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How to Find a Student Accommodation in Europe: Complete Guide

Find Student Accommodation in Europe - Complete Guide


In this article, the experts of will tell you how to look for student accommodation, what you should know about renting and how to save money on it.


Housing in Europe: general information

The most popular types of housing for rent in Europe are:

  • Room
  • Studio
  • Apartment

A studio differs from an apartment in its small size and layout - the kitchen and living room are combined. Students usually choose studios or look for roommates and rent apartments.

There are many ways to search for housing, and it's best to use several channels at once:

  1. Look for thematic forums or communities on social networks. There are groups on Facebook where students search for roommates.Each country has its own websites aimed at renting to foreigners. Here you will find rooms or roommates for sharing - rental partners.
  2. Contact colleges and universities in your country. Ask about exchange programs. Many universities rent properties to their students or staff. They can give contacts of agencies abroad.
  3. Be proactive and post your own listing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  4. Staff at foreign universities organize special meetings for international students. At these meetings, you can get advice on legal matters and everyday life.
  5. Ask a student organization for help. It is about those who own housing and help find it.

Look at landlord reviews and ratings. Reviews are a great way to hear the opinions of people who have used different kinds of services. Students often monitor review sites. This way you can find the best essay writing service, the best rental housing sites, etc. based on people's opinions.

Consider the location, accessibility, and distance from the city center. Many countries have high-speed Internet and 3G/4G, but there are dead zones. Check ahead to make it easy to keep in touch with your family.


Rental Costs and Living Expenses

Before renting a place to live, calculate your monthly expenses and moving expenses. 

The first month your expenses will be high, so increase your financial cushion by 15-20% or a couple of months.

A financial cushion is the amount of monthly expenses multiplied by the number of months you want to build up a cash reserve.

Be prepared to pay a starting deposit. Some landlords insure their property against unscrupulous tenants this way. The deposit is a sum of money equal to three months' rent (utilities are not included).

You may also be charged for services related to the rent (for drafting a contract and hiring an agent, for example)

In different seasons utility bills will vary, so find out right away how much electricity costs in the cold season. Or stock up on plaids, carpets, and capes, as the British do.

The cost of housing is influenced by the size and proximity to the center. The higher the value, the higher the price.


Drawing Up a Contract. How to Save Money

Europeans solve all housing problems with the help of contracts.

There are two types of contracts:

  1. With a fixed-term lease (can not be terminated prematurely without loss of money).
  2. And with an indefinite term.

Some landlords are very serious about tenants and ask for proof of income. If you have a part-time job, ask for a certificate of employment. Or a parent/guarantor's income certificate.

Sometimes they ask about your credit history or ask for references from local people (France).

Examine the apartment carefully and note down any faults or defects in the contract. Take pictures to avoid problems with the eviction.

Determine at once who is responsible for repairing and maintaining appliances and furniture. Also, put it in the contract.

Clarify whether you can move in with pets (if you have them), and whether it is necessary to pay a separate deposit.

If you feel that your language skills are not sufficient for negotiation, ask for an interpreter right away. One-time costs for translation services will cost you many times less than litigation.

You need a visa to stay in the country legally. Each country has different requirements, as does the city, so check with your local government for information.

In advance, scan all the documents you have on paper or save them in the cloud. This way, you will have more peace of mind and be able to resolve registration issues faster.

What you'll need for registration:

  • Lease agreement
  • Passport
  • University offer
  • Birth certificate
  • Visa
  • Proof of income/financial support

You won't be able to save a lot of money, but you can save a little money. How to save money:

  1. Schering. Look for roommates to rent an apartment together. Some students rent entire houses together.
  2. Pay attention to the season and the neighborhood. Do not move into a resort area of a major European city in the summer. Look for residential neighborhoods with good transit accessibility.
  3. If you are looking for accommodation through special services and sites, look for welcome discounts and bonuses. Some sites give coupons when you first rent, which you later use as a discount.
  4. Transfer money via credit card or PayPal. Some banking systems charge a fee for overseas transfers.
  5. Bargain and ask questions. You need time to get used to your new standard of living. In some countries, bargaining is appropriate. Ask for a portion of the utility bills or free internet.

When it comes to saving money, the student can use the services of inexpensive, experienced essay writers who can help with various college assignments. The student will save not only money but also time. 


Services for Finding Accommodation in Europe


A website for booking housing around the world.

How it works:

Use filters and reviews to select the right apartment. Fill out the form and provide your payment details
In 48 hours the landlord will contact you to confirm your reservation.

The marketplace is an intermediary between you and the landlord. It is similar to AliExpress: the tenant will receive your money only after your confirmation. You have 24 hours to move in and view the apartment.

If you don't like something, the staff will find you a more suitable option.

The platform also requires you to pay a fee. It is a one-time fee and is needed for your legal protection.


HousingAnywhere is another housing search service:

The ability to add your favorite option to your favorites and set up notifications if something similar comes up. A one-time fee is 25% of monthly rent (€150-250). Delivered to the landlord 48 hours after your confirmation.

All other financial transactions can also be done through the site - the internal security system protects your payments and data from theft.


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