If you want to get away and still have a white Christmas, then look no further than Seattle, Washington. You’ll get plenty of Winter specials, so be on the lookout. The thing that makes this one of the best winter vacations in US, is the fact that they have so many free holiday events that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

If shopping is your thing, then Pike Place and Seattle Center Winterfest is where you want to be. Go to the Moore Hotel and experience the vintage theatre while you stay.


Flagstaff, Arizona

When the cold weather hits, Flagstaff is where you want to be if you love the outdoors. If you want to go and ski at an affordable rate, then you have found your destination. On average, they get around 100 inches of snow every year, which means that this is a winter hiking, snowboarding and stargazing paradise. 

What makes the area so great is that it is not as well-known as the nearby Phoenix area, so you won’t feel like you are competing for some virgin power the whole time. When the day is done, go and relax with a beer near a fireplace.

Miami, Florida

Need we say more. Miami is one of the greatest cities in the USA and if you are looking for a spot to spend some of your winter days, then there is no better place. Here you will forget that winter even exists. The weather is amazing during winter, not to mention the party vibes that never seem to die down. 

During the day, lounge around in one of the high-end restaurants and then hit the streets at night for non-stop partying. Be warned, though. You might want to consider quitting your studies and staying permanently.


Yellowstone, Wyoming

If you just want to break away and be in nature, then Yellowstone is where you want to be. The winter months hold something extra special as many roads are closed and only accessible via cross-country skis or snowmobile tours. You’ll truly feel like you are the only person for miles, and you probably will be. 

The area is vast and during the winter months, it seems almost untouched. However, if you don’t want to feel completely disconnected from society, then go hand out at one of the resorts and hit the slopes with your friends. 



Winter in the States is like no other place on the planet. With so many settings to choose from, you can visit a different state each year and never see or experience the same atmosphere. There is something for everyone, whether you are a socialite extraordinaire, or one for nature and yourself. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself either. You can easily save enough money during the year to make every winter a special one. 

Author Bio:

Michael Turner is a senior edutech consultant working with industry experts to come up with solutions that can enhance the learning process and give a wider reach to education. His motive is ‘education for all’ and through an ‘enhanced online methodology.’ In his free time, he helps students learn the art of academic writing, practices yoga and plays tennis. He can be contacted on Twitter. 

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