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Tampa Bay Blues Festival
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Things to do in Blue Ridge Mountains and High Country North Carolina

Blue Ridge Mountains and High Country North Carolina

North Carolina, the home of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is one of the most romantic locations in the world. Many will argue that when it comes to romance, nothing beats the mystical aqua-blue seas with white sand beaches. But you need to experience the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains to understand why the locals make such a bold claim. The Blue Ridge Mountains extends right from Georgia to Pennsylvania.  

If you plan a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will have to consider North Carolina as your base camp. The Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests, home to rare plants, rivers, and thousands of wildlife protect the Blue Ridge Mountains like a newborn baby. Many locals claim that the mountains have magical properties. Honestly, the blue tint around the mountains, when seen from below gives it a magical appearance. You can see from its range just how lengthy the trail is along the Blue Ridge Mountains.  If you are one of those who loves camping in the lap of mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains will not disappoint.

The Blue Ridge Mountains welcomes thousands of tourists every month with open arms. Make sure you don’t miss the sunrise here. Instead of creating an orangish glow, the mountains look pale blue the moment the sun's first rays fall on it. Maybe it is due to this unnatural occurrence that the locals call it a magical mountain. Apart from enjoying the breathtaking sunrise, you will have many more things to do in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are a few places that you should have listed in your itinerary.


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Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina Mountain Range


Things to Do in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

If you've heard the song "Country roads, take me home," you will definitely find resemblances with the road while traveling to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The road leading to the parkway is one of the most scenic places in America. With greenery on both sides of the road, the path offers unmatched views of the Blue Ridge Mountains throughout. And most importantly, you will not get tired to see the colorful display of the beautiful flowers all around.

And when the drive is so stunning, you can expect the destination to surpass the road's beauty. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers a spectacular, in fact, unmatched view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The view is so beautiful that you may want to put your camera down for a moment and admire the gift that nature presented you. Many tourists travel with their pets to the parkway and stay there for lunch because they don’t want to come back anytime soon. 


2. Pisgah National Forest 

As already mentioned, Pisgah literally protects the Blue Ridge Mountains by sharing its 500,000+ acres of land. The greenery you see from the Blue Ridge Parkway may well belong to Pisgah National Forest. This national forest covers almost the north and central western ranges of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With rivers, whitewater, and waterfalls along the hiking trail, this national forest will make you feel like a true nomad. 

Make sure you bring a change of clothes in your bag because the waterfalls are so inviting, you may want to take a bath immediately. Tourists usually cover the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Pisgah National Forest the same day because of their close proximity. There are mountain bikes available at different points for those who love adventure sports.

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3. Nantahala National Forest

Want to visit the biggest national forest in North Carolina? Head over to Nantahala National Forest to experience something magnificent. Fortunately, you don’t have to drive miles to reach it. There are many pet-friendly Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina vacation rentals available near this forest. This is one of the rare national forests that offer a plethora of outdoor activities and stunning scenic views. 

Nantahala is an Indian word that means "land of the midday sun." It is the most appropriate name this place could have because the afternoon sun is the only light source that illuminates the valleys and deep mountain gorges. Once you reach the Nantahala National Forest you will get a panoramic view of Wayah Bald, Wesser Bald, and the Whiteside Mountain. Also, don’t forget to check out the 400-year old trees in this forest. Take a guide or ask around to reach these trees. 


4. Mt. Mitchell State Park

This is the highest point of the Mississippi River. It is approximately 30 km from North Carolina. You will follow the same road that leads to the Blue Ridge Parkway to reach Mt. Mitchell State Park. Upon reaching the park, you will see six peaks of the Black Mountain range, including Mount Gibbes, Big Tom, Balsam Cone, and Mount Craig.

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Map of the Blue Ridge Mountains and High Country North Carolina

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