Is Your Cat Drinking A Lot of Water


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Is Your Cat Drinking A Lot of Water? Find Out Why


Have you been noticing your cat constantly drinking water throughout the day? If your cat is chugging water more often than usual, then it could just be because the sun is scorching hot that day, but it could also be due to some medical problem that you need to be aware of. We want to tell you about some of the reasons why your cat may start to drink more water than she normally does.

Keep in mind that excessive water drinking could be nothing serious or negative. It could be a symptom of the weather or your cat’s overactivity for the day, but you should still know some of the signs and potential problems associated with overdrinking.


You may have a stressed-out cat

Did you know that your cat could feel stressed, anxious and depressed just like we humans can? That’s right- and your cat may drink a lot of water while going through these moods, so look for other signs that your cat is feeling not quite herself, emotionally speaking. A cat that is feeling down or stressed will show other signs of strange behavior, such as being irritable, needy, messy or just having a lack of appetite.


Metabolic disease could be the cause

Your cat’s drinking could be tied to poor metabolism. If your cat is metabolizing food too quickly, then she will need a lot of water to help compensate. There are various metabolic disorders that your cat may have, but you should also be looking for signs that she is eating more than normal as well. This can tell you whether it is a metabolic problem or not.


Poor urinary health might be the culprit

A cat that urinates a lot will need to drink a lot. It’s simple math, really. If your cat is drinking tons of water, look for signs that she is also urinating a lot. She may have trouble controlling where she urinates, so she might smell like cat pee. She also might not be getting all the urine into the litter box. These are signs that she is relieving herself excessively.

There are some ways to fix various urinary problems, like a change in your cat’s diet. (There’s a good resource for the best cat food for good urinary health here.) If your cat isn’t eating the right foods, then that can cause blockages or discomfort in the urinary tract, leading to all sorts of urinary problems. Your best bet for telling what your cat is doing in that department is to stay on top of the litter box usage. Just keep up with how much your cat is using the box and how often you have to change it out for there to be little to no smell. This can tell you a lot about your cat’s urinary health. 

If you think that your cat may be suffering from some sort of urinary problem, then you will definitely want to get the cat’s veterinarian involved. At least talk to the vet and get some advice about how to proceed. You may need to bring your cat in for an examination, or the vet may prescribe a remedy or two for you to try. If it’s the latter, then you’ll probably just have to try what the vet suggested and wait and see if it works.


It could be kidney disease as well

A cat’s urinary system includes its kidneys, just like every mammal does. So, if the kidneys are being affected by some sort of disease, then that is going to negatively affect the cat’s urination schedule. If your cat has a history of kidney disease or comes from a family with kidney disease history, then you should consider that to be the prime suspect.


Your cat could be suffering from diabetes

Another reason why your cat could be drinking so much water is that she has diabetes mellitus. This is actually quite common for senior cats and those cats that are overweight. If you haven’t been very careful with your cat’s diet, then that can lead to your cat experiencing diabetes. Dehydration is one of the common signs of diabetes, so you should consider that disease to be a possibility if your cat is overweight, is lethargic or if your cat has a history of diabetes in the family.

You may not know your cat’s family history, so don’t concern yourself too much about that, if you can’t find out. If you take your cat to the vet regularly, then you will be able to determine what kind of health issues she is suffering from and catch some of those problems early, before they become major health issues. 


It may not be a serious problem

We have probably scared you with all these different medical conditions that could be affecting your cat, but now we want to say again what we said at the beginning- your cat could be just having a dehydrating day. It could be nothing more than a case of a thirsty cat. When the weather is hot or your cat is involved in a lot of activity, it’s only normal that she will want to drink more water than usual. You really only need to be concerned if your cat is drinking excessive amounts of water and is exhibiting any of the symptoms we have covered here.

If you feel that your cat is not at her best health, then you should talk to the veterinarian and have her checked out. You’ll get some peace of mind, and you’ll be able to find out for sure if your cat is suffering from some terrible malady or just a case of general dehydration. If it is dehydration and your cat doesn’t get the water she needs, she may wander aimlessly and become distressed – and they can run away. But PawMaw can help you find a lost cat. 

For this reason, it’s okay to give your cat as much water as she wants when she is drinking a lot. That excessive drinking is her body’s way of making up for lost water, so she definitely needs the water she is trying to get. Try to put yourself in your cat’s shoes and think about what she might be going through and how you can help her by fixing the issue.

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