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Mount Baker: Perfect Getaway Spot in the Northwest for a Memorable Family Vacation

Looking for a family travel experience to change your perception of the world? Visit Mt. Baker on your next family trip. Vacationing in Mt. Baker comes with travel experiences to bring your life back into balance. If you have ever traveled west on the I-90 bridge heading towards Seattle, you may have noticed some amazing structures and water parks upon entering the tunnel. This is Mt. Baker! However, to truly admire its beauty and charm, consider exploring this beautiful destination from the inside.

The ambience in Mt Baker is serene, especially in the Lake Washington area. On the contrary, the Rainier Avenue on the western region boasts a vibrant atmosphere with several blocks of businesses. Access to the city is easy with the light rail station. In addition, Mt. Baker attracts worldwide visitors, too, seeking to enjoy a memorable vacation experience.

Located in the Northern Cascade Mountains, Mount Baker is one of the world’s snowiest places. Home to several ski resorts, Mt. Baker is worth visiting all year round. Every year, the Mt. Baker Ski Area averages 631 inches of snowfall.  This is  world’s record of the highest average snowfall. Mount Baker offers several great attractions and events for a quality family time.

Choosing Accommodations in Mount Baker

Ever considered renting a vacation home? Traveling is often stressful for the entire family. Many travelers are choosing to rent vacation homes when they travel, now. Vacation rentals include complete kitchens, yards, pools, gyms, common areas with privacy and amenities--often for significantly less cost than the equivalent hotel or resort. With the emergence of new vacation rental booking sites, selecting a comfortable home away from home is easy and affordable. Mount Baker Lodging, a professionally managed vacation rental company, is a great choice for booking your vacation rental home in the area.


Mt. Baker Lodging - Foothills of Mount Baker, Snoqualmie National Forest, and the renowned Mt Baker Ski Area!

Search for Mount Baker Ski Lodges & Vacation Rentals Mt. Baker Lodging offers rentals of privately owned, self-catered vacation rental properties in the foothills of Mount Baker, in Washington State. The mountain villages of Glacier and Maple Falls, and the adjacent Mt Baker Ski Area offers a one of a kind vacation destination. Located just 2 hours north of Seattle, and 1.5 hours south of Vancouver, B.C., the Mount Baker...

Activities and Attractions

Lake Washington Boulevard is an ideal place to run or bike, and attracts thousands of health-conscious visitors. As a matter of fact, on Bicycle Sundays, the boulevard is only accessible to bikers and pedestrians. Vehicle owners have no other choice but to go through an optional route, since car traffic  is not allowed.

Washington 542, known as the Mount Baker Highway, rises about 5,140 feet from ground level at a ridge between 10,778-foot Mount Baker and 9,038-foot Mount Shuksan. One of the most rewarding hikes in the area is the Chain Lakes Loop Trail. Hiking the trail offers visitor the chance to get close-up to the Table Mountain, and catch stunning sights of the beautiful little lakes along the way.

Do you want to learn how to track wildlife? Want some training about Lummi Indian basketry? Then, enroll in the Natural History Seminars. Mount Baker is home to several institutions offering seminars on natural history. These Mt. Baker educational outlets offer environmental learning centers all over the area.

Mount Baker Ski Area

Known as a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders, Mount Baker Ski Area is a spot where Snow lovers may be overwhelmed. Located in the center of Mount Baker, this ski area offers everything you need for an unforgettable winter vacation. One of the major gateways into Mt. Baker is the Seattle airport. As a result, snow enthusiasts should gear up for a drive of more than 2 hours to this incredible destination. On the contrary, the Bellingham Airport is a bit closer, which is just about an hour drive to the resort. The Mount Baker Ski Area features several incredible trails. Not only that, the resort also offers a terrain park for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. By the way, the best time of the year to visit the Mount Baker Ski Area is from mid-November to April.

Unlike other ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest, Mount Baker is a small ski area without accommodations. However, you will find exotic restaurants and ski shops, and spectacular vacation rentals. Nonetheless, Mountain Baker is indeed a skier’s and snow lovers mountain.

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