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Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Sevierville


At Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Sevierville, you're set for a day of splashing excitement and unforgettable memories. With cutting-edge aquatic thrill technology, including the heart-pounding Cyclone Rush and Serpentine Surge slides, safety and exhilaration are assured. For smaller adventurers, the toddler pools and whimsical water features guarantee everyone's included, all under the watchful eyes of lifeguards. Don't miss the giant wave pool, mimicking ocean-like conditions, or relax as you float down the Adventure River. Ready for group fun? Take advantage of team-building discounts and seasonal events to enhance your experience. There's so much more to explore, discover what else awaits!

Exciting Attractions Overview

Soaky Mountain Waterpark boasts a thrilling array of water-based attractions designed to exhilarate and entertain visitors of all ages. As you plan your day of adventure, you'll find that safety protocols are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the park. You're free to enjoy the wave pools, lazy rivers, and interactive play areas with peace of mind, knowing that highly trained lifeguards are always on duty and that the park adheres to the strictest safety standards.

Locker rentals are conveniently available, allowing you to store your belongings securely while you splash and play. These lockers are strategically located throughout the park, so you're never far from your items. This means you can engage in the fun without being weighed down by bags or worries.

Beyond the water attractions, Soaky Mountain offers various dining options and relaxation zones. From quick snacks to full meals, the park caters to every taste, ensuring you're fueled for fun. Relaxation areas are scattered around, providing spots where you can catch your breath and enjoy some downtime.

With safety handled and your belongings secure, you're free to explore and enjoy everything Soaky Mountain has to offer.

Thrilling Water Slides

After exploring the general attractions and safety features, let's take a closer look at the heart-pounding water slides that make Soaky Mountain a must-visit destination. You'll find that the slide safety isn't just a byword here; it's woven into the very fabric of each thrilling descent. The park's commitment to safety is evident in each twist and turn, ensuring you can let loose with peace of mind.

Delve into the design innovation behind slides like the "Cyclone Rush," a multi-lane racer that pits you against gravity and your friends in a dash to the splashdown pool. The slide's advanced engineering reduces water resistance, allowing for a faster, smoother slide without compromising on safety. You're not just riding on water; you're experiencing the cutting edge of aquatic thrill technology.

Then there's the "Serpentine Surge," a tube slide that snakes you through a series of dizzying spirals. The designers have mastered the art of creating high-speed turns that keep you glued to your raft, combining the thrill of speed with a secure grip that defies the slippery nature of water.

Family-Friendly Features

While thrill-seekers rave about the water slides, Soaky Mountain Waterpark also boasts a wide array of family-friendly features that cater to guests of all ages. You'll find that the park isn't just about high-speed thrills; it's a haven for families seeking both fun and safety. Toddler pools are a highlight, designed with the littlest swimmers in mind. These pools are shallow, ensuring that your toddlers can splash and play without the worries that deeper waters might bring. Each pool is equipped with whimsical water features that spray, sprinkle, and spout water, making it an enchanting experience for your young ones.

The park doesn't skimp on safety measures, ensuring that you can relax while your kids play. Lifeguards are stationed diligently around all water areas, trained to keep a watchful eye and intervene when necessary. The walkways are non-slip, the water is regularly tested for cleanliness, and all play equipment is maintained to the highest standards. Additionally, Soaky Mountain offers wristbands that help you keep track of your family members, adding an extra layer of security to your day of fun. Here, your family's freedom to enjoy comes with the peace of mind that everyone is safe and secure.

The Giant Wave Pool

Plunge into the excitement at the Giant Wave Pool, where you'll experience the thrill of ocean-like waves in a controlled, fun-filled environment. This massive pool uses state-of-the-art wave technology to mimic the ebb and flow of the sea. You'll feel like you're surfing the swells of the Pacific, yet you're safely situated within the confines of Soaky Mountain Waterpark.

The pool's design incorporates cutting-edge technology that guarantees waves are both exciting and safe for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced swimmer, there's a spot in the wave pool just for you. The shallow areas let you dip your toes into gently lapping waves, while deeper parts offer more robust waves for an adrenaline-pumping ride.

Safety is paramount here. Lifeguards are stationed strategically around the pool, vigilant and ready to assist at a moment's notice. The pool is equipped with clear signage and multiple safety instructions, ensuring that you're well-informed of the dos and don'ts. Additionally, the wave generation is carefully monitored to maintain ideal conditions for all swimmers.

Adventure River Explained

Drift away on the Adventure River, where gentle currents sweep you through a scenic journey around Soaky Mountain Waterpark. As you float, you'll feel the embrace of freedom, with lush landscapes and playful water features dotting the path. This lazy river is designed for relaxation and gentle adventure, perfect for unwinding after a thrilling ride on one of the park's high-speed slides.

Safety is paramount on the Adventure River. Lifeguards are stationed strategically throughout the course, ensuring that you're in good hands while you soak up the serene atmosphere. The river's current speeds are carefully calibrated to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for all ages. You won't have to worry about being swept away too quickly; instead, you can relish in the steady, soothing flow.

Remember to follow the posted guidelines to enhance your safety and enjoyment. This includes using appropriate floatation devices if needed, and keeping an eye on younger swimmers in your group. The Adventure River is not just about floating lazily; it's about experiencing a crafted blend of relaxation and gentle excitement, all while ensuring your safety and comfort.

Dining Options Available

You'll find a variety of dining options at Soaky Mountain Waterpark, catering to every taste and dietary need. Whether you're craving a quick snack or a hearty meal, the park's eateries have you covered. The menu diversity is impressive, ranging from classic amusement park fare to more sophisticated culinary delights. You can munch on crispy fries and juicy burgers, or indulge in fresh salads and wraps if you're looking for something lighter.


For those with specific dietary accommodations, Soaky Mountain doesn't disappoint. Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are readily available, ensuring everyone in your group finds something delicious to enjoy. Each food stall prominently displays ingredients, helping you make informed choices without having to ask.

Don't miss out on the local flavors either. The park features several specialty stands offering regional treats that reflect the culinary heritage of Sevierville. Imagine sipping on a frosty, handcrafted lemonade while savoring a freshly grilled corn cob, seasoned to perfection.

Ticket Pricing and Packages

Exploring Soaky Mountain Waterpark becomes even more enticing when you consider the range of ticket pricing and package options available to suit different budgets and preferences. Whether you're planning a solo adventure or a family outing, there's a variety of choices that cater to your needs for freedom and flexibility.

Day passes are a great start, but if you're looking for more value, check out the season passes which offer unlimited access throughout the season. You'll relish the freedom to visit whenever you wish, turning spontaneous trips into a reality without the hassle of purchasing a ticket each time.

Group discounts are particularly appealing if you're organizing a day out with friends or a team-building event. These discounts make it more affordable for everyone in your group to enjoy the park's numerous attractions together. It's not just about savings; it's about creating unforgettable memories with your peers.

For those who fall in love with the vibrant atmosphere and thrilling waterslides, membership benefits are the way to go. Members enjoy exclusive perks such as early entry on select days, discounts on dining and merchandise, and special invites to members-only events. It's a fantastic way to enhance your experience and enjoy the park's offerings to the fullest.

Seasonal Events and Activities

After considering the various ticket options, let's explore the exciting seasonal events and activities that Soaky Mountain Waterpark offers throughout the year. Despite winter closures, the park transforms during the open seasons, guaranteeing you're never short of thrilling experiences.

In the heart of summer, Soaky Mountain bursts with vibrant activities. Imagine weekly themed parties that promise endless fun under the sun. You'll love the live music sessions that bring local and regional bands right to your splashing grounds. Don't miss out on the special nighttime events, where the water sparkles under starlit skies, adding a magical touch to your swims and slides.

As the season shifts, Soaky Mountain doesn't slow down. During fall, the park celebrates with harvest-themed decorations and special weekend events that are perfect for families seeking a unique twist to their aquatic adventures.

When the holidays roll around, you're in for a treat with the park's holiday promotions. Special discounts and unique festive activities make sure that your spirit stays buoyant. Imagine Santa swapping his sleigh for a surfboard, creating picture-perfect moments amidst the waves.

Visitor Tips and Guidelines

To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable visit to Soaky Mountain Waterpark, it's important to familiarize yourself with some essential tips and guidelines. First and foremost, let's talk about parking. You'll find ample parking spaces available, but arriving early ensures you snag a spot close to the entrance. There's a nominal fee, so having exact change speeds up the process, letting you jump into the fun faster.

Now, onto safety protocols, because nothing's more vital than your well-being. Always adhere to lifeguard instructions and follow all posted signs. Make sure you're wearing appropriate swimwear—this means secure, well-fitting pieces that won't cause any malfunctions or hinder your movements. If you're not a strong swimmer, don't worry! Life jackets are available free of charge, and they're a must for young children and anyone not confident in the water.

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