Find Your Happy Place - Aruba Attractions & Activities



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Find Your Happy Place—Aruba Attractions & Activities

Try this Action-Packed Island Paradise for Aruba Attractions

No island is too small to pack a punch--especially when it comes to fun and adventure in Aruba. What this little island lacks in size, it makes up for in Aruba attractions and fun. North of Venezuela, Aruba is 20 miles long and six miles wide. Indeed, this small island’s Eagle Beach ranks third on Trip Advisor’s Best Beach in the World. Besides the fact that Aruba features warm weather and exotic nature, the island is a happy community. Pastel stores line the vibrant streets--while music, culture, and the crystal-blue water inspire guests to enjoy a memorable vacation. Aruba offers nearly endless fun and relaxing things to do. Choose what interest you and then engage in the various charming aspects of this Caribbean island.

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Outdoor Aruba Attractions & Activities

The top trait of the island is its pristine, clear turquoise water. Eagle Beach, along with the other beaches radiates quality, peace, and a flow of top activities. Explore the reefs and shipwrecks by snorkeling or scuba diving. Or, hop on a jet ski, surfboard, kayak, or sailboat to make some waves and go out to the nearby private islands—Renaissance Island and De Palm Island. Indeed, the beaches are ideal for deep-sea fishing, swimming, kite surfing, as well as submarine tours. Indeed, Aruba holds such abundant and stunning beauty which simply cannot be contained.

The beauty of this island features the alluring volcanoes, enchanting deserts, prickly cacti, and majestic cliffs. In fact, the Fontein Caves—open to the public—hold ancient rock drawings and formations. On the other hand, the Natural Pool is one of the world’s most unspoiled spots--near natural bridges formed thousands of years ago. Explore nature in the Arikok National Park; or get a birds-eye view while skydiving. Skydiving is one of the many popular outdoor options in Aruba.


Nightlife, Art Galleries & More—Lively Aruba Attractions & Activities

Notably, this tiny island comes alive through its culture. Therefore, to engage in this culture, venture over to San Nicholas, also known as the "Sunrise City." You will find this town a lovely seaside backdrop for a lively art scene, soulful festivals, and museums. The many choice dining options offer the top cuisine, as well. From Dutch, Spanish, and Asian flavors, Aruba takes beachfront dining to a world-class level. Keep in mind, the day does not end just after you have dined. As the sun sets--the casinos, beach lounges, and dance clubs come to life. Guests of all types will come out to relax, smile, and enjoy life in this paradise. Sadly, you may not find the time to enjoy all that is offered. Of course, this aspect is all the more reason to happily return to Aruba once again.

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