Things To Do in North Conway New Hampshire in the Mount Washington Valley Area of the White Mountains



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Things to do in North Conway New Hampshire

North Conway New Hampshire

North Conway is a beautiful village in New Hampshire and a gateway to Mount Washington Valley and the White Mountains. Many people visit it to hike, ski, and explore the great outdoors of New Hampshire. 

If you’re done with your outdoor excursion, you can visit the spectacular old buildings of North Conway’s historic downtown. It’s also a fun thing to visit the galleries, bookstores, antique shops, bakeries, restaurants, and coffee shops. 

Here are some of the activities for when you visit or spend your vacation in North Conway New Hampshire in the Mount Washington Valley area of the White Mountains.

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River Tubing on the Saco River

River tubing is an activity that visitors love to do in North Conway during the summer season. Saco River is the best place in North Conway for river-tubing. You can bring your family and friends here and enjoy the waters of the river. 

Hire the services of companies like Saco River Tubing to make your river tubing experience safe and fun. The tubes will be provided by such companies, and you’ll be assisted throughout your journey down the river. 


Hike through the White Mountains

If you want to experience the beauty of the White Mountains, you should follow the 2.3-mile Black Cap hiking trail. The adventure sets off at the end of Hurricane Mountain Road and goes through the Green Hills Preserve. 

The hike gets you through lush spruce and beech forest until you reach above the tree line and come across bare rock. The summit allows you to have breathtaking views of Mount Washington Valley, North Conway, and the White Mountains. Camping and cooking are strictly prohibited at the summit. 


Enjoy the Waters of Diana’s Baths

Diana’s Baths are a chain of small, cascading waterfalls and pools in the heart of the White Mountains. The Forest Service protects this stunning spot, but you’re free to swim and enjoy the refreshing waters of the area. 

In springtime, the flow of the waters is pretty powerful because of the molten snow, bringing a spectacular yet dangerous torrent. You can go hike to the summit of the waterfalls and take excellent photos of Diana’s Baths. 


Have a Memorable Adventure at Cranmore Mountain Resort

Cranmore Mountain Resort offers different kinds of outdoor adventures. In the summer, there’s the treetop aerial adventure and rides in the Mountain Adventure Park. In the winter, there are various trails for skiing that spikes up your adrenaline while taking in the views of the magnificent White Mountains. The famous skier, Hanes Schneider, opened the first ski school in Cranmore Mountain Resort in 1939. 


Drive on the Scenic Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway, also called Highway 112 or simply the Kanc, is a 56-mile long highway in northern New Hampshire. Driving along this scenic highway is one of the most memorable road trips you’ll ever have, as it takes you along across the state and passes through White Mountain National Forest. 

The best time to drive on the spectacular Kancamagus Highway is during the fall season because you’ll have amazing sceneries of the autumn foliage. 


Train Ride along the Scenic Conway Railroad

Experience an old-school train ride along the Scenic Conway Railroad. This heritage railway was opened in 1974, and it has two routes that take through the mountains of New Hampshire. The first route starts from North Conway and ends at Conway. The second route takes you from North Conway, passing through Crawford Notch, to Fabyan. 

The train has a dining car called Chocorua, an 1898 Pullman observation car called Gertrude Emma, and a number of 1920s heavyweight coaches. The National Register lists the entire railroad station as a historic place of the United States. 


Join a Moose Bus Tour

New Hampshire is home to moose, but moose sightings can be difficult on an ordinary day. If you want to increase your chances of seeing one, you must go on a moose bus tour that takes you to locations where moose frequently dwell. So, what are you waiting for? Go see some moose in North Conway! 



North Conway, New Hampshire is a majestic place to spend your vacation. It has many tourist attractions, especially for folks who love the outdoors. Take note of the must-do activities on this list when visiting North Conway. 


Map of North Conway New Hampshire

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